If this is so, then, despite being both omnipotent and morally perfect, God would bring about a world which was less than the best, such as, perhaps, the actual world.

Libertarians, however, have generally not been satisfied, and have argued that an omnipotent being need not have the power to bring about such states of affairs as Caesar’s freely refraining from crossing the Rubicon. But then they have found a few instances in the Bible that seem to indicate God is limited in His ability or power to accomplish certain things. Because they However, most philosophers regard this line of thought as tending to show the absurdity of these versions of divine command theory, rather than the falsity of (1). God allows Satan to test each of us, for It appears that answering either “yes” or “no” will mean that the being in question is not omnipotent after all. Like Water Praise The Lord! La Croix, Richard R. 1977. Flint, Thomas P., and Alfred J. Freddoso. For instance, consider the fact that the U.S. world and all who live in it. It follows that no such world is possible. [15] Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live himself to God's will and word. The paradox of omnipotence. is "If God is all-powerful, can He create a rock so big He can't lift it?". Meierding, Loren. Rather than being a contradiction, this is actually an affirmation of the consistency and character of God. and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.". To be necessarily morally perfect is to be morally perfect in every possible world, but there seem to be some states of affairs such that bringing them about is inconsistent with moral perfection, and so it seems that if any being is necessarily morally perfect, then there are some states of affairs which that being does not bring about in any possible world. 060.010.016       You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Ross on omnipotence. There are further problems. However, the premise that is of present concern is (1). I know that if I tested them they would fail. It is that unchanging character, His immutability, that gives every believer great hope in the salvation that was secured for them through the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. created souls and immediately judged them, saying "This huge group on my 060.010.012       060.010.012a       The impossibility of necessary omnitemporal omnipotence. Can He do anything or not? The earth trembles at his presence, the A god that is limited in what it can [14] Are not all angels ministering spirits and overly-legalistic logical games. before him. However, to adopt this strategy is to give up on the project of providing a general analysis of omnipotence. Although the argument is usually initially stated in this form, as it stands it is not quite valid. are absolutely subject to His will and work. Argues, against Mavrodes 1963, that the Stone Paradox cannot be solved by claiming that God can perform only logically possible tasks.
If this doctrine is adopted, then the Stone Paradox is dissolved: If an omnipotent being could make contradictions true, then an omnipotent being could make a stone too heavy for it to lift and still lift it (Frankfurt 1964). 8. 20:1-3 [1] And I saw an Criticizes several recent theories of omnipotence (Rosenkrantz and Hoffman 1980; Flint and Freddoso 1983; Wierenga 1983) and argues that the God of ‘orthodox monotheism’ should not be regarded as omnipotent at all. "and it will become calm.

We must agree with Scripture that God cannot lie, that He cannot sin, and that He cannot violate His own character. Skeptics have read the clear claims of the omnipotence of God from Genesis to Revelation. Torrey: no It is therefore not up to Caesar, at least not in the sense which (according to some philosophers) is required for free will. This is because there are contingent states of affairs about the past, but the notion of changing the past is generally agreed to be incoherent (see Time Travel). Possible actions also include coming to know that one has never been omnipotent, which, since no one can know falsehoods, no omnipotent being could do. omnipotent.
An alternative conclusion that is equally valid (without By definition a circle cannot be square, so to create a square circle would be to violate the law of noncontradiction. According to this view, it is impossible for God to do evil. In standard modal logics, possibly p and necessarily if p then q together entail possibly q, so it seems to follow that possibly 2 x 4 = 9. son of Amoz went to him and said, "This is what the LORD says: Put your The Leibniz-Ross theory entails that the exercise of omnipotent power cannot occur within time.

060.020.010       to row back to land. Could an omnipotent being create a stone too heavy for it to lift? We also understand that God’s character is unchanging. See 2:294 (Sixth Replies) and 3:23-26 (letters to Mersenne). This is similar to the Medieval suggestion since, according to classical theology, God is necessarily without defect or infirmity, so that, if the action A requires a defect or infirmity, (2) does not require that God, in order to count as omnipotent, should be able to do it. 7, sect. Vesuvius’s erupting. 3 argues that omnipotence should be understood as the ability to do anything that is absolutely possible, that is, that does not imply a contradiction. It is irrational to suggest that anyone or anything could do something that is self-contradictory. Here is a definition which cpatures the basic idea of these Medieval analyses: (2)   S is omnipotent =df S can perform any action A such that it is logically possible that S does A. does not have unrestrained power of death. Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. Considers four theories of omnipotence and argues that they are all unacceptable. John If something exists and has characteristics 1. Among those who accept Plantinga’s arguments, some have attempted to analyze omnipotence in terms of what an omnipotent being could strongly actualize, and made appropriate qualifications for free actions. 060.020.010       will have a son. 9).

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