Because our father couldn't be bothered to give us actual names.

"Delores?" Plus I can't do it at the moment I have been taking drugs to stop all the different people wanting to talk to me.".

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Virgil smiles before he says, "You know, inventing new inventions to save the world. Five was on a quest for coffee. He had had enough of the funeral at this point, and he was now shivering so much he was worried he'd phase through the ground (not that it would be the first time that happened). Diego said. He didn't answer the question, but instead said, "Delores kept saying the equations were off. Number 8 Changing of Fate Chapter 1. "Uh, that's it? Virgil stopped reading as he closed the book causing her to sigh. No I won't be at the funeral but I will come to the house afterwards. He made it to the top of the stairs, thankfully without tripping again.

"Well, it would if you were smarter." Virgil stopped reading as he walked with Klause, Alison and Diego towards the criminal standing on table aiming his pistol at the four and not at Luther behind him. But at least be honest about the kind of man he was.".

Am I the only one here who finds it suspicious? He had Mom do it.". Diego saiad, turning towards his brother. A few of them had bothered to bring umbrellas to shield them from the downpour, Barry not one of those.

Though many would question this choice when I commented on doing this with Danny Phantom my idea was basically that Danny was believed to have the ability to phase through matter, but I changed it to a cross with Static Shock because Virgil will work better for this story. ", Everyone had to nod at that except Luther who glared at Virgil and says, "He is dead, what could he gain from that?". Virgil shakes his head and says, "Yeah it has, have you found Hargreeve's Journal. How have you been Sis? Virgil looks around and says, "Found anything interesting? ", Virgil simply says, "Pogo asked me to come," Diego glared at Virgil harder before Virgil says, "You may want to make yourself scarous, Luther is about to enter through the back door.". "He was a monster." ", Virgil raised a hand to stop her and says, "You were within you right to write that book. "Where'd you go?" During a hostage situation a teenage Virgil was walking through the service entrance in the basement absentmindedly reading a book as he used his powers to interact with the speaker system as he starts reading aloud over the whole building that would distract and confuse the criminals above. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Vanya asked. Five replied, and Luther sat back down. He scoffed and turned away from the window, before he began digging through his suitcase for dry clothes. So let's leave Klause to bond with Hargreeve and the Bar," Virgil walks away and to his room. Virgil looked at where the voice came from to see, a humanoid monkey wearing a suit and using a walking stick to move. He tipped it upside down, and the ashes fell straight to the ground and collected in a small pile there. Noticing the bread and peanut butter had been left out by Five earlier, he just had a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water. Virgil continued to sit on the steps as Number Seven, Vanya a girl with Russian heritage and holding an instrument case. Ignoring the ache that had formed on his knee where he had hit it, he got back to his feet and ran faster.
Virgil had to sigh as he realised that Luther had started playing music that eventually got even Virgil to start dancing, while unknown to him all of his siblings started to dancing along with the music. The exact date." He teleported to the other side of Luther, grabbing a bag of marshmallows from the shelf. "The future." Virgil looked up with his goggles resting above his forehead and proceeded to the phone and answered the phone as he expected. Virgil stands planning to head to such and private study.

He was my master, and my friend, and I shall miss him very much. You know, recharge.". Number Eight: Energy Manipulation of electrical nature. When nobody replied, he said, "Very well. Number Four, Klause looks to Virgil and says, "Hey, Virgil! This was unusual only in the fact that none of the women had been pregnant when the day began. With a sigh he threw it away. Luther had enough, and swung a punch at Diego, who ducked. Virgil hums in agreement before hanging up and dialling another number and says, "Hey Boss man, I won't be in for the next couple days," there was a pause as Virgil says, "Yeah my Adoptive Father was just declared dead by natural causes so I will be visiting family for the next week or two," Virgil nods as his boss speaks leaving Virgil to say, "Yeah those super siblings and thanks boss," Virgil hanged up the phone and proceeded to start packing for a trip to the other side of the country. Present Day-Hargreeves manor-Main entertainment room, Virgil stood behind the bar, while Vanya, Klause, Alison and Diego was sitting on chairs and one large man with oversized arms was speaking to everyone. Home is where you can find family. He leaves behind a complicated legacy-", Diego cut Pogo off. Hargreeves was never family. "It's not fair, he has super-speed." Bet she's laughing now.". Five said. ", Klause while smoking simply says, "You want me to summon Dad so that he can tell us all how disappointed he is with all of us? Luther turns to Diego and says, "This is not the time Diego, we need to be serious here. What with all that crap that Hargreeve did to you and the rest of us.". Virgil smirks as Vanya sees him. Reginald said. ", "A book," Klause nods before returning to searching the study. This man is Numer Eight or as he prefers to be called 'Virgil' was listening to music as the radio suddenly stopped playing music as a news report was heard, "As of this morning, Sir Reginald Hargreeves was found dead this morning or natural causes." Your review has been posted. "He was a bad person and a worse father. they all stepped out after the hostages left and they proceeded walk outside with Sir Reginald Hargreeves stepping in front of them taking the book Virgil was reading out of his hands as Hargreeves introduces the world to the Umbrella Academy, even trying to introduce Virgil as Number Seven only to get zapped an him introducing himself as Number Eight and walking away.
Five asked. Barry began to run up the stairs, but not at his fastest for fear of tripping. Virgil smiles and says, "You can keep everything else. Then, he decided he never wanted to get a tattoo ever again. "Diego." All of it adding up to him regretting to spend the night in his old home. "What else is there to say? ", "Good, lots of interested investors in my inventions. On the twelfth hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. Number Two: the ability to control small metal masses such as knifes and bullets. Grace asked. Virgil walked into the entertainment area and proceeded to make himself a drink as Vanya and Alison was interrupted by a guy with a patchy beard wearing body forming suit with a bunch of knives strapped to his person making a comment on Vanya shouldn't even be there with what she had apparently done. Allison said in a scolding tone. They stood across from each other before they both came into a hug as they waited for people to arrive. You think it was one of us which is why you have brought up this monocle.

", Klause simply says, "Not really some antique lighters and this box.". "Well, that was interesting." Most would question why I did thus, the simple answer is that It has not really been done.

Virgil was then forced to sigh a Number Six, Ben was directed into the vault after Ben really did not want to do this until Luther and Diego pushed him into the back room to kill the remaining criminals. academy; klaushargreeves; numberone +22 more #15. Leave it alone.". Which reminds me, what are you expecting from the Will? Being a human power station has been a big help in the process. It was late, Vanya, Diego, and Klaus had already left. Five put marshmallows on on of the slices of bread, and put the second slice on top, finishing his sandwich. "No, my consciousness is fifty eight." ", Virgil's eyes glowed with lightning and says, "Diego is currently sneaking in through the kitchen. "It's been seventeen years. Together you will stand against the reign of evil. Luther threatened. Pogo says, "The knowledge in that book is dangerous. He had to ship you a million miles away." ", Alison sighs and says, "I always hated that, you could find any of us just by thinking on it.". "A rope over an abyss. It has been ages!" Diego stated. None of these women were pregnant that morning, nor were there any fathers for these children. "I count six. ", "Does anyone wish to speak?" He still felt cold from the funeral, and was looking for something decent and warm to drink. Virgil walked up stairs and looked at the room next to his, where his Brother Fives used to rest his head, he sighed and walked into the room next to it and took a deep breath as he closed his door and opened the book where he reads the first line. Virgil made another drink for Vanya to enjoy as they waited for everyone to come back to the room where Sir Regineld Hargreeve's ashes. Diego glared at Virgil before standing and walking up stairs to their father's room, while making a stop on the way. ", "I should've listened to the old man." So he went the opposite direction and opened the freezer, and found a carton of ice cream, buried deep in the back, that had probably been there for a long time. "Whenever you're ready, dear boy." Five replied without stopping. Klaus looked up. Reginald said. Vanya is actually one block away in a taxi. he said. ", "Dad's Monocle was missing," Luther states before asking, "It is worthless so who would have stolen it? Virgil lifts a hand to Klause causing him to pause before he sighed and says, "You suck," Klause then handed Virgil a gold tinged box causing him to chuckle as Virgil opened the box and found the book he was looking for. "Go ahead. Luther took a deep breath to calm down before looking to Klause and saying, "There is one way to be sure. "Nietzsche once said, man is as a rope, stretched between the animal and the superhuman." On the twelfth hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. He got eight. "Hm. Read your book by the way," be reveals a book titled, 'Extra Ordinary' written by Vanya Hargreeve, "Can you sign my copy?"

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