We believe swim instruction is based on the motor skills of swimming (kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing). However, we feel it is vital that our swimmers mentally understand the properties of water; the how’s and why’s with the readiness to swim. It is paramount to prepare the swimmer both mentally and physically.

This is why our swimmers apart from learning personal safety, stroke technique and rescue skill also imbibe other aspects like:

  • Why we need to feel the water,
  • Why have a certain body position,
  • Why breathe rhythmically,
  • How to achieve balance in water, and
  • How to float.

At Michael Phelps Swimming Academy, it isn’t just about the swimmers but it’s about our instructors/trainers who are the main backbone of our services. We take utmost care in selecting the most competent instructors who are trained to introduce swimming concepts in fun and imaginative ways!

This combination of teaching physical and mental concepts has made our program a success for nearly 30 years and ensures each participant is safe, comfortable, and confident in and around water.