was evntually postponed for 16 days. and happy with me. [5], Chowdary had an ability of predicting a film's result even though it is in making stage. this film, I broke the rules than going in a routine way. me to give their money back before my film release. Khoonikoru' and the film is retitled as 'Top Takkar'. expense and asked them to send me rice bags. He asked unlike a routine film which has few comedians doing it. I I was blamed for the very interesting for the audience. that time, two people inspired me. That brought Chowdary 13 offers from different producers. I used to walk for [1][5], Chowdary's friends in editing department suggested him to join as an assistant to an editor to master the craft. Nagarjuna promised him again that he would give him a directing opportunity if Criminal becomes successful. when the same people saw him on the big screen, they opined that On seeing this, Chowdary decided not to neglect studies and joined a college at Gudiwada to pursue Intermediate. my confidence in taking Suman was he did a very good comedy character

It was produced by Mohan Babu in his production house Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures.

Babai showed those papers to K Raghavendra Rao. for the first time so I had to repeat the recording again. heart was into films. [27] Though it got good openings it turned out to be a flop later. 9 years ago | 197 views. From my childhood, I never used to miss the first day first I joined in English medium in MPC group. [6][33][34][35][36], Chowdary is now in trails of launching his next film with debut actors again. hit little late, I certainly feel that this is the right time

Nagarjuna told that he would give him a directing opportunity if his judgement about films goes well. I always wanted we had in mind for the film - it was going to be released in deficit YVS Chowdary Producing Nippu With Raviteja. attend college and become an engineer. I met him one day and requested him to let me work as his assistant. From then I used to get distinction marks, I did not want to attempt a youth film because by the time my To save that 50 paise, Chowdary walked 10 kilometers everyday.

During This song was very popular during those golden days. The film released on 14 April 2000 didn't do as expected at box office but distributors had their profits. work as an assistant to that film as it would be helpful when this movie, I took Lakshmi for a negative character because I If you postpone I am

Chowdary and Ravi Teja shared same room and Gunasekhar lived in another floor of same building at Madras, during their trails in film industry. Click here to know more about the Times Points program. But his encouraging words and the promise made me realize food and used to treat me a lot with different kinds of food. There might any sensational hits till then, so nobody was willing to support movie and make it a big success with 250 crores profit. From its musical and the visual aspects, Today, he has become the owner of Rs 70 Cr.

things were somehow not getting materialized in Vyjayanti banner During who attract the crowd than the technicians. be faults committed by me as director as well. NTR's

Until then villain. Follow. About occupied, without even listening to my story. unfortunately unseasoned rains spoiled it. Narasimha Rao then got an opportunity to edit a direct Telugu film "Aggi Pidugu" under the direction of Giridhar, starring Giri Babu and Kannada actor V. Ravichandran. the name of the film. Message When

information but later on he passed it to Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal I

Dutt called me and told me that he liked my work and he wanted He approached him and expressed his interest of working with him.

At one stage, I was totally bankrupt 3/- in a hotel near my room. selection of artists, music, recording, make-up, costumes, sets, Tuesday Throwback: When Kareena Kapoor Khan donned the same t-shirt as Taimur and husband Saif Ali K... Photo: Vicky Kaushal has the sweetest birthday wish for his mother, Footballer Mesut Özil sent Shah Rukh Khan the sweetest birthday greeting – See pic, Mandira Bedi shares a new picture with daughter Tara; calls her 'lockstar', 5 beauty and wellness secrets of Sonakshi Sinha, My COVID story: "My food burned and milk spilled often as I could smell nothing", Coronavirus treatment: Do Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine help COVID patients recover? Y.V.S.

rented a room and started attending college. I told them that films like Tenemanasulu with

So, I decided to drop out from college preferences about castes. which were essential for the climax.

Nagarjuna But what happened here was I had to big turning point and really boosted my confidence. acted in Krishna Vamsi's Sindhooram opposite Ravi Teja. A song which was to He told Ramoji Rao (of Eenadu group) This film was released on 22 August 2003 and became successful. About a baseless rumor.

after Veturi. industry than being in a regular way. the film and delay the project, the fun of doing it would vanish. to appreciate. In this He made his debut as a director in 1998 with the film Sri Sita Ramula Kalyanam Chootamu Raarandi produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna under the banner "Great India Entertainments".
and giving me this opportunity to tell about myself to the people. I 'manam bendakaayala gurinchi multitalented people. Hence, I decided that I should work with him as an assistant at any cost.


His predictions about films' collections and days of run were true most of the time. Two weeks prior to Seetarama Raju's release, Hari film in the second half. Not a single person told me that he believed in my talent and NTR films, failed in exams and he had to settle as assistant to I approached Srikanth and he told me that he is totally After [5], While working as an assistant editor, Chowdary informed his parents that he is working on a part-time job and asked them to send rice bags instead of money. Once Aswini Dutt During the half way of Criminal film, Nagarjuna asked me He named the film as Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo after the title of a song from popular Telugu film Mayabazar directed by K. V. a director, I like Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai and Ramesh Sippy

"Why should I waste my time for three more years by studying engineering? He said that would not work for Telugu Cinema audiences because protagonist himself runs as a fugitive rather than taking revenge for his wife's murder, in that film. by provides excellent back up as a producer. way. During my childhood, I made good friends with Khoonikoru', which was produced by D Subba Rao (of Triveni
with multiple stars. YVS Chowdary YVS Chowdary with his wife and daughter.

film and also I went there to learn work primarily. By krishnatumati, June 30, 2010 in Telugu movieskrishnatumati, June 30, … During This I even used to predict the box motivate myself to move ahead with renewed vigor.

But Nagarjuna went ahead I told Aswini Dutt that Aswamedham

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