This is called static. Fair point on the firmware being controlled externally, however Shaw does do additional customization to the released firmware to fit in with their infrastructure and to add additional branding / features as shown below. 100% . You or your IT person will need to manually enter the assigned static IP information into your networking device. Update your network device with the provided static IP information.

So after a lot of hair pulling I finally gave in and ran a factory reset on the router (after logging out of the compoanion app on my mobile device as suggested).

Thank you for your feedback, any changes to the firmware are made from the manufacturer. These are normally needed for servers, security cameras, VPNs, and networks that need to be remotely accessed (working from home and accessing files at the office). ©2020 Shaw Communications. Shaw agents will assist with providing the IP address information and verifying the Shaw setup, but not with third party equipment such as routers or firewalls. The residential static IP address is an IP address that was manually configured for a device, that was assigned with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. Around the world. Prior to the new firmware (before the companion app) I could do this with no issue through the routers UI - now there is no option to do this as shown above. Discussion Starter • #3 • Apr 8, 2008.

You'll have to setup your WiFi SSID and password again as well. Thanks! Changes or maintenance to our network can result in having a new IP address assigned, but there is no set time for this to occur. The modem can certainly be bridged so you may use a 3rd party router with more control and settings. Lifetime IPs. Fastest. You or your IT person will need to manually enter the assigned static IP information into your networking device. I am sorry for any frustrations this may have caused.

Country and city. Hi.

It’s can’t possible for change. I have recently moved and upgraded from the Hitron router, with at least a dozen port forwarding rules, to the new BlueCurve Gateway, which doesn't even recognize my Xbox is available for port forwarding! There is a maximum of eight IPs per modem. I will pass your feedback and inquiry along to our engineering team to review. Go to Solution. If after that, the IP address does not update allowing you to set the port forward rule, you can restore access to the Admin GUI port forward settings by doing a factory reset. Jump to solution. For some reason the highlighted device below will not take.

I am trying to set a static IP Address for my one server at home - I am using the ARRIS TG3482G router and have successfully done this for a lot of other devices on the network.

Thanks to everyone for the help, I do find it a bit frustrating though that I had to restore the router to get the old functionality back, ideally you should allow for both methods to be useable when running the companion app as I am sure it will save a lot of headache for other semi-advanced users. So when trying to add a port forward to the device like so: I end up with the following - useless mapping: Whereas the server has an IP Address of assigned and the router is trying to assign it

©2020 Shaw Communications. Reply. I am not looking for a static IP Address at all (I can do this through FreeDNS or GoDaddy) I am trying to assign a static IP Address to a device on my local network (private 10.x range) so I can forward a port to allow external access to a service on the box.

Re: Setting "Static IP" for device failing niemandr. Once you've confirmed that, there could be a delay in the BlueCurve app updating to the correct IP for rn-hass. As for the static IP, we do offer this service with a business account. An easy way to find information about your IP Address is by making a call to your Internet Service Provider and asking them about the type of IP Address provided to you. How To: Set your wireless modem to Bridge Mode. The email's subject line will read as " Shaw Business – Security and Configuration Information ”, and the IP configuration will be located at the very bottom of the email. After 30 seconds, plug only the power cord back in. I am almost at the point where I am willing to do a factory reset of the router, but its such a pain to reconfigure all my IoT devices, SBC's, Phones, etc. It should update to the correct IP address soon and sometimes doing something like playing a YouTube video to generate some usage can help. After reconfiguring the WiFi etc. If your network device will be using multiple IPs, contact Technical Support and ask the agent if you require a '. Your Shaw modem is assigned a dynamic IP address automatically, which we cannot change by request. However, some providers may also assign Static IP Address.

Perhaps Shaw can chip in here seeing this "feature" is missing. BT Residential do not offer static IP adresses., You would have to move to a BT Business connection to get a static IP. Network device changes in your home, such as using Bridge Mode or IP Passthrough with a third party router, may also result in having a new IP address assigned. To answer your question, the IP Address for 'rn-hass' needs to be static and set to - I am struggling to get the router to set the static IP Address to 'rn-hass' - no matter what I do in the UI it will not assign the static IP Address, I have tried: No matter what I try the router will not allow me to configure the device to have a Static Address.
Forum discussion: Just some general information (and somewhat of a rant) about static IP addresses I'd like to supply. 15 Posts . As it is, you should not be running a business on a residential line, as its against BTs T&Cs. Multiple static IP addresses may require additional technical documentation. I headed over to the Advanced section for the router and was presented with the original (more useful) management options once again!! As it stands the computer 'rn-hass' has a manually assigned IP Address of and an DHCP assigned address of (from the router) and is accepting communication on the 53 address. In the screenshot of the admin GUI, it appears 'rn-hass' is set to DHCP instead of Reserved IP. While your IP address is dynamic, it is meant to stay the same for a long period of time, and may never change. What gives, and how do I work around this app - or better yet how do I downgrade the firmware so I can manually manage my port forwarding. Before I spend $$ on a Mikrotik hAp I will configure my network how I want it (static IP's manually assigned) and run a factory settings restore on the router to see if it will allow me to reserve the addresses that way, failing that I will need to put the ARRIS router into bridge mode and use a Mikrotik to manage www access and the simple networking features I need. All rights reserved. so I have been putting it off. Shaw - why did you remove this feature - it's such a pain! Ok good to know. Hope this helps.

All rights reserved.


After the modem is back online, if the new IP still doesn't work, test out the IP address using another device, like a laptop plugged directly into the Shaw modem. Loading... Highlighted. Response time. Make sure to have your account verification information (security code) to make the request. Thanks - I suppose that's all I can hope for right now. The Shaw modem won't pass out static IPs automatically. Static IP requests can take up to five business days, so ensure that you make the request early to prevent delays in setting them up at your business. You can do this by first logging out and closing the app, and then do a factory reset from the Admin GUI (Troubleshooting menu, Reset/Restore Gateway, 'Restore Factory Settings'), it should restore the ability to set the port forwarding rules to your liking. Can you try set a reserved IP on another device, like a smartphone or something? Static IP addresses allow for a dedicated address on the Internet that will never change without advanced notice. Static IPs are a limited resource and only available with Business plans.

I … Static IPs can be requested for any Business Internet plan from Shaw, and requests can be made by contacting Shaw Business and speaking to Sales, Billing, or Technical Support.
Changes or maintenance to our network can result in having a new IP address assigned, but there is no set time for this to occur. Providers like Luminati and Infatica approach developers and offer them to add their code into their apps or extensions.

Static residential IPs are an exception to this rule; I briefly cover them below. Your Shaw modem is assigned a dynamic IP address automatically, which we cannot change by request. Shaw - why did you remove this feature - it's such a pain!

Hey niemandr,   Before I go through the same stress of a... Assigning the current IP Address (one assigned by the gateway), Removing all previous devices from the network (using the cruddy app), Manually assigning the desired IP Address to the device before trying in the router UI, Checking that no other device has the IP Address (, Manually assigning the IP Address on the server (, Rebooting the router and trying to assign the IP Address, Double checked for any MAC Address collisions, Check for, and released any leases to the IP Address. Shaw cannot manually change your IP address by request.

This IP address is a fixed address. Cheers, Tony | Community Mod.

Finally, I wanted to support you in your questioning of why couldn't there just be an "Advanced" or "Admin" mode on that page that says "Go use the app, but if you know what you're doing, here you go.". And additionally, how did you manage to prevent any firmware updates from undoing your factory reset?

How sure are you that doing a factory reset will allow me to manually manage my router?

If the IP doesn't start working, remove power and all Ethernet connections to the Shaw modem. How Residential Proxies Are Made.

Targeting. This usually would not be a problem, but Shaw has removed the ability to manually manage port forwarding with the new firmware (who made that decision - seriously). After the modem is back online, reconnect all Ethernet connections again. 0 Kudos Share. Before I go through the same stress of a factory reset, I just wanted to ask if you're using the new BlueCurve Gateway or one of Shaw's older pieces of hardware. Labels (2) ... All residential accounts will receive a dynamic IP. Your Shaw Business representative will confirm what details are needed for the request. Changes to the quantity of static IPs needed may result in a change to the IPs assigned. Once the static IPs are made available to your account, they will immediately be emailed to the primary account listed. Unfortunately, we couldn't detect your location. ©2020 Shaw Communications. 110,000+ IPs. A good tech support person should be able to answer this question and also provide you with good information about different types of IP Addresses.

Static IPs are a limited resource and only available with Business plans. I have 2 static ips for $20/mo on Shaw's SOHO package. All residential accounts will receive a dynamic IP. All rights reserved. Network uptime. For accurate pricing information, please select your region below: Learn how to request a Shaw static IP, how to set them up, and what they can be used for. If we confirm you require a multihome configuration, make note that you'll need to contact us again if you replace your router/firewall or reconfigure some of your IPs to run through a different router.

Use your IPs for as long as you require, whenever and wherever you need them for your purposes . Static IPs don't automatically go into use; they need to be configured on your equipment. Just to narrow down if its something specific to the Gateway not setting the reserved IP's in general or is it something unique to rn-hass. Start Now. Yes - I tried contacting support about this and they said that it's beyond their scope and I need to turn to the forms for assistance.

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