Yes, you're right, you could say the same of a beautiful face, I guess. Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head. Excellent thoughts... so it appears the head covering (which was not instituted by Paul or Jesus. If we wonder why some make a "big deal" out of the head-covering, this statement suggests that we can put God's commandments in a priority list. Several years ago, I decided to learn exactly what the Bible said about the head covering. Is the head to be covered or the hair? Probably this is sometime during the late preteen years. God's love is not a feeling.

On the one hand stress is laid on leaving hair long, natural, etc. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I feel that it is best to begin to wear the covering when a girl can understand the woman's place of submission. a square of cloth, at least 1m on each side.

Blessings to you, too! What is immodest about a woman's hair? I'm not just thinking about the covering. I would merely tolerate it as a quaint practice based on a quirky interpretation of Scripture. 2 – Fold the ponytail in half 2-4 times, or however many it takes to get a bundle about the size of a fist. But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. I tend to believe that the teaching of I Corinthians 11 teaches a covering for the head, as opposed to the hair. Pin it at the crown, sliding the pins back into the lower hair, and at the sides, using the smaller hairpins. Thank you for taking the time to write this posting. I figured it was simply some type of quaint costume. There are some references to Greek words in this study, but I will avoid being too technical and to make things as clear as possible. Instead of straw hats for going out in public, many of the ladies use a black bonnet (see picture below). A question for you: Do you think that Paul when he was "being a Jew to reach the Jews" would've continued to cover his head while in the synagogue as was the Jewish custom? The rest of this paper details my findings. Delmar, yes, I agree there are so many passages in the Bible concerning the fatherless, the widows, what we're supposed to do with our resources, etc. I'm thankful that those details do not qualify as "doctrine" per se, and we can still enjoy fellowship and learn from others in the family of Christ who have not come to the same conclusions in these areas. God said these will knock on his door and he will tell them to go away. I guess it's one of those issues where each person works out his own salvation with fear and trembling. It doesn't make sense to me, but perhaps its just a tradition from the Amish that we don't think much of it? The lace head coverings are beautiful! I wholeheartedly agree that the Devil seems to be a master at side-tracking God's people into majoring on minors. Agape is a commitment, not a feeling. Just wash it with everything else – unless you’ve used a difficult material, in which case, use your own discretion. I draw the analogy to baptism because both practices are outward signs of something deeper. I also want to say that there are many vibrant Christians who do not wear the covering, and God is blessing their lives and ministries. 5 – Cover the plaits with a hairnet, bringing it up to reach the part. Thanks for the comment! The covering is a black kerchief which covers the whole head and ears and is tied under the chin instead of behind the head like the Old Colony. Plait a further 6-8 inches or so and leave the tails free. Delmar Stoltzfoos. For some groups, different covering styles or colors were used to signify the availability of a woman for marriage (as old order Amish and some more conservative groups still do).

Just curious to hear your opinion on that. My biggest concern in our "Anabaptist culture" is that we are taking one chapter out of the Bible and making it such a big deal. God bless! Blessing to you Brother Eicher. Cross them just behind the crown and fold so that the ends run between the plaits. that we can so easily neglect as we try to dig into the minute details of Christian practice in our Anabaptist circles.

I’ve seen Orthodox women wearing it at church, as well. Thanks all for those words of wisdom. How to wear the Covering. Anyway, I personally use a veil as an application of what I understand from the passage. What you need: 6-8 hairpins, one hair-tie, and one hair-net, Optional extras: 2 clips or barettes, or bobbie pins. Pardon my ignorance, but I am a little at a loss as to the stress on the covering as modesty. Several years ago, I decided to learn exactly what the Bible said about the head covering. The reason modesty often enters into this discussion is because the covering is seen by many as a way of preserving the woman's glory for her husband. I do not think it is an outward sign of something deeper, nor do I think Baptism is. I probably did come across that in my studies, but with no experience in Greek didn't know how much weight to put on it. I believe that its primary purpose is headship, but that it has a secondary purpose of modesty. Delmar, In this blog are some of my thoughts regarding the Anabaptist church. At first glance, the women on both sides of this heavenly fence seem to be nearly identical in every way – but this is not true. I'm thinking of things like nonresistance, and non-involvement in government affairs, as well as ideas such as eternal security. I don’t think I have ever seen any as lovely as the one you made. I’m researching Mennonite prayer coverings for a book I’m writing. Others, such as the Mennonites, wear a semi-transparent covering, and consider that modest enough. Some Mennonite women began to view their head coverings as a banner of their religiosity and a symbol of status.15 Many groups began to employ the wearing of head coverings to signify other things as well.

2 – Part the remaining hair down the back. I guess all that I can say is that God has to sort it all out in the end, and we have to just obey Him the best that we know how. In other words, some type of hat, shawl, veil, or other headgear. Where do we draw the line when it comes to Biblical commands that aren't practical and/or could be damaging to our health? You can see a photo essay from a young Amish girl in Michigan showing how to make this bun at Amish Workshops, or you can watch this tutorial from a sister on YouTube: What you need: hairnet, 2 large hairpins and 5 small hairpins. If a woman's hair is immodest, what then about her face? Some put them on when they start school. Maybe your new to head coverings and you are confused by all the styles available.

You don't know what a "tichel" is or you are wondering which style is appropriate for a Christian woman to wear. But then I read the writings of the early Christians. I'm a Mennonite teacher who enjoys writing. I don't strongly object. I am honestly perplexed.

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