[108][109], Due to joining YouTube in 2006 and soon gaining a sizable audience on the website, DeFranco has been cited as a pioneer of both YouTube and new media, in general. Explore Some of Our Features. [citation needed], Over the course of the series, guests have appeared on the show, such as cosplayer Jessica Nigri, and video game journalist Adam Sessler.[24][25][26]. [103], DeFranco launched Beautiful Bastard in February 2019, a line of hair care named after his catchphrase from the introductions of his news show. [63], Later, in May, SourceFed Nerd, a branch of SourceFed, was launched. But we'll have 365 days to figure it out together. [38] DeFranco's early attempts at launching channels with scopes outside of his eponymous news series included BamBamKaboosh and TheDeFrancoUpdate. ", "2014 May Be The Final Year Of 'The Philip DeFranco Show, "Philip DeFranco With Engadget At CES 2013", "Can Vice Build YouTube's First Huge News Channel? Charging Capsule. [15] DeFranco would begin to upload vlogs, before uploading the first PDS on June 21, 2007. DeFranco declined a request from Wired for an interview on the subject. [23], In August 2007, DeFranco conducted an experiment by uploading a video titled "Big Boobs and You". [106] In addition to the website and YouTube channel, the Rogue Rocket network also comprised a podcast named A Conversation With, in which DeFranco hosts and interviews a subject. [105], In the works since 2017, DeFranco finally launched Rogue Rocket, a news network with an accompanying website in April 2019. [13][98] In April 2018, DeFranco again expressed frustrations with the YouTube platform and detailed his progress on developing a network; he hired a six-person research and investigative team, curated hosts for short- and long-form content, and tested a morning podcast, among other things in preparation for the network's launch. Once in Florida, Phil used his USF student loan to purchase a computer and camera. [61][62] In February, DeFranco was a featured as a guest judge on the second season of Internet Icon. The rest of the video's content was DeFranco talking. [107], In 2020, YouTube tapped various YouTubers, with DeFranco amongst them, to interview Anthony Fauci, with the goal of bringing information related to the COVID-19 pandemic to younger audiences. [38][54], Later in the year, DeFranco hosted the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. [13] In 2007, Phil was living in Tampa, Florida, and later Atlanta, Georgia. [15][58][59] The Philip DeFranco Show and SourceFed were nominated for awards in the 3rd installment of the Streamy Awards. Welcome Phil Defranco. [18], In 2008, an episode of the PDS used footage of the 2008 Toronto propane explosion captured by then 24-year-old Saejin Oh without permission, a violation of YouTube's community guidelines. [29] On April 22, 2010, DeFranco had announced, in then the final episode, the conclusion of the show's run. Philip James DeFranco (born Philip James Franchini Jr.; born December 1, 1985), sometimes known online as PhillyD or sXePhil, is an American news commentator and YouTube personality.He is best known for The Philip DeFranco Show, a news commentary show centered on current events in politics and pop culture.. DeFranco has also been involved in the creation of other successful channels on … [22] He streamed on BlogTV twice a week and took a cut of the revenue which was up to $12 CPMs. As DeFranco became increasingly popular, he signed with Revision3, which would eventually acqu… [60], In September, it was reported that DeFranco received almost 30 million views a month,[55] while by October, his channel was noted to have accumulated 2 million subscribers. The Philip DeFranco Show has been sponsored by Netflix, Ting, and State Farm. Movement watches, they’re great and not super expensive, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, r/Defranco is a sub for fans of Phil. [101] Along with creators like Shane Dawson, DeFranco faced backlash for being among their most high-profile supporters. [8][9][10] He is of Italian descent. "[34], In 2008, he stated in an interview that his listed salary of $250,000 from a number of sources on the Internet, including and beyond YouTube, was initially a joke, but would become accurate.

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