The wedge spin is rated as high for this ball making it great for your short game too.

This is thanks to a three-piece urethane ball that features a high–speed core for power, high–repulsion mid–layer for low spin and a soft cover so you can add more spin should you need. The Vice Pro and Pro Soft are two of their premium offerings. It has a rigid layer so that energy can be transferred with the use of the technology “dura spin.” Therefore, when all these elements are added together, it is the best support for any golfer. The Bridgestone E6 Golf balls are a merger of their previous E6 models, the E6 Soft and E6 Speed. When it comes to buying clubs, it's the 'fair way' (fairway), Get to grips with the best grips for golf clubs, from firm to soft and everything in between, You'll see clearly even on the brightest of days with the best golfing sunglasses, By Sarah-Jane Butcher • 3. What did you think and which one do you prefer? DT TruSoft Golf Balls give an exceptionally soft feel on every shot. Both of these differences optimized speed and spin control. Perhaps the Titleist is making this statement keeping professional players in mind. The Vice balls still check when i use my wedges and 7 iron. Will A Low Compression Golf Ball Go Further? The only one I haven’t tried was the Bridgestone.

What Do the Numbers on Golf Balls Mean? Not suitable for people who want a higher spin. A ball with more dimples will create less drag and travel further than one with fewer dimples, so it can be a good way to enhance your drive. Ultra-Soft Feel with Pinpoint Greenside Control. 2. The premium fast tour golf ball for drag reduction, Quantity: 12 | Dimples: 360 | Handicap: High | Colour: White. The Chrome Soft caters to both the traditionalist and the adventurous, it is available in a variety of color options including Callaway’s signature Truvis design. The Urethane cover helps resist slipping and is also very durable for longer term use.

So if you’re wondering which golf ball is better when it comes to the Titleist Pro V1 and the Callaway Chrome Soft, the answer really is dependent upon you and your preference. The Vice Pro features a three-piece construction; the VicePro Plus features a four-piece construction. If I had to pick an area of the course that I think the ball was best on it would certainly be here and I can assure you that I will be buying more of these in the future. Let’s take a closer look at these two models to see how they differ in terms of distance, greenside control and feel, durability and price. This cover system also features a BJ13 coating that protects the golf ball against UV rays and that ensures added durability. The 342 Dimple pattern reduces backspin and drag to help you get the most distance from your swing. The core of the Chrome Soft is a Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast core.

Read on for an in-depth look at this, and the rest of our top picks.

The Pro Soft has been optimised for distance for serious amateurs who have a medium-to-fast swing speed. Despite the range and power on offer, a three-piece build means the MP-S is also highly responsive and offers a controlled, accurate shot.

Volvik Crystal Golf Ball: Bright Future for Colorful Performer: 152. Vice Golf was founded by two German law students. Read on to find out everything you need to know about picking the best golf ball to make your game better.

The best golf ball for increased visibility, Quantity: 12 | Dimples: 336 | Handicap: Beginners to intermediate | Colour: White, Lime, Red. I will say one or two of the balls must have been defective, though.

Hi, I’m Michael and welcome to my blog. A patented dimple design has been given for the Strater Flight. Slow-motion players looking for a more straightforward approach should choose the mid-spin option in the low compression, soft, and feel range. 2. Titleist likes to remind us that that the Pro V1 is the No 1 ball used by professionals on worldwide golf tours, but that it's a great ball for non-superstars as well. But with the Soft there's already the renowned Srixon AD333 Tour available at a similar price, which for some will make taking a punt on a Vice less attractive. The Pro Soft has been optimised for distance for serious amateurs who have a medium-to-fast swing speed.

Advance Mantle and Cover work together to provide an incredible feel and greenside performance. 3. Callaway Chrome Soft – Best for Long Distance. Each week 1000s of enthusiastic golfers visit AWL Golf to get our latest updates and reviews on new gear releases in the golfing business. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – High Swing Speed 2. The flight was great and felt good off of the club. It is made with the urethane cover, which makes the ball soft. The biggest difference between Chrome Soft and Prov1 is in the price, durability, and feel of the golf ball. The best golf ball with a high-tech performance, Quantity: 12 | Dimples: 352 | Handicap: Everyone | Colour: White. Required fields are marked *. Callaway Super-soft, is the lowest compression golf ball on the market. This model is one of the most expensive in our round-up of the best golf balls, but if you have at least some level of skill it's worth the investment. This design is used on the landing strips of aircraft carriers, and the juxtaposition of the three lines helps your brain align the ball better than a single line.

Softer core provides greater forgiveness. The only downside of soft feel on irons shots is the lack of feedback on off-center strikes. Low spin and low trajectory for more roll. There are a lot of golf balls out there to pick from, but luckily for you we've done all the work of going through them to find the best of the bunch. The Gradational Compression Core means a low compression ratio which delivers lots of speed and makes this ideal for those with a slower swing. Callaway Chrome Soft-Truvis – Best For Slow Swing. The trade-off is that while this enhances the power you put in, any errors will be more pronounced. How? Best I have used.My playing partners have purchased and all like it also. While it performs well at speed, from a fast swing, it will also offer tour level control on the green. It is the lowest-driver spin balls produced by the company and done so to provide straighter-distance.

There are some benefits to enjoy when using a low compression ball, and this type of ball also has some drawbacks, and we’ll hurt at those points as well. Sure, a great golf ball isn't going to immediately make you a professional golfer – but it could be the difference between an average shot and a great one. No, not magic. 2nd Gen Chrome Soft golf balls feature a Dual Soft Fast Core.

Both golf balls perform similar in terms of distance, the only difference being that players with below average swing speeds will get slightly more distance out of the Chrome Soft. Callaway Chrome Soft is softer and more suitable for mid/high handicappers than Titleist Pro V1 but does it perform the same in terms of distance, putting, short game, iron play. Golfers with slow swing speeds need golf balls that have a compression rating of 70-80. The Callaway didn’t look perfect at the end of the day but they certainly seemed to hold up better than the Pro V1s so you may want to give that some thought if durability is a strong decision point for you. A feature that both balls share is low spin which I also enjoyed. The Vice Pro and Pro Soft are two of their premium offerings. Tested: can golf gadgets improve your game? Built for fast swing golfers, the S4 is a soft feeling ball with a premium finish.

You may also notice dimple variations between balls. You might find there's a little too much spin on the ball, but we think it’s a decent alternative to the Titleist Pro V1. Most users recommend these golf balls for high handicappers as they are soft and offer long distances. The Chrome Soft got its name with good reason. Comparable to Pro V1s, for a much better price. The Vice Pro golf ball features an advanced 3 piece construction. Which are the 10 Best Low Compression Golf Balls In 2020? The Pro V1 is expensive, but it offers exceptional value for money. For average golfers with swing speeds less than 90mph, you’re better with a low compression ball, as it will feel better and will go further for you. This is done by creating more trigger points to let faster flowing air move quickly closer to the ball's surface. Meet the golf ball designed to boost your driving game, Quantity: 12 | Dimples: 326 | Handicap: Everyone | Colour: White.

In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. In order to give each ball a fair chance, I hit many shots with each one using my 6-9 irons and judged them off of an average.

It certainly lives up to its name. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and AWL Golf is his latest venture for Product Reviews.

And the best part about it all is that the Vice Pro Soft features a very affordable price tag in comparison to its premium golf ball counterparts. Tour Urethane Cover combine for unparalleled feel. This is one of the faster balls out there but it will still offer great levels of consistency making it ideal for beginners and intermediates alike. It also means this golf ball can withstand more damage, is impact resistant and, crucially, absorbs vibrations better. Great article and thank you for doing the research on low compression Golf balls. You can also enhance spin without losing distance off the tee. This makes it ideal as a range ball. Be sure to check out our other reviews to complete your bag, so thanks for reading. AWL GOLF( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

This ball is made to improve your game. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Buy: Callaway Chrome Soft (White) $39.99.

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