pls RT, — jocelyn (@_princesssjay) March 14, 2018. He and his team allegedly would give women who got backstage passes that said Tulsa, because as he said in a 2011 tweet "Tulsa backwards is 'a slut.'"

I have taken the time to understand how my actions impact others. @2LittBritt replied, “Datsik fucked my 18 year old friend after getting her so drunk she could barely stand last year.”.

I live my life in the present moment, and I hope other women can find a way to relenquish their pain too so it doesn't hold them back. As an optimistic person, this was all very hard for me to grasp at the time and I definitely was not in the right mindset to handle it all or approach it properly. I can’t imagine a life without it. FYI selling a ticket to a show bc you feel like you can no longer support the artist is STILL SUPPORTING THE ARTIST. The producer concludes the video by thanking those that have offered him support and infers that the clip is intended to prime him for a comback, with Datsik mentioning "some awesome and exciting plans to share with you soon." Consent is NOT someone being so drunk they don't know their name. I have learned a lot during this process. What Is the Best Electronic Dance Music 2020? — Eprom bed (@eprombeats) November 5, 2019.

The first step for me was coming to terms with the fact that I had developed some serious problems after years of touring. I hope Troy gets some help. 100 Gecs Shine On “1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues”, Ty Dolla Sign, Skrillex, Kanye West, FKA Twigs Shine On Ego Death. Following these events, fans took it upon themselves to dig through Datsik’s old offensive tweets from his official account, all of which were unsurprisingly deleted later. The most recent social media meltdown took place last week, however, as longtime dubstep figurehead, Datsik fell from grace following a victim’s comments surfacing via Facebook.

Instagram DMs from Datsik reveal that he appears hopeful for a comeback. Only by first understanding a problem are you truly able to fix it, so I’ve been using this past year and a half to do some major soul searching, and to figure out how I can better myself, and make smarter lifestyle choices moving forward. Billboard Dance has reached out to Datsik's team for additional comment. I DO NOT support sexual abuse in any way, and until I find out more about this, I am not going to play.” – Space Jesus. A year and a half after the infamous accusations were directed at him, Datsik released a seven-minute Facebook clip on 5th November 2019, providing details on what he’s gone through personally as well as professionally since the assault controversy. All tickets bought at our box office can be refunded during our box office hours.”.

The statement does not directly acknowledge nor offer an apology to his accusers, an omission generating a great deal of backlash from fans and other members of the electronic music community. Careers toppled as men like Matt Lauer, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, and many more have been held accountable for using their influence to avoid persecution for their predatory behavior. Rumors state that “TULSA” stands for “ASLUT” spelled backward. "I've been using this past year and a half to do some major soul searching and figure out how I can better myself and make smarter lifestyle choices moving forward," the producer born Troy Datsik says in the seven minute clip, released this afternoon. Datsik took to Twitter to defend himself, stating he is a “vibe reader” and that he would “never take advantage of anyone.” Furthermore, he blamed the backstage issues on one of the staffs who he claimed is already fired. The recent Datsik sexual assault allegations are yet another one of many cases that show why it’s so important for the public to hold artists and other public figures accountable for their actions.. I went to live in a facility to work through my issues, treat my mental health, and learn how to avert some of the illness that has always plagued my family. After a year and a half of silence, disgraced electronic producer Datsik has Tuesday (Nov. 5) released a Facebook video acknowledging his life and career in the wake of sexual assault allegations made via social media in March 2018. Comments surfaced after a recent post from Datsik led to a media hurricane as well as multiple witness and victim accounts of what having a backstage pass afforded them. I get that it is extremely challenging as a victim to come forward, but at the same time this type of shit is rampant in the music industry and has the power to ruin careers. The thought of something, so careless makes us wonder why or how people can trust artists these days. With loss in followers on social media accounts, recent news broke that Circle Talent Agency dropped Datsik (Troy Beetles) with sexual assault allegations continuing to surface against the popular dubstep DJ and producer as multiple victims come forth.

There are always three sides to everything consisting of the media story, the artists’ story and the truth. iHeartMedia has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Publicly, I know it was hard, but all of the private messages really meant a lot to me.

I mean fuck Datsik but all I'm seeing is "my friend said, he said, she said" and no actual evidence or anyone coming forward themselves. Datsik took to Twitter on Wednesday night to post an “official apology,” but followers disregarded the post as an insincere, poorly-executed acknowledgment. A tweet from Datsik’s account dating back to 11/6/2011 has since been deleted. Regarding the “victims”: How could this be in a modern world that you, with such high expectations of impunity (a very internet-esque phenomenon) ruined the whole career of a musician in 48 hours without having any proof?

I have a few things I want to say, so I’ve written some stuff down and please bear with me because it is important that I don’t forget anything. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming while I’ve been off the radar, and I have some awesome and exciting plans to share with you all soon. The Canadian DJ Datsik’s life turned upside down in 2018 when he was accused of sexual assault spanning numerous years. On March 15th, 2018, Beetles was dropped from his management company Deckstar Management, as well as his booking agency Circle Talent Agency. Do a deep dive and come to your own conclusion, as all emotional reactions are valid. ... She said he was nice until he kicked her out afterwards & she didn’t really realize she was a victim until a lot later. Jauz responds to the sexual assault allegations brought against Datsik. 2017 witnessed an uproar of victims coming together and using their voice to speak out against decades of silenced abuse. If you or anyone you know for that matter even entertains the idea that any woman *deserved* sexual assault or abuse because she was a “groupie” or eager to meet an artist backstage, you’re honestly no better. Those who know me personally know I don’t like partying after shows and I don’t drink.

Looking back now with the benefit of seeing through a clearer lens has shown me how I could and should have done things differently. Accusations are flying from numerous sources stating Datsik has allegedly sexually assaulted multiple women in recent years. I would like to regain your trust, I’m a human being, and I’m continuing to learn and grow, and I believe this journey has changed me for the better.

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