Unfortunately, we do not have an ETR . What was once a luxury is now an essential. @SuzSho1 Thanks for getting me through the end of the Twins game, Mediacom...that's all that matters. Is mediacom down for anyone else? Getting a tech out in a week or so is not acceptable when there is a problem on the line. @MediacomCable Status update for zip code 32583? BUT there’s a mediacom outage in my area. Modem is supposedly visible on the network. Two of my immediate neighbors have had the same problem and had service calls too. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. @MediacomSupport Another #Mediacom #outage in 65109? @Mediacom you really should be ashamed of yourself. Long and busy weekend Share them here. Seriously?? Maintenance should be done within 48 hours. We are in contact with Mediacom and will update you as we get information. It’s been 7-10 days where’s my internet @MediacomSupport @MediacomCable @MediaComUS @mediacom. @insurrectus_ Mediacom Internet Problems are occurring tonight. My provider (MediaCom) is having DNS issues it appears and I remembered CL having them earlier in the week or last week and I made a comment in general about it. @MediacomCable We have been without internet and TV for 8 hours. :(, @_OWON5_ Time to get back to grinding content this week 'We know about it and are working on it' is about all we get. Considerable Internet #outage ongoing: #Mediacom in #Delaware since 12:30 PM for one hour, impacting #OceanView #Selbyv…, @bigtimster @MediacomSupport please stop the Phishing emails from people pretending to be “ Mediacom Support”. @KingPaigey @kieplzzzz Shoooo might as well! It serves primarily in the Midwest and Southern United States (22 states total). The affected areas haven’t changed in days. @TehPiGuy Do something about this @realDonaldTrump. It's ridiculous and unacceptable. @SportsiCohn Mediacom. @iambored2001 I've had power since few hours after it passed over us. Mediacom has been over no less than 5 times to fix the internet. @JanDietsche1 All horror stories aside, we switched from DSL few years ago. Getting a tech out in a week or so is not acceptable when there is a problem on the line. @iTomHarness @SIUC Campus IT is working with Mediacom to trace the problem. Effective Date: Oct 21, 2020. What was once a luxury is now an essential. @gazettedotcom I expect the number is actually higher. @NStewCBS2 @MediacomSupport I have 1 option in Mediacom cable. Shoutout to mediacom for finally coming to fix our internet after the #deraucho then having the audacity to say we have to pay them for that time period of no service. I got something called Mediacom that is the only provider for my area ? Our offering includes high-quality personal protective equipment that provides workers with reliable protection without compromising the freedom of movement or manual dexterity required for even high-precision tasks. << Back to Outage Page. Thanks mediacom , @CandyCornMJ Mediacom Finna Give Me A Refund Or Some. @_woebetide_ I pray no one else falls into the trap I did. Happy Streaming! Up to Mediacom now to fix my issues. No service since the Derecho hit Cedar Rapids IA 4 WEEKS AGO!! was told when we paid a bunch more money to up our speeds, we would have no trouble streaming on our TV. Hopefully soon they can be solved.

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