seit Samstag bin ich stolzer Besitzer einer Raspberry Pi 2.

DIY Jukebox With Raspberry Pi: When you think about the word “retro”, it shouldn’t take you long to visualize a jukebox!The jukebox, despite being very outdated, can be a great element of retro deco to have in your house, especially if it’s a smart home full of tech gadgets!We pr… ( Log Out /  Aber von Vorne: Idee: - Raspberry Pi als Jukebox (nur Musik); Bedienbar per Touchscreen; am besten auf Basis von Kodi. Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:46 pm . [/font], [font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]T1731SR.

1 year ago Going furtherYou can also consider to connect your jukebox system to IFTTT in case you want for special occasions to be able to trigger it with voice command for instance.

Enter NFS as ID and the password you created on the NFS app, Click on Media and you will be able to access the files on the USB stick, Go to App Libraries and download the Philips Hue app. Hi! I had not heard of this before, but came across it in the superb article on using the Raspberry Pi touch screen to control GPIO connected devices by Matt Richardson. A fun way to integrate some nice visual effects could be to connect Philips Hue lights to your Prota Pi so that your music’s rhythms are improved by funky colors.

1 Installing Kivy 2 Adding the sonic_pi_cli gem which enables text files to be sent to Sonic Pi for execution.

Connect your IFTTT account to Prota via the Prota channel on IFTTT, Create a storyline “When Prota run an applet, Play Volumio”, Create an applet “IF I say ‘Party Time’ to Google Assistant/Siri THEN Prota Execute the storyline” (selecting the storyline you just created). More info here - Did you make this project?

I reached out to Naran Customer Service, turns out it is impossible to select a single song to play with the stories app. This Tutorial is a total fraud, I ended up installing raspbian with ssh enabled, writing a 20-lines Python script and configuring rc.local to run it at boot (following an adafruit tutorial). It should be possible to startup, play a selection of tunes, quit the program, select Shutdown from the Menu and shutdown the Pi, all with the use of your finger, and with no mouse or keyboard at all. If you have any other questions, please contact us again. - Bisher habe ich (trotz lesen und vieler Versuche) noch keinen Erfolg gehabt.Eine Überlegung war auch das Kodi im Fullscreen-Window unter X11 laufen zu lassen, aber das scheint nicht zu gehen?! And connect hook-up wire between one of the leg of the button and the minus (-) line. 4.

Now it’s time to connect those wires to the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi. I'm sure I'll be able to get it to do what I need it to do :-)I tried to stick the image on an 8Gb card last night using etcher for my old Pi Model B, and although it wrote it without errors it's not booting on the Pi. This needs to be placed in the folder /usr/local/bin This is an optional step you can follow in case you want to be able to remotely change the songs on your USB stick and even allow friends to do it. I'm using a wifi dongle from the Pi Hut that has been working great with RuneAudio so shouldn't be a problem.I will have another go tonight, and maybe try using win32 Disk Imager to write the card.Thanks!

You only need to define its name and password, your time zone and your email address and the rest is completely automatic! I cannot better the excellent description in Matt Richardson’s article. Was bisher läuft:Der Touchscreen läuft unter allen Distris aber unter keiner wie gewünscht. This looks awesome. Adding sonic-pi-cli gem Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! You can have a .kv file which contains details of the screen layout, and a separate python script which contains the logic of how these items are used, or everything can be contained just in a python script.

To connect your USB stick, you can use the NFS system. Here is a color table for you. This will also involve choosing the (up to 12) pieces that you wish to play.

Here it is perhaps worth saying that I also installed pulseaudio on the system, which you should also do before using this script. It deals separately with the commands to stop playing or to quit the program, in the latter case quitting Sonic Pi as well.

Preferrably this should be a Pi2. All you have to do is to install the other requirements, kivy, sonic-pi-cli, pulseaudio as detailed above. It’s several months since I wrote the article, and I haven’t used kivy since so I’m very rusty.

If you choose Volumio as an actor, you can choose only specific actions that Stories have. Make sure to check all the cool features you can add to your Prota Pi so that beyond its jukebox functionality, it can help you automate your home. Eine manuelle Änderung in der CFG brachte keinen Erfolg. Creating the kivy program

The Prota OS is no longer downloadable anywhere that I can find. Maybe someone who already made this can help? Like, buttons and all?

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 2 Adding the sonic_pi_cli gem which enables text files to be sent to Sonic Pi for execution. Connect the wire in the ground line to a ground pin. How many songs (max) + breadboards can this expand to? [/font], [font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Beim Touch wird lediglich der Cursor [/font], [font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]positioniert aber ich bekommen kein Click event...[/font], [font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Kannst du mal die [/font][font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Knotig[/font][font="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"] nennen?[/font].

If I wanted to add another page how would i go about that? I'm sorry, I'm a newb here, but how do you put this DIY jukebox into a case? If you have copied the .desktop file to the Desktop you can double click it to restart Sonic Pi and the kivy program if you wish. - Aber Pustekuchen. This project is meant to be very easy to do, in one hour with no skills, and for only around $40. Set up your Volumio playlist to run your Jukebox. Now you can do the same thing with the other GPIO pins. You should have an up to date copy of Raspian (Jessie) on the SD micro card in the Pi. Prota OS uses Stories, an intuitive tool based on natural language to make automation accessible. You can also decide to set a specific color for each song, in which case you need to use a RGB code to define it. The program should be saved with name and stored in a folder named SP-touch-screen created in the user pi home director together with the two logo files sonic-pi-web-logo.png and logo.png (download from the resources file at the end of the post). By installing pulseaudio the ‘Master’ volume control is exposed which gives a much more satisfactory adjustment to the volume. Is it possible for each button to access a playlist and play a random song chosen from that playlist? d1 to d12 are corresponding variables which hold a 1 or two line description of these files, which appear as the text on the selector buttons on the screen. One of the environments which lends itself to producing touch screen operated front ends is Kivy. When it has started, use a terminal window and type: which should startup the touch screen kivy front end. I've been looking for a use for Prota OS, and also need to set up a Pi Media player for the missus too.I didn't realise Volumio could be added to it so that's awesome!It'll be fantastic to configure the Prota OS to launch Volumio and be ready to play whenever her phone is aatahed to our home network.can Volumio controlled by Web GUI just like normal too?Thanks! Show us the creative projects you can do with Prota OS and win awesome prizes! I think it should be possible to add another page, but I’m afraid you’ll have to work it out by looking at the numerous references to and examples of kivy use on the Internet. I had not heard of this before, but came across it in the superb article on using the Raspberry Pi touch screen to control GPIO connected devices by Matt Richardson. We will now be able to integrate those bulbs in automation workflows, including controlling their color, which is going to be great for our jukebox! There are no jukeboxes without flashy disco lights! Just make sure to edit the elements that are specific to your case (here the name of your Hue bulb). .. es fehlt dazu die Einstellung im Menü. Next, plug your USB stick to your Prota Pi. 3. Make sure all dots are lighten up like below, meaning all pins are set up. You can also improve it by adding buttons to increase or decrease the music volume (just like we did previously and with simple storylines) or add some automations so that the music starts when you reach home or when motion is detected. and quit with ctrl+x, followed by Y, and return key GPIO app is an app that allows you to create command names for physical elements connected to your Raspberry Pi, like those buttons. I have them ending in .rb but they could equally well be .txt files. We hope you loved this project and can now entertain your guests with your new jukebox. I produced a first working version a couple of months ago, but it had some shortcomings, and recently I revisited and the result is this article. You have to do a little bit of work to be able to use it to control a program. When you think about the word “retro”, it shouldn’t take you long to visualize a jukebox! By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Configuring the Pi to autostart Sonic Pi and the Kivy program on startup. I hope my question makes sense!

As soon as you do that, the lights paired to your Hue hub will be integrated to your Prota Pi Hue app. Now reboot your Pi and it should startup in the GUI and immediately start Sonic Pi, followed 8 seconds later by the touchscreen jukebox program. Hi! At the time of writing Sonic Pi 2.7 is still the version of Sonic Pi bundled in Jessie. Configuring the Raspberry Pi to autostart into the touchscreen jukebox 3 years ago. We are currently (and until July 30) running a maker contest. Once Prota OS is burned on the SD card, you can follow this simple installation guide to set up your Prota hub (less than 1 minute!).

There are one or two user configurable bits near the start of the program. kalibriert bekomme? Volumio is the audio player of your Prota Pi. Hey, this is a really cool project and it was exactly what I was looking for! At this stage you do some interim testing to see whether things are working ok so far. The final stage is to add a small script and a .desktop file in order to get the Raspberry Pi to startup the program automatically on boot. It’s time to set up and test your new jukebox! To do this I utilised the fact that the Pi will autostart any application whose desktop file entry is copied to the folder /home/pi/.config/autostart Click on “connect”.

Stop Playing should sto the currently playing tune. Thanks Naran for wasting 2 days of my life! Probiert habe ich bisher Raspbian (Jessie), OSMC & OpenELEC (6.0 und 7.0 Milhouse) ... allerdings mit mäßigem Erfolg. The project falls into Four parts.

I haven’t tested with a Pi Model B+ but it should work, although performance may not be as good.

The number of breadboards will not be a problem and you can add as many songs as you want on your Volumio playlist.Enjoy and thanks for the nice words!

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