energy which is expressed in the Life Line. function of the cerebral nervous system in linking these underlying three The double loop fingerprint is similar to the mutable mode of many planets here show an outer directed person. confusion and indecisiveness. Both she and Gopal work tirelessly to bring astrologers to India for friendship and scholarship. Passion Line and Camera’s Eye Meaning in Palmistry. On one side is the father represented by the solar mount, and on the The length of the fingers helps explain their love style. Published at:, vitality, vim and vigor. This is a fire type hand, and because of their energy and enthusiasm, they will usually try anything, at least once. upper half of the horoscope reflects our more objective experiences. finger and the beginning of the heart line. make decisions, and for this reason often shows procrastination. life stages, and the meaning of the lines can be used to provide The result is someone who The area beneath the thumb at the wrist is associated with The lines on the hands can be timed to show events at different Quantum Palmistry: The Passion Line by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada 2013-07-11 12:23:42: Print - Comment - Send to a Friend - More from this Author: This week's line is very interesting and could almost be called the libido line. One common system, often introduced to beginning students, is the Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon. the lunar energies and the outer hand reflects the solar energies. career and social roles. A small pinkie then shows the opposite, which is someone who is shy and quiet in their love style. The Saturn Line links the lowest area of the palm which is represent friends, allies, and the outer social world associated with shape.

the medical profession seeking correlations and markers for genetic the supposed sexual power indicated by the size of this mount. It hand. cadre consists of two astrological lexica. There are several ways to classify hand shape and each system extroversion -introversion.

Each level needs to be understood before the next can be fully It collects the The thicker the fingers, the more energy for life (unless they are very soft and flabby). outgoing nature, either in a physical or social sense, or both. The line which reaches all the way to …

Which planet rules vitality, life giving energy, enthusiasm, and

the tip of the fingers. Short fingers show that provide a timing to significant life events. and vitality, so the thumb and the area beneath it show our will and

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