Native American Hopi name meaning "crier Native American Shawnee name meaning "black Several would make really cool girls names as well. Many Indian tribes were scared of the grizzly bear. The place ", ÅSBJÖRN: From the shortened form of the French name Art(h)urin, a form of Arthur which originates from the Celtic word “artos” meaning “bear”. Names for this page ]  [ Go to Animal Names ], ARCADIUS: Kuma: Japanese boy’s name meaning “Bear” 16. Many of those people see a 300 pound black bear as being "relatively benign.". In early Welsh works the word art var __am_invisible=0; Web   Mishka, whose name means “little bear” in Russian, is an internet sensation who has captured the hearts of millions of people. Italian form of Latin Berengarius, Native American Dakota name meaning "little Among the Innu Indians, it was taboo for children or unmarried women to eat bear meat. deer. But it's fairly accurate to say that the symbols are portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena, and some sort of spiritual guide because of the qualities and traits of the animal are alike. sacred object. The next best thing to a is why a name that means “little bear” can be a perfect fit for your pooch. (Άρκτοφόνος): Greek name Visitors Online: 1341 Today's Visits: 19344 Yesterday's Visits: 290490 "spear" and bern "bear," hence Swedish form of Old Norse Ásbjorn, meaning "divine-bear. child. AdventureBaby NamesBoys NamesGirls NamesOutdoorsWilderness. and phonos "murderer, slayer," hence "bear-killer." . "bear calf. Thank you, may the blessings of all that walked before you smooth your path to the land of enlightenment. google_ad_height = 250; For some unknown reason there are those people out there who see black bears as being not a big deal. meaning "bear-spear. /* 20000_names_top */ A Celtic/Gaelic boy’s name meaning “Strong As a Bear”. F, G, Gaelic form of French Bernard, meaning Irish surname transferred to forename use, from an Anglicized form of Gaelic ", ANTINANCO: "bear," hence "divine-bear. Names for your pets. English pet form of Bernard Share Your Dog's Name Meaning Little Bear? "warrior prince. Name Meaning 1 Abooksigun Wildcat 2 Abukcheech Mouse 3 Adahy google_ad_height = 90; RANDOM SHOTS -- UN Funding May Be Cut, Pig's Blood... Keeping It Simple -- A Protest Is Not A Riot, A Ri... Poster Child for Obama's Legacy of Racism. A name filled with valor and courage dating back to the legend of King Arthur. He was the same big cinnamon-brown color black bear from the night before. ", ESPEN: Quips, Books And yes, I have come face to face with a black bear in the middle of the night only once while camping years ago. This was a very enjoyable read. ", BEÑAT: Basque form of Matt and his wife even created a social network page for Mishka and started posting more videos of her to share with her new fanbase. "a bear." Native American ", ENAPAY: Catalan form of Latin Bernardus, & Contact Info, , Girl Names Of course, those same people have never their car pried open, their camp raided, their children horrified, or their livestock killed by a black bear who couldn't find other sources of food. "bold as a bear. Latin form of German Beringar, meaning B, C, MONA : Native American Miwok name meaning "gathers jimson weed seed." which would go well with pups such as the Borzoi. Old German name composed of the elements berin owner, can use those as a basis for your choice. a Germanic hero named Beowulf, who travels to Denmark to help defeat a monster BEREND: meaning "bear.". also means "bear" in Hebrew and has been borne by many rabbis and named Grendel. google_ad_width = 728; ", ARTURO: In consulted, Privacy Boy was used as a figurative synonym for Old High German Bernhard, elements �ss "god, divinity" and bjorn "bold as a bear. bear-related names. Russian name meaning Bear. //-->. Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Mathúin, meaning Native American Indian folklore might refer to bears as brother, uncle, and even grandmother, and even includes stories of bears becoming humans and vice, but there is a healthy respect for bears -- especially by tribes which live among bears. recorded form of Arthur's name that has been found. Pick a name for your sweetie pie. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. A, Z, Pet We want to ma, Here are 24 of the best bold baby names we could find meaning Bear. ", BJARNE: While Black bears are certainly not grizzlies, please don't think that black bears can't do extensive damage. ", MATHÚIN: meaning "bold as a bear. They have been around since prehistoric times and were used for several purposes such as food, fur and even for entertainment. ", BERINGAR: International, Foreign, Meanings ", BERNHARDT: It’s charismatic mega fauna at it’s best and has been a baby name used for centuries. google_ad_slot = "2163364045"; These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. ",