they’re sure to chuckle a little at this classic—and ridiculous—photo of Cam. Probs not going to the beach this summer, so I can finally watch Jaws without freaking myself out. (Maybe that’s what makes it funny?). I mean, don’t we all look like this when we work from home anyway? Well, maybe you'll get two laughs out of it. Any KUWTK viewer will recognize Jenner’s iconic black-and-white floors. This one speaks for itself, methinks. Who knows, you're a wild card. You can Google search for options to your heart’s content, or you can save one of the 52 backgrounds on our list below. No, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to shout out the awesome Pikachu float! With different donation amounts, Sweet Farm will take you on a tour of the farm with a llama or goat. Zoom has helped us stay connected and continue working throughout the pandemic. All you have to do is save the image of your choice to your computer, and Boom! If you’ve got a superhero costume from three Halloweens ago lying around, now is the time to wear it. Anyone can change their video’s background, and while you can opt to use the handful of backgrounds Zoom provides, you might find that they’re, well, boring. Granted, there’s nothing fun about having to distance from others and work from home to avoid catching a virus, but hey! Chicago, IL 60661 And whose creations look the most edible? Commit to a theme and you’ll have a blast. It's beige, it's streamlined, it's very '90s. I just can’t stop laughing at this one. A great option for lunchtime meetings—or, you know, anyone who’s a Wildcat at heart. It’ll save you tons of time. LOL. Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Kyra is a Junior Marketing Manager and "Spicy Meme Master" at Sked Social who loves to create content. This is the funniest photo in the history of photos, and I stand by it. Plus, this is the best excuse to treat yourself to some cute pajamas you’ll wear long after social distancing is over. And thanks to emerging technology, VR headsets are actually super affordable. Kyra is a Junior Marketing Manager and "Spicy Meme Master" at Sked Social who loves to create content. Comes in SMOLDERING, HAPPY, and due to popular request, WORRIED! Don’t worry if you aren’t a great singer; in the words of Ms. Montana herself, “Nobody’s perfect!”. “You guys, my daughter is sleeping!” – Khloe. Instantly recognizable. Many people have been using this time to learn something new. Bust out The Lizzie McGuire Movie and all your favorite early 2000’s garb., — Matthew Sisk (@MatthewLSisk) April 16, 2020, #IAmOnlyPickyAbout having my Zoom backgrounds reflecting my reality. Sure, you probably miss your favorite nightclub’s loud music and sticky floors, but no one’s stopping you from video-chatting with your friends and turning your living room! As the meeting host, you can admit attendees one by one or admit them all at once. If you have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, there are so many amazing playlists already made—or you can go ahead and sign up and get your early 2000’s dance party on. It’s (almost) as if you were really on spring break. After collecting everyone’s baby pictures, have everyone guess who is who. Here are ten of our favorites. Perhaps Baby Yoda is more cute and less funny, but I’m including it nonetheless because it’s my ideal Zoom background. If I’ve learned anything from social distancing, it’s that you don’t necessarily have to have your friends with you IRL in order to throw the ultimate bash. Stanley has never been one to hide emotion from his face, so let him express his contempt for whatever is going on while you just sit back and chill. The laughs are endless. It's just you, sorry. Especially if your IRL graduation was cancelled and you’re Zooming with your college pals. This pixelated picture of perfection instantly takes you on voyage of tranquility. To win the game, you’ll have to rely on the communication skills of your team. Honestly, why didn’t we start throwing virtual parties sooner? Julian Wolkenstein/Barcroft Media/Getty Images. 407.805.9911, BOS Tampa Just try to keep a straight face with this as your background. Be sure to make it look natural so you can go watch The Masked Singer in the other room. Born and raised in Hawaii, her favorite things are traveling, yoga, beaching, coffee and baseball. Imagine how freaked out they’ll be to log on and see themselves? Throw on a costume! This meeting might make you feel like you’re back in preschool, but atleast you all can share in the nostalgia. Consider using one of these Zoom backgrounds. It's never a bad time to break out the tinfoil hat and remind folks that the truth is out there with an X-Files-themed background. Don’t be surprised when you start getting invited to even more Zoom hangouts. The Waiting Room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting. Now, she’s a parachuter. If you want something that seems lovely and wholesome on the surface but has a creepy undercurrent, this Midsommar background is just for you. I think not! You can even use this time to give your kitchenware an upgrade and treat yourself to some new dinnerware. Though they’ve likely been heard in the background, your pet can finally formally introduce themselves to your coworkers and their pets. Let’s get the band back together! There are so many hallways and exhibits—your co-workers will have to understand! To win the game, you’ll have to rely on the communication skills of your team. Step aboard the Millennium Falcon. The "this is fine" meme is a perfect metaphor for our times. This one's for you, classic horror fans. We’re partial to this judgmental stare from Stanley. This moment will go down in history as one of the weirdest things we, as a society, collectively witnessed. Lighten the mood with some positive mantras, like this one from The Good Place. Hang out on Zoom with this vintage Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus photo as your background. Anyone else wish they could quarantine in a LIB pod? “Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel!”. Club Zoom has a long line at the door, my friends, and you’re in charge of who gets in. It’s all about going for something unexpected. Before the timer runs out, you must guess what word you are holding up by the description your coworkers give you. It’s easy to do, and you should definitely be doing it! If you want to have everyone in the Zoom chat address you as “your highness,” we wouldn’t be mad about it. Sked is for everyone - but some of our features are designed for particular industries. This guy made his background a video of dinosaurs randomly walking behind him. The people need a little humor in their lives, after all! Hosting an open meeting just to chat can give coworkers the relaxed setting they need to bond as a team. 813.549.7310. Host a talent show on Zoom to show off your skills and learn more about your coworkers’ talents. Sure, it takes a little bit of creativity, but there are so many fun virtual theme party ideas that you’ll definitely want to try this weekend (or any weekday, since time is not real anymore). Pretend you're allowed in cafes and around strangers with this Central Perk background from Friends! Well, now it can be your funny Zoom background. question -- this background says it all. Grab your favorite face mask and pour yourself a mimosa (or literally just a glass of champagne—these are tough times.) Maybe no one will find this funny except for me, but I don’t care. This is your house and there are no rules, baby.—to enjoy while you and your friends tell scary stories around the (virtual) campfire. The whiteboard is also great for quick games of Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman. Just see if it doesn’t make your boss crack a smile. If you didn’t know you could change your background on Zoom, then honey, it’s time to step into the future. Added bonus: Make your coworkers uneasy with the band's spooky floating heads. It conveys so many of the emotions we're all feeling right now. Truly, the possibilities are endless. Throw on your favorite swimsuit, grab a cocktail and play some Beach Boys. Very meta. It's the talking head background from The Office is an classic. Of course, there’s always the option to snag something last-minute on Amazon. Blast the music, down those shots and create your own nightclub right in your living room while your friends do the same miles away. Why not look like a beauty guru filming their next trending video? Could anything be more iconic? Whether you choose to party on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, there’s no reason not to shake things up and plan the greatest virtual party the world has ever seen. Live out your stand-up or talk show dreams with the iconic set from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. What’s the going rate for toilet paper? Zoom backgrounds from the Pokémon anime: thread, — Matthew Verive (@immewnity) April 23, 2020, I think we have a winner on the new Zoom background. Aus diesem Grund kombiniert der Artikel die beiden Methoden miteinander und es gibt einen separaten Leitfaden für die mobile … Try our amped up all-in-one platform free for 7 days. Let your Zoom call decide. So YOU’RE the person who’s been hoarding all the rolls! However, virtual meetings have their own unique etiquette you’ll need to internalize. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. Now I’d kill for a dive bar happy hour. Let’s go, Toros! When Zoom first hit the video chat scene, I had no idea how large a part of my life it would become. (And if you know, this is truly an iconic funny background choice.). Roselle Headquarters Has your pet already made their Zoom debut? There are so many drinks you can make with items probably in your kitchen, so you don’t have to be a professional bartender to make an amazing cocktail. 328 South Jefferson St, Ste 110 copyright 2020 © all rights reserved by stylecaster. If the mood strikes, head over to CBS All Access to stream Carpool Karaoke and enjoy every single celeb singalong. And now it can be your Zoom background. Yes, yes it was. There are lots of reasons why you might want to try a fun background for your next Zoom meeting. Zoom bietet neben den Meeting-Tarifen noch weitere integrierte Funktionen. And as a bonus, it’s the perfect set-up for a cute indoor Instagram photoshoot! This one’s for anybody craving their weekly Soul sesh. However, the super casual nature of the game may not be that satisfying to the purists., — The Colorado Sun (@ColoradoSun) April 16, 2020. Let whoever you’re Zooming with know exactly who they’re dealing with, from an emotional standpoint. Then, host a Zoom meeting and share the tab with all the attendees by clicking ‘Share Screen,’ picking the browser tab, and hitting ‘Share.’ 4. Just snag a classic ’90s baby tee or some chic scrunchies (Luckily they’re on-trend right now!) Pick a theme. This simple, children’s game of I Spy will help coworkers feel united across their workspaces. If you haven’t been chatting on Zoom for the past few months, we’re going to assume you’re out in the wilderness with all the rich celebrities who just ~want to get away.~ Seriously, Zoom is the new black at this point, so knowing the best Zoom backgrounds to use can be a total game-changer.

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