"Fans" (using this term loosely because its more like people who like his content but hate him as a person) began to just lay into him to the point that he pulled a complete reversal and attacked the people who were slamming him, this backfired and so he began to just outright ban people left and right in comments until he disabled it. Not really, but kind of. Spouse(s) Genna Bain: Awards: Trending Gamer (2014) John Peter Bain (8 July 1984 – 24 May 2018), better known as TotalBiscuit, (or sometimes The Cynical Brit or TotalHalibut) was a British video gaming commentator and game critic on YouTube.He was known for his role in professional shoutcasting and esports, and also known for his gaming commentary audio work on WCradio.com. We all wait for his house to be foreclosed. decided to bail ship and then Spoony sunk along with it because the Spoony Experiment was really a him and her thing so he lost his passion for it to the point he didn't care at all. It sounds nothing like him. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." There is no so dying of a great man that was crushed over circumstances and was dealt a bad hand. Really miss his edited content, if the recent Rebruary has showed anything, it's that he still has a knack for it! After departing he got a patreon that sky rocketed to about over 5k monthly and he immediatly went into movie making mode and then hit a brick wall of creativity and stopped. He shared a huge amount and made videos I absolutely loved. Poor guy. Spoony is a big example of how sad it is that mental illness genuinely just straight up ruins people who otherwise have such incredible talent. Then his ego blew up even more she probably got tired of him and his ego (and looking at how he treats April can you blame her?) A special thanks credit in an upcoming video! It was one of the most embarrassing spectacles I've ever seen, and a clear indication that the guy has a completely unhealthy relationship with the Internet with the way he publicised the fucking thing. :/. No lost love, no unexpected accident, no crippling injury or freak of nature happenstance. I started watching Spoony back in 2005. When Rashad tells Spoony the story of what happened, Spoony explodes in anger, saying: “I’m so sick of them treating us like we animals.” David and Spoony represent two polar opposite reactions to the issues of police brutality and racism. The drama with CA and his eventual firing came later. He's completely shut down. He denies this and says its not the case where as the entire rest of the TGWTG producers say "Yes that was the straw that broke the camels back and it is indeed what happened.". I pitied Spoony but now he is just using Patreon as a free money scam. I find some of the other comments here labeling Spoony an asshole or douchebag incredibly obnoxious and naive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was kicked off channel awesome for tweeting something highly inappropriate a few years back but has since done some cameos with other CA folk. Writer, director, editor, and star of The Spoony Experiment. I don't think he was crushed by Scarlett leaving, I think he lost his filter. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. There is noone left pushing him forward (his girlfriend is an enabler). He was going through a tough time, if I remember correctly. For the February 12 to the 13th donation drive, Spoony did a special review of the game "Star Trek: Borg" for the PC and was one of the first videos the team played at the event. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. According to April (no word from Spoony), he is in the process of putting together a Counter Monkey and a movie review, though progress is very slow. His private life is NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS. His own behavior bit him in the ass. Originally he used the site solely for wrestling-related content, although this has since been expanded to include other sports as well. Over the years, these rants have evolved in form in the hopes of being entertaining but also to elevate moviegoer expectations. Anyway so by the time 2015 rolled around people that are still around aren't hopeful, he's not even talking much more than about Donald Trump, comics, and other random crap. You can choose generally when you'd like it included, such as the next game/board game/movie review. This is also known as Riffing. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. If that was reached he was going to make a Spoony Movie. He treated the very people who paid his fucking bills like a discarded tampon. I am not saying Spoony has no talent. He didn't even start making content until 2007. Reviews will continue during this time, of course; the added revenue will help supplement production costs of the movie, if and when it goes into production. Where does the whole "Spoony" thing come from? Spoony was/is an outrageously funny guy. I am really sad to lose him as an entertainer and to see him fall into such he deep hole he does not seem to be able to get out of. His girlfriend had recently broken up with him and he was taking it very badly (or his public persona was, hard to say). No one on this sub reddit does. Impressed by Sean's work, and because of his own increasing workload, Noah split the reviews up. They say Spoony’s heart grew three sizes the day his Patreon reached 5000... Oh no, wait, that was his ego. What happened to him? Rashad is left in the middle of several different disputes, with everyone seemingly forgetting that Rashad is actually a person with his own feelings. Someone posted a rough timeline of all the videos he posted in a year but it was pretty abysmal. Not funny Spoony, just awkward and weird, and that outburst (aka lame attempt at humor) got his friends banned from future events. Noah Antwiler as Tandem the Spoony - Noah is the terrifying result of a generation raised on MTV and films by Jean-Claude van Damme and Steven Seagal at the height of their popularity. It used to be fairly infrequent, but now you're guaranteed one a week. He wasn't even a blip on Youtube radar until the FF8 review took off, and even then his popularity paled to where it was a couple of years later, when most of the people truly started following him. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. It's better than creating a new one to beat an undead unicorn. 2005? His tabletop RPG stories are epic and still great to listen to. I absolutely don't care what other people called him. During this time, Spoony had been diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, and hadn't yet begun treatment, so his behaviour on twitter during this time was rather erratic. He did it all to himself. Noah happened to himself. He'll occasionally post a video and they make no qualms about being crappy. 1 About Spoony 2 Where does the whole "Spoony" thing come from? So good luck to Spoony. I was a viewer of his content since 08 due to his gamer and movie reviews and cause I found his style of snarky humor enjoyable so I have followed his content from his years on CA to when he left and he seemed to have a storyline going involving Sepharoth that seemed close to wrapping up but since he's disaperared off the face of the earth.

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