Henry Steel .30-30 Lever-Action Rifle $ 699 99. We told him of our dilemma and he rushed out .30-caliber brake with a 1/2 x 28″ mount so we could mount it on our Mossberg SPX. They sent us a perfect set of rings for use with the Mossberg 464 (for the record, these are the same as those found on the Winchester 94). No gas escapes and more important, you get no mechanical noise from the action. Mossberg. Today vs Yesterday Today this topic was steady compared to yesterday. Please note that all firearm purchases require valid US government issued ID and related firearm paperwork. We would not necessarily say that black stocks should be forbidden on lever action rifles. gifted over and over and over and………………. Lever-Action Rifle ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 449 99. 464 SPX - Centerfire Lever-Action Rifle #41026. I love it and would be proud to own it. SEE DETAILS. Henry. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. Join Treendly. so we did the next best thing and built it ourselves. They totally skipped the tang attachment used by Winchester, Marlin, Rossi and other assorted imitators and used a stock bolt system similar to what the company uses on its shotguns. As it is a closed action, it makes for quieter shooting. Mossberg. Henry .22 … The Mossberg® 464™ .30-30 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle features a precision machined receiver that provides the rifle with positive lockup, and the ejection port is positioned to ensure scope clearance of spent cartridges. Quick View . With any centerfire rifle that is not subsonic, you are going to hear that tell-tale supersonic crack. The style is that of traditional lever-action rifles popular since the 19th Century. Mossberg Patriot .350 Legend Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle $ 329 99. A more traditional looking buttstock in black would have suited us perfectly and we could have lived with the rails. General search term.Might be referring to: mossberg 464 spx.This year this topic peaked 14 times by more than 25%. Terms of Use | Boyd's stock replaced the tactical contraption Mossberg installed at the factory and the forend replaced the one we destroyed. Mossberg Patriot Predator .308 Win Bolt-Action Rifle ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 399 99. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. The rifle offers a Picatinny trirail fore-end and a polymer grip with a 6-position tactical stock. : MOSSB41026 Kategorien: Langwaffen, Unterhebelrepetierer, Mossberg Schlüsselwort: Mossberg Dieser Artikel ist … much better than we ever did with open sights on a 30-30 lever action, which may be changing the way we look at shooting from now on. List Price: $ 525.00. I know Marlin has a great reputation but I wasn't really impressed with the one I held at Academy Sports. Download High-Res Image » MSRP: $592.00. Keeping in tradition with Teddy's rifle, that meant our buttstock and forend would be made of walnut with a Claro finish. Seemed lime a pretty straightforward and perfect lil build. Mossberg® 464 SPX .30-30 Win. In the past, fitting a buttstock to a lever gun meant an awful lot of hand fitting and then more fitting. Needs to be bigger maybe?) Explore The World Of Lever Action Rifles. Fortunately, Boyd's stocks are more of a drop in finish and Mossberg really helped with their design in this regard. Privacy Policy | We have a decent collection of lever action rifles: antiques, curios and even a few commemorative rifles that serve as shooters. Mossberg 464 SPX. Mossberg has changed their foreend somewhat since. An age-old American classic, lever action rifles have been used by hunters for years and have seen many innovations during the evolution of this type of firearm.From the .22 lever action rifle to the 30-30 lever action rifle, this model firearm is available from trusted brands like Browning , Henry, Marlin , Winchester and Mossberg in a variety of styles. Lever-Action Rifle features a 16.25" barrel with a flash suppressor and a matte blued finish. Mike has written over 2000 articles for a number of magazines, websites and newsletters including Blade, RECOIL, OFF-GRID, Tactical Officer, SWAT, Tactical World, Gun Digest, Examiner.com and the US Concealed Carry Association as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports News. Besides the checkering on the stock (I dont think that checkering fits the stocks shape well. We thought Mossberg made some remarkable innovations with their lever rifles but simply felt that this particular design needed a little help. However, the rings would not work so we reached out to Warne Scope Mounts. The rings mount through the side instead of through the top, but once you realize how to position the tube correctly, installation becomes second nature. Quick View . Give it up guys, that rifle is like a Christmas fruit cake, they only made one, and it keeps getting The Mossberg® 464 SPX .30-30 Win. Lever-Action Rifle features a 16.25" barrel with a flash suppressor and a matte blued finish. mossberg 464 spx Track this trend (Monitor this trend over time) This year this topic peaked 14 times by more than 25%. Mossberg. Why do ya say that!? Granted, we could see the utility in the railed forend, the drilled and tapped receiver and especially the threaded barrel. Mossberg 930 Turkey Hunting Shotgun ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 499 99. Henry. Mossberg 590 Shockwave Nightstick 12 Gauge Pump-Action … Our Price: $ 392.99 Add to Cart for Special Price SHIPS FREE Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to … Compare prices and shop: Video: Buying a Gun Online » Share: SPECIFICATIONS: Caliber.30-30 WIN: Capacity: 6+1: Barrel Type: Threaded w/ Flash Suppressor: Barrel Length: 16.25" Sight/Base: Fiber Optic 3-dot: Twist: 1:10: LOP Type: Adjustable: LOP: 10.75" - 14.25" Barrel Finish: Matte Blued: Stock Finish: 6- Pos … U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- It was probably the ugliest rifle we had ever seen. Noise level was comparable to a suppressed mild 300 Blackout supersonic round. I just bought a 464spx this week, and have tried Boyd’s, but the buttstock they have now has a pistol grip, if their picture is correct. Mossberg 464 SPX .30-30 Win 16.25" barrel - $536.79 after code "WELCOME20" $536.79 . Mossberg® 464™ .30-30 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 399 99. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. We had asked Mossberg since they debuted the 464 SPX if they would offer it with a more traditional stock and they never really took us seriously. Lever-Action Rifle, © 2020 Academy Sports + Outdoors. Warne's mounting base is so low that you can still use your irons if the scope is not mounted and the Quick Detach rings allow you to remove the scope and reattach it with little to no shift in zero. It was the only thing we truly hated about the rifle and for years we would tell anyone at Mossberg we could make contact with how the rifle would be so much better with a conventional stock. My new spx has a foreend with rails on the front , but not the full length of it. SEE DETAILS. MOS 464 SPX 3030 16.25 W/FS Manufacturer Part Number 41026 Item Number G41026 UPC 015813410267 Barrel Length In Inches 16.25 Caliber .30-30 Winchester Checkering N Detachable Magazine N Hinged Floorplate N Magazine Capacity 6 Metal Finish Black-matte Newitem Yes Other Features: 6-position … This topic is peaking now!The last time it peaked, it began growing on October 04 2020 and has yet to reach its peak, increasing by 9% in the span of 7 days. The Mossberg® 464 SPX.30-30 Win. FREE SHIPPING ON $25+ WITH SIGN-IN. Mossberg built a .30-caliber rifle, but the barrel was threaded in 1/2 X 28″. Skip to content. However, we never tried one with a scope and as this was not a historically significant rifle, we thought we would change that by adding our trusty old Leupold 4-12X that was actually on the rifle we traded in for this one. Age and residency restrictions apply. A certain rifle caught our eye a few years back: the Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Action Rifle. Published on 2020-08-25 in the Tender, Friendly Rambos forum. We do not know if Mossberg truly makes a better lever action than Winchester used to make or if it was using the scope to actually see our target, but at 100 yards we were shooting 3/4″ to 1.2″ groups repeatedly. But I’m glad you did! i think its such a classic looking well done lever! Firearms purchased online are shipped to your local Academy Sports + Outdoors as selected in the checkout process. With the rifle bore-sighted we headed out to the range to see how well our carbine would perform. The mount is a thread over muzzle brake design, meaning that you install the muzzle brake on your barrel's threads and the brake offers a coarser threaded platform to allow you to run the suppressor on any rifle with a similar muzzle device. All Rights Reserved, 3-dot adjustable fiber-optic front and rear sights, Top-tang safety can be used for right- or left-handed shooters, Polymer grip with a 6-position tactical stock, Precision-machined receiver is drilled and tapped, 16.25" barrel with a flash suppressor and a matte blue finish. Mossberg® 464™.30-30 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle | Academy All firearm purchases require valid U.S. government issued ID and related firearm paperwork. Description Images (11) Changelog License This mod adds 464 SPX as standalone lever-action rifle. We turned to Boyd's Gun Stocks for a matching set. with allowing an easy “return to zero” reducing a shift in point of impact when you reattach the suppressor. The Ghost Wind features a fully welded core of high-performance baffles pressed into the tube and sealed by welding. Mossberg. Nope. We could not get past the hideous buttstock, though. This topic is peaking now! You should be proud of the fine weapon you altered to perfection! With Boyd's Walnut furniture installed we were on track to making the SPX look like a real lever action carbine! This bolt comes out via an internal 1/4″ hex nut, meaning little to no fitting is required. Rather than go laminate or “Zombie Pattern” we took a tip from the history books and decided to go with the look and feel of one of Teddy Roosevelt's rifles: a Winchester 94 half-magazine rifle he kept at Sagamore Hill with a Maxim Silencer affixed to the barrel. The style is that of traditional lever-action rifles popular since the 19th Century. The factory flash hider came off with no trouble until we found out that none of our direct thread suppressors or 308 or 338 mounts would fit. Precision-machined receiver is drilled and tapped. Our deconstructed tactical rifle is now a practical hunting and shooting-iron rifle; with the help of a world-class stock maker, cutting-edge scope mount manufacturer and a true genius in the NFA world. Mossberg offers a wide range of bolt-action, semi-automatic, and lever-action rifles for both hunters and tactical shooters. Lever-Action Rifle ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 449 99. Shotguns by Mossberg > Firearms by Mossberg > Mossberg > M - R Brands > Brands © Copyright 2020O.F. This construction method makes for a stronger and lighter unit. Mossberg® 464 SPX .30-30 Win. RE:My lever action defensive rife or "Cowboy assault rifle" if you will... RE:General Question Thread: hoovering shneef off the knowledge box, mossberg 464 spx .30-30 win. We came to find out that this is not uncommon for hunting rifles, unfortunately, very few manufacturers offer .30 caliber mounts in 1/2 x 28, and for good reason as you do not want someone to accidentally install a 5.56 silencer on your .30 caliber rifle! List price was $525.00 our price $392.99 0 at this price. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-It was probably the ugliest rifle we had ever seen. Still, taking it to the range was like taking your sister to the prom. Ships to Store. 3-dot adjustable fiber-optic front and rear sights. Great job guys. We run these rings on a few of our other rifles so this wasn't our first rodeo. Gun Deals: MFT 30 Round 5.56 NATO Polymer AR15 Magazines $9.99 Each, Gun Deals: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24mm Rifle Scope w/ Mount $394.99 FREE S&H CODE, Gun Deals: LSI Citadel Boss-25 AR-12 Gauge, Semi-automatic, Shotgun $474.99 FREE S&H, Pre-Order: 50 Round Boxes Winchester 9mm Luger 124grain, FMJ Ammunition $17.99, CMMG Bravo 22 LR AR Conversion Kit – The First Kit That Doesn’t Suck ~VIDEO, What “Unsigning” the Arms Trade Treaty Means for American Gun Owners ~ VIDEO, Daily Gun Deal: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 SportRifle .22LR Magpul MBUS sights $449.99, The “Other” Model ’94 Lever Action Rifle: Marlin 94 Rifle, Second Amendment Makes Clear: Americans Are Not Subservient To Government – Part Two, Arkansas Passes Significant NFA Gun Law Reforms in 2019.

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