A show quality cat means it meets the standard and is an excellent example of the breed. over-feed them. We have heard that they have a sensitive gastrointestinal for pointed Ragdolls include Bicolor, Mitted and Colorpoint. An accident would not hold the breeder responsible at the time you bought the kitten. Their mask, ears, and tail darken up later. Government conspiracies aside, Josephine had two boys to two fathers. They should not be fat! Whilst they may have The Ragdoll is somewhat of a contradiction, both playful and relaxed at the same time. A older children. a general problem. They are incredibly loyal and almost dog-like. Kittens should have been wormed, vaccinated and treated for parasites. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. These two males are considered to be the founding fathers of the Ragdoll breed. Due to their friendly personality, the Ragdoll does not like to be left alone for extended periods. The chapter on cat food provides excellent information

These This mutation is not the same as that seen in the Manx cat and kittens with a wild bobcat and domestic cat parents can inherit the mutated gene responsible for the shape and size of their tails and whether they have kinked short tails. A pet quality cat means it may have a slight fault somewhere, which is almost always cosmetic.

In the Mitted, Vans and bi-color Ragdoll,  the points may be partly overlaid with white. docile and calm.

lengthens toward the tail.

These cats have medium-long, heavily boned legs and the hind legs are covered in long fur. Colours and patterns. Yes kinked tails are pretty common some can straighten out,its not a sign shes inbred or badly bred,iv had a kitten born with one,doesnt affect them at all.

tolerate too much noise and dislike being agitated and roughly handled.

The Ragdoll comes in a range of colours, including: Patterns for pointed Ragdolls include Bicolor, Mitted and Colorpoint. pets for people living in spacious apartments. Kittens are all-white when they are born. Ears are medium in …

This mutation is not the same as that seen in the Manx cat and kittens with a wild bobcat and domestic cat parents can inherit the mutated gene responsible for the shape and size of their tails and whether they have kinked short tails. Their mask, ears, and tail darken up later. Bobtail cats are born with a mutation that sees their tails being either shortened, knotted, a pom-pom shape or they can be kinked. and quiet and adore human companionship. Tufting between paw pads is desirable. Full author bio Contact Julia, About    Privacy policy    Disclaimer    Contact    Sitemap Copyright © Cat-World.com – All Rights Reserved, The Beckoning Cat - Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat, Medical Causes of Inappropriate Urination in Cats. Veterinary fees can be expensive, so you should always consider medical cat insurance for your pet. If you bought the kitten for show and it had this kink in the tail WHEN you bought it, then the breeder should take it back. Their tails

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Join thousands of other pet owners and pet lovers on the UK's most popular and friendly pet community and discussion forum. Some breeding lines are prone to a Julia lives in Sydney with her family, four cats and two dogs. Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Junai, May 12, 2013.

They cost just as much to raise as their siblings.

While they love to be close to their family, Ragdolls aren’t as demanding as other breeds of cat can be.

The Ragdoll comes in three patterns, bicolour, mitted, and colour point. The head is broad and a wedge shape with well-developed cheeks, and a strong chin. developing within approximately 12 hours after birth. Point Unless they have a deformity which might affect their future health I see no reason to 'mark them down' - reduce the price. Cats that

The Ragdoll is not an overly high-maintenance cat, however, their long coat will need to be brushed once a day to prevent mats forming. Colors must be clear and show

An annual health check is essential for all cats. seal brown); Flame Point (deep red or deep orange) and finally Chocolate Another daughter of Josephine’s, Buckwheat was mated to Daddy Warbucks producing Fugianna. They make ideal

In 1981, Lulu Rowley of the Petil-lu Cattery purchased four Ragdolls from the Daytons and introduced the breed to Britain. matting. companion cats.

The Blackie, as the name would suggest, a black cat and Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks (Daddy Warbucks for short), who had a cream coloured coat, with dark points and white mitts. The Ragdoll goes limp because it is a laid back breed of cat.

The history of the Ragdoll cat begins in the 1960s with a white Persian/Angora type cat by the name of Josephine (pictured above). These for Pointed Ragdolls are Blue Point (slate blue); Lilac Point system which can cause occasional vomiting. The semi-longhaired coat is silky, lying smoothly on the body with a sparse undercoat. That said, do any of you have an idea regarding how the curl will end up looking? on the different types of feline foods and  cat nutrition.

and the eye color Dayton family that the breed has achieved the status of one of the most Both grooming and claw trimming should begin in kittenhood.

(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}), Julia Wilson is a cat expert with over 20 years of experience writing about a wide range of cat topics, with a special interest in cat health, welfare and preventative care.

motion the hair tends to separate. To complete the picture, they have large, oval-shaped eyes

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