If Flynn and Gates are done cooperating with ongoing investigations, then we know Mueller is very close to the finish line, and the Mueller Report will be released very soon. La David Johnson’s name. Donald Trump still can’t accept the fact that he was helped to the White House by Putin, that explains why Trump has never said anything against Putin, is carrying out Putin’s agenda. Astrologically I am surprised today. ( Log Out /  Trump will lose the popular vote and electoral college both for sure. Mueller Report on Trump – Russia investigation may be released before end of August this year or after Feb / March 2019 during Saturn and Ketu conjunction. This is an ill omen for Trump. During this period, we have witnessed Hurricane Harvey, Irma and now Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. But I see a. So, as always, his supporters love this and may get even more fired up. Kavanaugh’s 10th house lord Venus goes retrograde this afternoon, and tomorrow Moon goes into Venus’s nakshatra. The approval ratings can go up and down, but Robert Mueller is not going to be influenced by these distractions. A member of the Democratic Party, Biden is a candidate for president in the 2020 election. Harry ‘reluctantly' attended Trump state visit to 'pay back Melania', Pollster who predicted 2016 claims 'Donald Trump will win again'. Rahu is transiting natal Jupiter in Gemini sign in United States Vedic Astrology chart this month. I had mentioned in my Trump First Term Astrology article that October and November this year are good months for Donald Trump and look what happened yesterday. Many of these investigations will come to some closure in Oct/Nov/Dec either before or after the election. Trump is entering Jupiter / Saturn period starting November 22, 2018. His attempts to scare people about Biden, give him a nickname and smear him, etc. I was down with cold and flu for the past week, that is why my New Year Astrology Update on Donald Trump was delayed. In general, this is much more favorable for Biden, with Mars going through his 5th house, not his 8th house. We will be in full blown recession by April 2020. Democrats won the House and Republicans will keep the Senate. We have also seen that Donald Trump is now fighting battles on so many fronts. Donald Trump’s challenging time begins September 24 this year. Biden very easily became the Democratic Presidential nominee, and then received so many endorsements from Democrats as well as mainstream Republicans. Prashna Horoscope Analysis (Horary Astrology) using cowrie shells was done on 19.8.2020 at 11:22 Am in the kalahora of Mars.

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