I agree that Docking is not ready for this slot. You might say, ‘Ok, but the Blue Jays making the playoffs, the Raptors winning the NBA title, a Canadian winning a major…those are once-in-a-generation things”. Competition is a good thing, it makes everybody better. And then there’s still the gravel-voiced American guy on after 11:00–they used to have original programming (Richards and Rumack) in the late slot. I don’t know what the FAN is thinking. Dude you get rejected more than a salad at Mike Wilner’s house. Sportsnet 960 The FAN. After he was fired I don’t really feel a connection to it anymore. Overall: Changes at SN mean that for the noon and drive-in slots, SN is certainly no better than TSN. Look at the comments on this post – 99% are negative. “PTS”/The Lede should defeat that handily before having to compete with Overdrive from 4-5. 1-4: The FD. Good Show is not my cup of tea but it’s fine. It seems like a pricey show to air from 2-5? At 3x, Zig is still slower than MacArthur. Thanks, Mike for posting this as I was stuck at the airport and then on an airplane. Too bad, it used to be great entertainment at one point in time. Zigomanis is more then fine. Is there any audience spillover to other TV properties? First, the good news – Scott MacArthur is uber-talented, a great fit for the morning slot, and is well-deserving of the promotion. I always felt like I was listening to some college radio show, and his habit of asking extremely long-winded questions of guests was super annoying and took away air time from the actual guests. Glad I am not a paying Rogers customer any more and haven’t been for about 1 year. Is this what he envisioned when he came over from TSN? Hmmm. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How do the suits not know this? You will be on national television and you will be in a vital timeslot on radio. As for the new line up – Seems kind of strange, but I like all the hosts. Out of all the shows I have listened to over the years, this is down near the bottom. I hope the timeslot demotion isn’t a prelude to it being axed, as I enjoy the intelligent sports talk with those guys. Mark claims Scotty Mac got his new gig because he is gay. Steals every show. What I miss most about Bob is not what he said but the people he knew; he seemed to be a buddy buddy to so many “insider” guests. Have your big guests like Shulman, Friedman and Grange be exclusive to this show. So he’s not cheap but you can bet he’s making a lot less than Landsberg. Give me a break. I’m not sure who actually has Raptors and Leafs broadcast rights, but there’s not a game every night. In fact, she’s often a channel changer. At the end of the broadcast there was no mention of any changes tomorrow. Guess the next salary savings will be Cadeau’s, because this is a disaster. I have no idea what HC will do since their main hosts are poor. Brady was banished to paid purgatory while Blundell’s aural gonorrhea expectorated over the air for 23 months. It is very ironic that several Rogers employees and on-air personalities predicted and even cheered the death of TSN when the NHL deal was announced. Toronto Sports Media Equality Question, A Review of the Shapiro/Atkins Body of Work & More With Andrew Stoeten, Sports Media Stories to Watch in 2019: Prime Time Sports, Sportsnet’s Don Cherry Attacks Immigrants on CBC, Lots Going To Change In Toronto Sports Media World, Fall & Winter 2018-2019 Sports Radio Ratings, Sports Media Stories to Watch in 2019: Damien Cox, Andrew Krystal Dismissed From Sportsnet Fan 590, Why Changes At Rogers NHL Hockey Is Troublesome, 6-9am: Scott MacArthur, Mike Zigomanis, Ashley Docking, 12-2pm: Hockey Central hosted by Jeff Marek (M-F) or David Amber (Wednesday) + Anthony Stewart, 2-5pm: “PTS” hosted by Jeff Blair with either Deitsch or Brunt. However, they should have had him help groom a successor. Let the dust settle here and then plot a return if a good opening presents itself. Never liked the Did portion of TIM AND SID. In fact, it was a surprise when they didn’t get named when McCown was let go before the summer. The show has diversified away from hockey and introduced more guests from other sports, which is great, except in that situation, only Brian can speak. 31 Thoughts the podcast is great so why not have samples throughout the week to drive people to the real next revenue stream, the pods. The worst shows were the ones without Kypreos and McLean. Podcasts. The Tim and Sid to PTS has been rumored for ages; all the drumbeats of McCown getting canned always came with the story that Tim and Sid were taking the slot. Too bad they couldn’t devote a single minute at the beginning or end to say thanks to Maclean and Kypreos for all their years of service to Hockey Central in the same way that Jeff Blair and even Brian Burke paid tribute to Bob McCown on PTS. I bet that’s the dilemma they’re most uneasy about. I’m really not a fan of Overdrive – it’s just a bunch of hockey guys trying to talk about all sports, but then ultimately bringing it back to hockey. I think it was suggested here somewhere that Prime Time Sports (or now it would be Tim and Sid) would be curtailed to end at 6:30, allowing for a proper pre-game show for Blue Jays/Raptors/Leafs games. Best of luck to Brady. 9 out of 10 people have no use for them. I heard the announcement too; but am dubious as to the quality of the future product. This version of the Fan is doomed. An antique of sports radio that made your house look better, feel better, got you through … –Critics have been on 590 for a long time regarding lack of diversity. Say goodbye to RD or put him exclusively on the TV side of the show or have him write. According to Blair, P.T.S. Why would you want to be post game host for Jays? TSN1050’s Michael Landsberg provided a classy reply: I like, respect, admire and enjoy @gregbradyTO. Elliot Price in and out just like that. There wasn’t anything against any of the personalities but it was a mixture of butter and chocolate that didn’t make cup; the end result was bad. No idea who Mike Zigomanis is. Firing Bob was an odd move. I’ve said this on here a few times, but I’ve been listening to Bob on 590 since I was a kid in the 90s, and just kind of stuck with 590 because of that. Neither do I! Lol, Cadeau and Rogers really have no idea how to run a radio station or maybe don’t even care that much? Now back to their radio roots which will be simulcast ad extension of their TV show which I’ve barely watched, will prove disastrous. Make Brunt a regular. How could this move increase ratings ? Not a fan of Andi Petrilo but would rather listen to Leaf talk not what is going on in Nashville or Dallas.

I loved it. I have to think that the biggest winner here is TSN. I have more questions here than answers. Hi everyone – Jonah and I are trying to collect as much information as possible but also want to give people a place to react to the big news of the day. How can I take these guys seriously? I’d say Brady and Walker right now on 650 but Brady isn’t moving his family across the country to a smaller market. The White Men of The Fan 590. So you fire him when you had him 10-12 but have him fill in on other shows? They can’t be both, it’ll be forced and unnatural on one of the two platforms. Have Jeff and Chris do the show with Friedman calling in for long segments and Breaking News. I’m shocked by it. Scott will have to engage with Zig in some pre-season one on one coaching before they start the show because right now ol’ Zigster sounds like a disengaged caller that a host is trying to politely hang up on. Loser: Richard Deitsch. Then Price was brought in and quickly bailed without any explanation. Instead he’s just expanding the profile of two guys who have already made it and have a their own big show. Most disappointed is Dietsch who is most likely actively looking for his next move. This appears to be a station in crisis. Well yesterday he was practically full eating Amy Trask it was ridiculous. If TSN didn’t go after him the last time he was let go, it’s highly unlikely they will do it now    ( unless they really lowball him ).The Fan morning show just got worse. All rights reserved. He has a great voice for radio but doesn’t seem to offer much of an opinion on anything I wonder how happy Blair and Brunt are with this? Push: Scott MacArthur is in a major timeslot on the heritage station rather than wasting away doing 1-4 on TSN1050. Even as former hockey players, their opinions are just not valuable. And finally, does this matter? I really believe TSN may still beat Good Show because, well, it isn’t and like it or not Dan Patrick is very good. Here is my proposed lineup: 6-9: Scotty Mac, Ben Ennis and Ruscic. You sign up to join the most powerful brand in Canadian sports radio and then within a year Bob is gone and you’re in a sub-par timeslot. I still think its a mess, but to be fair I misread the memo. Rarely listen anymore. Then from 5-7 listeners have a choice between The Brazzers Bros and the audio from the Tim & Sid TV show. We competed because we were on at the same time- but I never saw him as the enemy- but rather just a guy I respected and have enjoyed listening to over the years. Nobody on either station holds candle to him. For other sports, there is little difference. Probably a lot of crossover in the fans of Overdrive and Tim and Sid. Instead, the station continues to be run into the ground. While there have been peaks and valleys for sure, in its latest iteration it had no flow, no feel, and no vibe. Once again, they have chosen to let bad news (and this is not good news) drip out piece by painful piece instead of at one time. That was McCowan’s show and pale imitations are a futile exercise. Nobody cares. Their success on-and-off the field 2015 through 2017 was great enough to offset much of the damage done by the NHL deal and lack of Canadian teams in the playoffs. Your email address will not be published. Hebsie that comment just reeks of someone in an untenable situation desperately trying to get everybody’s attention with lies, innuendo, misstated facts and unsubstantiated information, just like Jim Tatti’s resume. I feel bad for Brady. Donny, agree entirely except to throw in that a Leafs run to the finals generating insane profits in 2020 is a very realistic possibility. Sitting there midnight watching 14 inning game then taking calls? It will be interesting to see how it plays over radio on the drive time slot. But, if his goal was to be broadcasting Jays games then this has not worked out as planned. I had that argument with many staffers and I was always told I was full of shit. A man with Stephen Brunt’s talent banished to the 2 PM slot. Very discombobulated. The timing of this makes little sense. Even though the show was going through the motions for awhile, I can see them throwing up a hail mary and bringing Bob back for the third time. TSN lost out of the NHL ratings but seemed to have won the war. I mentioned a couple posts ago that I thought Brady and MacArthur would be a terrific synergistic duo bringing Brady back too life. If they weren’t then how did Good Show even stay on the air.

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