Fortunatamente, il colore della spada vi indicherà il tipo di elemento utilizzato, riuscendo a prevedere le mosse in arrivo. 1Inosasao + 2Saoirse...Kato clan ...2 weakness talismans ...anima bonus on all soul cores for amrita absorption ,damage taken ,etc. For those who played Nioh 1, the game is alot of easier. You are more fearless than I thought... - Very well. In one attack, he will ram his sword on the ground and rush towards you, jumping and exploding near you. Tra i tasti rapidi equipaggiate le medicine erboristiche (una sorta di elisir aggiuntivi), talismani “bradipo”, talismani contro i danni elementali o talismani che vi donino un qualunque buff. I dont want to farm him for a week if it isnt on his list. There’s a new mission thats also a boss rush. Il contrattacco a tutti questi attacchi è bloccarli e schivarli tempizzando perfettamente i tuoi salti. Per questo motivo è preferibile non allontanarsi troppo e cercare di colpirlo alle spalle. They'll start flying fast in your direction, from left to right. If it hits you, it will cause a lot of damage. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Koei Tecmo or Team Ninja. Brute: In this form, Otakemaru won't feel any of your attacks (he cannot get stunned in any way). Nioh 2 Otakemaru is the final boss in the game’s main storyline. It's also worth mentioning that every time the land of Yokai is activated, then Tokichiro helps you in the battle with his guardian spirit, the jumping monkey. All you have to do is use Burst Counter and deal him a lot of damage from Ki. Con la spada infuocata, ad esempio, il boss può evocare fiamme dal terreno, lanciare fendenti infuocati o correre verso di voi e creare un’esplosione ad aria nel terreno. lostkiwi 1 week ago #1. Siamo finalmente arrivati alla resa dei conti: lo scontro contro Otakemaru, il final boss di Nioh 2. Brute: While he is the brute form he will be slow. You will face him during the “In the Eye of the Beholder” main mission. You will now have to fight a large Yokai wielding a one-handed sword. Try to stay at a medium distance and force him to use his burst attack. They can literally kill you with one blow, so it's important not to get hit by them. This special strike is fast. Nioh 2 Otakemaru is the final boss in the game’s main storyline. Once all his HP is depleted, he will explode and your mission will be completed. Wield me, and bring ruin to those who defy you! There has now been two DLCs, however with all the new soul cores added I … Nioh 2 Otakemaru is the final boss in the game’s main storyline. HOW I LONG TO MEET SUZUKA AGAIN. Otakemaru Soul Core is a Soul Core item in Nioh 2. He can use three type of swords: Fire, Water and Lightning. You can see the area of the explosion before it happens. Prova e cronometra perfettamente la schivata per sfuggire a questo attacco. Tokagemaru is one of the Sword Weapons in Nioh 2.The Tokagemaru, like all swords, has a good balance between offense and defense, and is a good choice if you aren't sure what sort of Enemies you will be facing. Its not about how many times you die, his skill sets are complex and has many different phases to deal with, so its not easy to remember all this in a fight. When he sticks his sword into the ground, he creates two water fields where you stand, one by one. Per schivare questo attacco, allontanati mentre sta per atterrare dal suo salto.

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