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Disease, Poison, Serpentine. 100 bullets means that you only utilize the mod for half of the magazine which isn't good enough. Armor: 300 Health: 375 Energy: 300 Shield: 300 Especially when you see something spored, it needs to die asap. Recasting Spores detonates all active Spores and will deal 2x the damage on an inflicted enemy based on the number of active Spores and the current damage per tick. Tricky, but she's good times.

Now go out and farm them both! Introduced Fixed an issue where no energy was being returned from enemies affected by Spore while Toxic Lash was active if the melee strikes were lethal. Cure this sick horde with the greatest of plagues. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. Get down with the sickness, Tenno. Saryn fixes/buffs *actually* integrated. Themes

The damage per second you’ve accumulated will first instantly drop by 20%, which will then commence the decay of the remaining damage by 10% per second (affected by Duration mods). It came to me like a proverb: Fight poison with... poison. Casting Miasma immediately after casting either Spores or Toxic Lash will cause Miasma's casting animation to bug, causing the player to be able to move while casting and rapidly cast Miasma. And since i am new, maybe a good frame for starters. Having just the mod setup won't do much to help you if you don't know what works how with other variables. Revealing Spores is an Exilus Warframe Augment Mod for Saryn's Spores that causes enemies affected the ability to show up on the mini map. You used to dream of old Earth, didn't you? Spores that are popped on a target's weak point, like the head, will do extra damage based on the respective damage multiplier. Saryn now has a passive 25% increased Status effect duration. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization. Spores no longer require a target in Conclave. A spore will appear but a camera dies on the first tick. Simply because it's not a good decoy since it dies really quick. Instantly burst spores when attacking afflicted enemies.

If Molt is closer to the enemy than the player, enemies will (normally) focus it. A Saryn master is inevitably a Tenno-pro.

Saryn Prime was released alongside Spira Prime and Nikana Prime. When recasting on the same enemy it will refresh the tick duration and maintain the Viral Status Effect, but will not stun enemies a second time until the Status Effect ticks have subsided. (Should scale off the trigger damage of all proccs on the enemy). Infect at least 7 enemies to maximize damage growth, allowing Spores to reach higher damage per second counts over time.


Health I laughed so hard, what efford? Contagion Cloud Augment: Kills with Toxic Lash leaves behind a Toxin cloud and Melee kills double the damage dealt by the cloud. One thing I would say is if you decide to use Regen Molt, use it more as an emergency heal and just spam the crap out of it in higher level missions. I find her to be quite fun and she also feeds a numbers addiction if you have one.

Release Date: February 16th, 2016 Saryn Prime is the Primed variant of Saryn, possessing higher armor, energy capacity, and sprint speed, as well as an additional polarity. 0 Fixed Toxic Lash no longer functioning after killing an enemy affected by Spores.

Mastery Rank (Ancients will still be able to reach, as well as the knockback damage from Leapers). Fixed an issue with latency and Saryn's Spores making the Spores look much larger than intended. Her problem is energy and being forced to match at least one weapon to spread spores. Fixed icon tag in the description for Spores in the abilities page.

Removed spread on enemies that die to a Spore’s tick damage. Her catcher is the viral status and damage on range builds but the actuall damage scales really poorly. Fixed casting Saryn’s Molt in the Simulacrum allowing you to kill yourself. Nova's always going to be fragile as F, which is a big problem when getting shot at by things you can't slow with Molecular Prime, like Nulifiers or enemies half a click away in the Plains. A.M. drop needs time to reach its target, which is not very good in a squad for the same reason Saryn's spores suffer.

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