This inexorably links the return of Jesus to the glorification and "rapture" of Christians to him. Even the disciples are warned not to believe reports that Christ has come if they have not seen it "for just as the lightning, when it flashes out of one part of the sky, shines to the other part of the sky, so will the Son of Man be in His day. At that time he sends his angels[36] to destroy the tares while the wheat (believers) remain and shine forth as the sun in his father's kingdom. Eschatological Calendar: But eventually Christ would “come” in order to be “revealed” to the ancient world and to vindicate and reward the churches that had remained true to this vision of a new future. Partly for lack of space—I didn’t want to overload the diagram. Pre-tribulational usage of Luke 17 can also be counterbalanced. This passage alone does not mention where the gathered ones finally end up but that those who are alive will be caught up to meet Christ in the air and always be with the Lord. However, they place the rapture after the conclusion of the tribulation period, so in effect, the rapture is the … The distinguishing feature of the post-tribulation view is that it believes the rapture will occur after a 7-year tribulation period and not before as in the pre-tribulation view. As stated above, the Great Tribulation is not God’s Wrath. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. No distinction was made between the Coming of our Lord, and His Appearing, Revelation, and Day, because these were all held to be synonymous, or at least related, terms, signifying always the one Advent in glory at the beginning of the Messianic Kingdom. At the conclusion of the kingly rule of Christ and His saints, the rest of the dead will be raised, the Last Judgment ensue, and a new and eternal world be created. Clearly his first appearance was his birth into the world to bear the sins of Israel. What America Will Be Like Under Kamala Harris, What the Russia and Iran Election Meddling Really Means, Follow the coming tribulation on There are two versions of premillennialism- “dispensational premillennialism” and “historic premillennialism”. ], Jesus, speaking chronologically in the Olivet Discourse regarding end time events,[52] goes from the escalation of troubling times beginning in the 1st century and the present age (highlighting the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in A.D. 70) to the time of tribulation and then to his second coming without any mention of a prior removal of the church 7 or 3.5 years before it. [1][2][3][4] In the passage of 2 Peter 3:10-13, Christ's return is equated with the "elements being melted", and "the earth also and the works therein shall be burned up". Finally, dispensational premillennialism’s views on modern-day Israel have taken a substantial foothold within American politics, often complicating current discussions of the Middle East. It became the promised empire, Woke Church, heaven, and a slight problem with the great multi-ethnic multitude, How Paul can proclaim one Lord Jesus Christ and not compromise Jewish monotheism. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Last Days". This passage lends more weight to the post-tribulational position. By definition, there can be no trumpet call after the last one, and no resurrection before the first. The distinguishing feature of the post-tribulation view is that it believes the rapture will occur after a 7-year tribulation period and not before as in the pre-tribulation vie… Both groups fall under “premillennialism” because they believe that the Second Coming will occur prior to the 1,000-year millennial period. Thomas). What mattered, historically speaking? Well, when Jesus explains the parable. Another account which lends support to the idea of a post-tribulation rapture is in 2 Peter 3:10-13, where the idea of "The Day of the Lord" coming as a "thief in the night" comes from.

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