Tap an OMEGA Lab and pay the fee to craft Omega materials. Drag the Simoleons icon to the OMEGA Lab to start processing, and collect the OMEGA materials when they’re ready. Check out our OMEGA item storage Tips & Tricks video. Tap the OMEGA Research Center and deposit OMEGA materials to start processing. I've upgraded several residences and have 2 of 3 needed items to expand storage but I'm running out of space. Which, until they fix it, means that I cannot upgrade any more omega buildings because my storage is completely full of hoverboards and robot pets. When you use the OMEGA Research Center, you will receive a random OMEGA item. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Find them in the Drones Services menu. As soon as you unlock the NeoMall, we’ll give you a starting stash of NeoSimoleons for a shopping spree. Omega storage. And since it appears to be totally random what you receive from your research there needs to be a way to off load un-needed items. - last edited That's a good question. The new items are discarded, turned into neocash or what... 7 comments. Now what? I've upgraded several residences and have 2 of 3 needed items to expand storage but I'm running out of space. Find  OMEGA Storage in the Government - Services menu. The randomness of the process takes out any element of gameplay- you roll the die and hope to get what you need, if you don't your storage fills up and you're stuffed. Also, any Omega items purchased at NeoMall can be added to storage, regardless of limit. While SimCity BuildIt has city building and simulation elements to it, it is geared as a social experience more than anything else. It's just plain irritating to have 7 out of the 8 slots occupied by caps, life preservers & purses (and way over-priced too). There are ten different OMEGA items. As mentioned earlier, you are spotted a NeoBank that can hold 5,000 NeoSimoleons (as well as 5,000 NeoSimoleons), and an Omega storage that can hold 15 Omega items. Drones: Take care of crime, health and fire emergencies in your OMEGA homes by building Drones. You can produce OMEGA items in the OMEGA Research Center or purchase them from the NeoMall. While SimCity BuildIt has city building and simulation elements to it, it ... 3 years ago. I'm having this problem as well. Does anybody know what is Omega bank and storage max size? Use OMEGA items to build and upgrade these new homes. I've been up to+12 on my limit using this. Find them in the ControlNet Service menu. My storage is over booked and I can't get new items I actually need to expand. Any items purchased this way go directly into storage, regardless if full. No response from SCBI. Can't expand anything because I can't sell the worthless items. Find it in the Government - Services menu. Now why didn't I think of that? The maximum capacity of the city storage is 600.

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