Taxonomically, Psilocybe azurescens are described as having a dark caramel colored cap (pileus) that is three to ten centimeters broad, conic to convex in shape, and flattening with age, with a persistent broad umbo (the nipple-like feature). Their fruiting season begins in late September with the onset of colder weather and continues until “late December and early January,” according to Stamets’ book Psilocybin Mushrooms Of The World. We will send you notification when it is back! I've traveled .. Tissue notably awash with bluish tones. Very typical of wood loving edible mushrooms as well. The stem is composed of thick, cartilaginous, fibrous mycelium-like tissue. Textbooks such as Paul Stamets Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World say it has been analyzed to have the highest concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin, almost 3X as much as cubensis.

Sign up to hear about upcoming deals on Magic Mushroom Spores, Syringes and Prints. tampanensis grows in well manured pastures but never directly on th.. WLP is a distinct physiological effect. Spore syringes for Psilocybe cubensis, azurescens, cyanescens, and Panaeolus. P. cubsensis are very easy to cultivate, and publicised most notably by Terrence McKenna and his “5 grams in silent darkness”, something you probably wouldn’t want to do with Psilocybe azurescens! The Psilcoybe Allenii is a highly active mushroom species that is super fast and aggressive fun.. Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata is a common mushroom that thrives in the USA cooler climate regions.. Azurescen mushrooms are native to the pacific nw area of the USA, and are spread through countries in Europe. NO CALIFORNIA, GEORGIA, IDAHO. There is now FREE UK SHIPPING on orders over £65.00 Go to the SHOP. Many mushroom hunters  tend to dig up patches they find in nature and move them to other locations to get a new patch started.

We aim to bring you spore syringes, spore prints and spore vials from as many labs and producers as we can. They grow in tight clusters (cespitose) or individually (gregarious). has been set up to collect, stock and resell the Worlds Largest Selection of Magic Mushroom Spores, magic mushroom spore syringes, magic mushroom prints and vials at the lowest prices. To study Psilocybe Cubensis spore solution under a microscope, simply place your order with us. The colonized rye will also be helpful in colonizing a part of the wood chips with mycelium. This product is out of stock!
Remember spore sizes also depend on the species of mushrooms. They are found growing inland on deciduous wood chips and/or in sandy soils rich in ligneous debris. The Koh Samui Super Strain has been one of our best sellers ever since we introduced it at The Hawks.. In appearance, they most closely resemble P. cyanescens and P. subaeruginosa. The psilocybe azurescens deserve a lot of respect and will certainly bless those who seek them with patience.

The color of most Psilocybe mushroom spore prints are dark purplish-brown to purplish-black. One of the species that draws attention—due to its potency and ease of outdoor cultivation—is Psilocybe azurescens. The Basic delivery option (magic mushroom spores). Using Psychedelics for Growth - DoubleBlind Online Course, Read: Beyond Psilocybe Cubensis: 10 Magic Mushroom Species You Should Know About. exotic psilocybin mushrooms, We will be dispatching orders whenever we can, and this should be easier this year with a great team. This is typical of most wood loving cold weather psilocybe mushrooms. There is currently no satisfactory explanation, and a few theories abound, but aeruginascin is touted as a possible culprit.

The base of the stem thickens towards the ground and often has coarse white tufts of mycelium and white rhizomorphs. Pleurocystidia abundant, fusoid-ventricose, tapering toa narrow but short neck, bluntly papillate, 23-35 by 9-10 u. Cheilocystidia nearly idential to pleurocystidia, measuring 23-28 by 6.5-8u.

We must remind all UK customers that growing magic mushrooms in the UK is a prohibited activity and that Psilocybe Cubensis spore syringes purchased from spore should never be combined with any of our gourmet mushroom grow kits! I was only able to print so many on the coast in 2019 due to the drought conditions. Caine Barlow is a Mycologist and Fungi Educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Azurescens contain significantly more psilocybin than psilocin (psilocybin being more stable, deteriorating more slowly than psilocin) so that after a few months of storage in a cool dark environment, the mushrooms tend to retain most of their original potency.

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