His debut theme and Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop” were both pleasing to the ears. While most Superstars were using generic compositions and rock themes, this song sounded like it was something you would have heard on the radio at the time. Don’t front – when you were a youngster watching wrestling back in the day, this theme scared you half to death and caused you to put your TV on mute. Everything about this theme made it easy to understand just who Kane is and how horrifying his next act of violence would be. Some people might be surprised to see John Cena's entrance music on this list, but if you don't think it's one of the most iconic songs in WWE history, you are kidding yourself. Play this tune within the vicinity of an 80’s baby and chances are high that they’ll know exactly whom it belongs to. “Rest in Peace” has evolved over the years, which has led us to this refined rendition of such a ghoulish tune. For many years, Jim Johnston was responsible for providing the majority of the music used on WWE TV. What is your favorite Superstar entrance music of all time? “Glorious” is the type of tune you’d expect to hear on the very day that the skies open up and unveil God himself. For some reason, this song fit Macho Man perfectly. But after repeated listens, it quickly grows on you and enters your morning shower playlist. “Blood” is an iconic wrestling theme song that wouldn’t be out of place if it were played within the confines of a late-night hip-hop spot. It says a lot about this theme’s high quality when the unnerving ghostly voices heard throughout it didn’t even bring it down one bit. First sung by Sherri Martel and later by Michaels himself, "Sexy Boy" was written by Jimmy Hart and J.J.Maguire specifically for Michaels. Their badass entrance was made all the better thanks to this hardcore theme. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is a proud metalhead. These 25 songs are among the greatest WWE themes of all time and are required listening for anyone that considers themselves a connoisseur of squared circle theatrics. The Hardy Boyz had a unique style that spoke to the youth of America in the late '90s, and they needed a theme song that had the same modern feel as their characters. It’s just that good and worthy of its placement on this list. Nakamura’s very first theme elicits a positive response every time it’s heard and here’s hoping that it comes back the very day that he becomes a babyface once more. This epic instrumental is amazing on its own, but the addition of The Rock’s verbal assaults to his foes provides the perfect cherry on top. It did an incredible job of explaining Punk’s unrivaled passion and desire to be the very best in WWE. It's about showmanship, characters and finding ways to give fans lasting memories. The most famous of these is from March No. This version of the song is simple, precise and straight to the point. “Unstable” should be required listening for all aspiring track and field stars from this point forward. Christian is a rare case when it comes to wrestling themes – throughout his entire career, the man has never been saddled with a terrible entrance anthem. Once Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson embraced his babyface calling when he was at the top of the WWE ladder, the very best version of his theme song was introduced. The one time that this theme shined brightest is when an impressive gathering of singers sung over it while Bobby entered the arena like an avenging angel.

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