Cops: That's kinda cool. If anyone can help me find one, I would greatly appreciate it! Although it could have been more, we're not really sure. The set that is remembered the most out of this event is Metallica’s. It is truly beautiful how music was able to do this in a country where many restrictions on media did not allow this. It was beautiful how music could find their way to do this in such a country where many limitations on media did not support this kind of event. Groups of friends would basically stay together by agreeing in advance on places to meet up if they got separated. About 53 people died during the concert. In 1991 , the combination of Metallica, AC/DC , The Black Crowes and many more attracted 1.6 million rockers to Moscow. I can’t imagine how crazy the concert was. There was something like 11 deaths and 200 rapes at that concert. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What kind of gigs do you play?
I could barely breathe. See the article in its original context from. Monsters of Rock was an annual hard rock and heavy metal music festival held in Castle Donington, England from 1980 to 1996, taking place every year except 1989 and 1993.It later branched into other locations such as the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United States and the Soviet Union. Source Google/Reddit.

One thing some younger readers will want to remember is that in 1991 you were in that crowd without a cell phone.

But people who think the autotune rap (world) is the best music industry, can go take a walk and rethink life. Rock and metal are slowly dying because of this generation. These three music titans, Metallica, AC/DC, and Pantera, are all well known throughout the world. The legacy of the show is still known today. In some Music videos you can see them beating the shit out of people. Although many people have their differences there is one thing that can defiantly bring people together, this being music. When it came to selecting the bands to perform, it was difficult to choose which bands would go.
In December of 1991, a few months after the show had happened, the official dissolution of the Soviet Union took place.6 Many of the many restrictions on western media and music were gone and more events like the Monsters of Rock show were able to take place in the country.

Wonder if she made it or crapped in her pantskys, I do not envy the people handling security that day. I think that It was an incredible idea. Andrei Orlov, a music critic and writer, said the decision to let AC/DC play in Moscow reflects not only the liberalizing effect that President Mikhail S. Gorbachev has had on most aspects of life here but also a long overdue recognition of popular reality. Footage from the biggest concert and the biggest crowd ever seen at any music festival. It is estimated somewhere around 1.5 million were in attendance. Matt Wilkinson, “Plaque in Honour of Monsters Of Rock Co-founder Presented at Download.” NME, June 14, 2010, .

Moscow, Tushino Airfield - August, 1991 AC/DC Metallica The Black Crowes EST Pantera.

Until a few years ago, AC/DC and its music were formally banned in the Soviet Union. You boys have a good one. Picture of the crowd at Metallica's 1991 concert in Moscow. An absolute mayhem, this concert was headlined by professors of Heavy Metal like Pantera, METALLICA, AC/DC and other bands … It is truly amazing to see how music can bring people together. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. Yes, this all happened in the fall of 1991, the very same year that the Iron Curtain fell. September 1991 was a big month in Russia. "Look at the graffiti in the city," Mr. Orlov said. It is beautiful to see just how music can pull people from all over the world together in harmony, truly an amazing sight. With that, members of Pantera, one of four Western heavy-metal bands appearing at what was described as the first free outdoor Western rock concert in Soviet history, lurched into their ear-splitting hit "Primal Concrete Slave" while the audience of teen-agers, bikers in black leather and other fans jammed their fists in the air and swayed jerkily with the heavy bass beat. Not even rock en metal, every good song will never be seen as a masterpiece because of this generation. Jean Michel Jarre always comes to mind when I see these pics, he's the master of large concerts and he has held the world record 4 times for largest concert (he is the current holder with 3.5 million people in Moscow). a concert with over 1.5 million people will never happen again, and I missed it for god sake. I like to see concerts on Youtube, for example, I have seen some Metallica concerts in Youtube. There were some scattered arrests, as ranks of police officers wearing helmets and wielding truncheons chased after troublemakers and drunken youth, who appeared to be well represented among the crowd. More than 1,000 militiamen were on guard around the stage, and more were hidden in trucks parked farther away. The event was, in fact, cancelled in 2009 in Bochum due to the inability to host so many spectators, and this year’s Love Parade in Duisberg is said to have had 1.4 million in attendance… Équinoxe is a favorite of mine. Crowd Estimated at 150,000. Thankfully I waved my hands at a security guy and he got me out.

Lets talk about the concert now, Its crazy how many people can come enjoy music while there country is falling apart.

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