There is a scene w. Not at all. What happens at the end of the book does he die ? So touching, my 2nd favourite Malorie book of the month. An interesting topic to read about and I flew through it. An emotional ending, which ends perfectly set up for a sequel. . Some of Cameron's dialogue and internal thought processes didn't really feel true to a 13 year old to me but it was an enjoyable read none the less that raised some important questions. i frt dis bk was gd we read it in my class, Hi! , It was exciting, emotional and most importantly, enjoyable! Throughout the novel, he makes recordings for his brother who hasn’t been born yet. I read "Pig Heart Boy" when I was in year 6 and I really liked it. i am reading the book for english and so far it is intresting for now. [ completely changed the ending by having Cameron deciding not to give up on life - clearly, at least one person in charge found the original ending way too pessimistic. Pig-Heart Boy is my favourite of these books. I would recommend this book to children who want to be surgeons in the future, because it gives lots of valuable lessons about. An excellent and thought provoking story by Malorie Blackman (Corgi Books, ISBN 0552551663), it was also made into a TV serial in the UK. You're just not allowed to give up" (240). He must keep this a secret, but tells his best friend, who spreads the news. It was my body.

He is offered a heart but it is a pig's heart and if he accepts he'll be the first human to have had this kind of transplant.
But most normal kids don't need heart transplants.

The novel was adapted into a television series, which was broadcast by Children's BBC in 1999. In 'Pig Hearted Boy', Malorie Blackman presents the reader with a touching but heart breaking story, full of various challenging questions about life and death.

The main character is Cameron, a thirteen year old boy. Malorie Blackman writes fast paced novels which grip your imagination from start to finish. This book is about a boy named Cameron who’s heart doesn’t function as well as a normal heart, so he has to get an operation for a pig heart, as there aren’t enough human heart donors.

I read this book a while ago but every time I remember it I can only think of the good things.
May Otter. I mean, okay he couldn't help it that his dad sold the secret to the daily press. The storyline was good, and the only reason I have not given it 5 starts was because of the beginning.

Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman 'I think it's interesting that the events in the book, like having a heart transplant from a pig, could be real.' I would NOT recommend this book to animal lovers or people who don’t like gory or icky things. Mainly how Cameron made it up so quick with Marlon.

- Emily. A short but engaging read. An enjoyable read about a boy who needs a heart transplant.

I would recommend this book to children who want to be surgeons in the future, because it gives lots of valuable lessons about xenotransplantation, which will most likely become a form of surgery in the next 20 years. […] have increasingly looked to animals, such as pigs to help solve the heart donor shortfall (Also see ‘Xenotransplantation – Pig-Heart Boy’).

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the TV series?

Pig heart boy was a brilliant YA book.

But there is another book i have read before about a boy getting a heart transplant called 'instructions for a second-hand heart' i would really recommend this as an alternative. However, the plot was certainly original and nothing i have seen before, well not a heart transplant using a pig's heart! My indecision would not be based on whether it was unkind to the animal but whether a pigs heart would be rejected by more body or not. The text is altered somewhat, but has the advantage that it cuts straight into the family going to visit Professor Rae, the xenotransplantation expert. Join the site and send us your review! Morally thought-provoking with an unexpected ending. To see what your friends thought of this book, Not at all. Hi, i love this book, i dont know what i would do in camerons situation, hes very brave, and i hate marlon for telling the press! Nice book. I’d say it’s more suitable for the older ones. Refresh and try again. Near the end, his body starts rejecting his pig heart, so he has to get a new one.

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