This last statement may seem like a pretty strong allegation to make about something that occurred in 1970, but to have some perspective, even clownfishes hadn't been successfully spawned and reared by that point in time! The brackish water offerings at most aquarium shops, if they even bother to carry brackish fish at all, are often relegated to a single tank. Throw them in saltwater; problem solved. These days, with much effort, we now have a steady supply of captive-bred, Florida-bred Mono Sebae. Foster noted that while M. sebae can be spawned and reared in a 100% marine environment over its entire life cycle, it performs better when being grown out during the juvenile phase as a freshwater fish. The Tropical Aquaculture Lab (TAL) at the University of Florida had been pursing the project of breeding M. sebae for some time. It is not unheard of to read about M. sebae reaching a foot (12″) or more in height. Earlier this year I spoke with Foster to get the back story on this accomplishment. Dustin’s knowledge with fragile freshwater fry is what helped,” shared Foster. Parasites be damned…if your marine-acclimated Mono Sebae have something like Crytocaryon or Amyloodinium, throw them in freshwater and leave them there. Large scale farm customers were concerned about the loss of Angelfish as an offering, and a request went out for an alternative. The limited options for livestock certainly add another reason for novice aquarists to skip the brackish water aquarium department. Obviously, not all brackish species are compatible, so even when we exhaust all possibilities to find candidate species, aquarists are still quite limited within the subset of species as they start choosing. When we also consider that many brackish fish have life cycles that emulate many marine fish species, and may require a range of salinity from spawning to hatch to grow out and maturity, it’s not surprising that the complexity would prevent a more straightforward approach that most freshwater fishes require. Thanks for the great article on Monos. So ultimately Mono Sebae spawned at FishEye go to Oak Ridge for grow out in a freshwater environment and eventual sale. Item# BRACKISH-MONO-SEBAE-T-R-2-INCH. Thinking of brackish water fishes conjures only a handful of occasionally-available fish species including some of the various Puffers, Gobies, Scats and Monos. $42.22. 3 or less). We dusted off the idea 7 years later.”. Keep Monodactylus sebae only in salt or brackish water, since freshwater does not agree with the fish over long term. The prolarva of Monodactylus sebae, 12 hours post hatch. Friday Photospread: Apistogramma Mystery, Solved. The females release the eggs and the males presumably fertilize the newly released eggs. If I have Sebae Monos purchased in 2013 would they likely be tank bred and capable of fash acclimation from brackish to fresh water? Yes, I would return it also because you do not have the correct set up for them. It wound up being that the late larval / early juvenile phase was the biggest hurdle to overcome for the consistent rearing of this species. Brackish Mono Sebae T/R-1.5" Monodactylus sebae.

Home | Freshwater Semi Aggressive | Brackish Mono Sebae T/R-2.5" Monodactylus sebae. $40.17. Dark, stressed-out single juveniles in a holding tank aren’t inviting; and I say this having seen them exactly in this fashion several times at multiple aquarium shops. Scientific name: Monodactylus sebae Synonyms: Psettias sebae, Psettus sebae Common name: Seba Mono, African moony, African fingerfish Group: Brackish fishes Habitat: West Africa, Canary Islands and Senegal to Angola Size: 25 cm, but usually smaller in aquarium.
This last statement may seem like a pretty strong allegation to make about something that occurred in 1970, but to have some perspective, even clownfishes hadn’t been successfully spawned and reared by that point in time! So what does Mono Sebae have going for it? The Datnoid Guy .circa 2001.
Archers are found in what we call the Back Mangroves.

As Foster explains it, pursuit of M. sebae as a Florida fish farm species started years ago when freshwater Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare, were suffering massive losses from an iridovirus. FishEye Aquaculture had already seen success as a marine aquaculture facility working in conjunction with Rising Tide Conservation and TAL to rear numerous pelagic spawning marine fish species, most notably French Grunts (Haemulon flavolineatum) and Porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus), in commercial volumes. The eggs are very small, and the number of the eggs can be 10000. In truth, Mono Sebae might actually now be quite a versatile fish! Monodactylus sebae, often simply shorthanded Mono Sebae as a common name (and also known as the African Moony), is the less-commonly available of the two popular Mono species (if we can actually call any brackish-water fish “popular”). In my own recent memory, I recall the folks at the Long Island Aquarium cursing that they had reared M. argenteus yet again, when they had been hoping to rear things like Anthias and Angelfishes by harvesting eggs from the 20,000 gallon reef aquarium there. I'm pretty sure Bob Allen was the first to spawn these years ago. This isn’t the only example put together by the Senske Brothers; all I’ll say is that well-aqauscaped boulders with Monos and Scats in a big tank is visually striking. As a result, brackish aquariums aren’t commonly the target of our collective aquarium keeping efforts. It’s therefore not surprising that brackish fishes aren’t generally the target of breeding efforts either. The free floating eggs hatch as prolarvae (no eyes, no gut, no mouth, no gills), and spend time adrift as planktonic larvae. Availability: AVAILABLE ... Semi Aggressive Care Intermediate Water Brackish Food Wide variety of foods Size 5 inches Origin Captive bred Tank Size

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