But that doesn't seem relevant here. That's what I've heard. I can't speak for the NSA though. And I even managed to get an interview. they have no problem paying private contracting firms millions. It's definitely worth applying. The NSA job interview scene in Good Will Hunting is likely an homage to the original draft of the script. Long time lurker, first time poster. Additional requirements may vary, but its not uncommon to require certain certifications or accreditation (e.g. Pathways programs vary when they are posted (e.g. You'd be surprised how many contractors aren't earning much more than their poorly-paid fed employee counterparts. If he has "connections to them", he should know that their recruiters never see applications that the system filters out.

I asked help from my university to try to find something.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Senior Software Developer/Team Lead/Hiring Manger.
NSA Interview tips - NSA recruiter with interview requesting for interview. If someone knew the truth and answered, how long do you think it would be before they disappeared? I'd say that's pretty average for a software dev position straight out of college.

We'd like to bring you in to interview for our Contracting Specialist position. I know their coop requirements were "3.0 preferred", but that sounded optional. Trivia . The US State Dept. I know some project managers do an algorithmic interview, some do behavioral, some do a mix. The challenge is the background check, which is grueling and can take months. I have a 2.4 GPA. Sorry. I literally applied to TWO jobs on Craiglist, and got a call for phone interview 2 days after.
He said the producers wanted to make the story into more of a suspense thriller with more excitement so they tried to force them to change it that the NSA was trying to go after the main character. It would be highly ironic if an organization whose sole purpose is to break rules and limits holds their employees to a rigid, conforming standard.

If OP were applying cold, his application would never make it through. The interview ended up being the only leftover from that note. Most of the time these are hard requirements, you should always contact the point of contact for the position and inquire if you believe otherwise, but assume they are always required. Posted by 2 years ago. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm sure I'm making more money elsewhere. *Even though I did poorly in his classes, he has a great recommendation for me because I tried my best, and he was an adviser for my senior project. That's what I thought. And the system filters out apps that have a GPA under 3.0. Strange thing was, they weren't looking for Seniors or soon-to-be new grads, but Juniors/soon-to-be Seniors. Apparently there's a lot of post-interview stuff that takes nearly a year to do. You're technically right. Check the postings on usajobs.gov and they'll go into details. EDIT: I'll also add that I was very disappointed by their compensation package. Interview wise they can vary. Nah that’s CIA, NSA is just a bunch of awkward nerds like the rest of us. Good Will Hunting started as an assignment for a screenwriting class that Matt Damon was taking in college. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Apparently there's a lot of post-interview stuff that takes nearly a year to do. With that said, if you ever leave the DoD with a security clearance it's pretty easy to make buku bucks anywhere else. Make sure to say thank you after you apply regardless! A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. The biggest constraint is that the application requirements are usually pretty exacting. The NSA job interview scene in Good Will Hunting is likely an homage to the original draft of the script. If you are not a US citizen, you will not obtain a clearance.

The interview was consisted primarily of questions regarding my experiences, team working capabilities, and personal questions. I heard the opposite on a podcast with Kevin Smith (can't remember which one though). The e-QIP form is extensive, and takes about 6 hours to fill out completely. Close. Good Will Hunting started as an assignment for a screenwriting class that Matt Damon was taking in college. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. Full Stop, don't even try. Trivia. Lastly you may be required to obtain a security clearance. Because his professor knows a hiring manager, the hiring manager will tell the recruiter to pull /u/throwaway2442213 's application and process it.

Archived. In general the Gov. I interviewed at National Security Agency. I got Cs and Ds in all his courses*. I believe he has connections to them, hence why the suggestion.

I was supposed to have an interview with them but decided not to go because I already had an offer from another company with better pay. Received an email about a month later scheduling a phone interview. If a position says an active clearance is required, it is a hard requirement. 's -- one CS and one PoliSci.

Most bachelor's degrees fall into the GS-5 scale, but things such as honors, high GPA, or multiple degrees can get you into the GS-7 scale. I learned all of them from the 3 courses I mentioned above!

It was my first on-site interview and I wasn't as prepared with their behavioral questions as I should have been though. Is it even worth it to apply with a 2.4? This is usually the last step before you move and get to work. Tbh, I don't think it's terribly difficult to get noticed, as long as you have a STEM major and perhaps some relevant work experience. Press J to jump to the feed. A good opportunity for new grads are the Pathways programs, which are designed to get new grads into civil servant positions. Simillar to industry you should always prepare by doing a little bit of practice in everything. I'm curious whether anyone in this sub has had experience with the NSA (or similar) hiring process. Then they asked me to create a form to capture customer information and autocomplete address using Google Map Api and a npm package to validate credit card number. :D, They’d probably disappear right before someone making a joke about NSA disappearances on a subreddit does :0. Your grades will not only make you a good candidate, they may also be able to give you a higher pay grade in the government pay scale. While the clearance is being processed, you may occasionally be able to do non-classified work but since this is CS we're talking about, don't count on it. If he is willing to use his own personal connnections to try and get you a job at a place like the nsa he must see something in you that he believes is worth nurturing. I've applied for the CIA once (with a GPA nowhere close to a 4.0), managed to get as far as an onsite interview with them.

Are you applying to the Cooperational Education Program by chance? NASA required ABET certified CS programs for their software positions), nor is it uncommon to require a security clearance (more on that later). This makes you an official government employee and not a contractor.

Veteran's preference is meant to break ties in favor of highly qualified veterans, not give them a huge leg up. just had new postings a few days ago, NASA's Pathways will open in September) and are only open for a short time (2 weeks or 200 applicants, whichever is first, usually). You must posses that clearance before you apply.

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