My teacher did provide some examples but I am on holidays right now and they're at school so I have no way to access them and I want to finish the IA before school goes back. Math and football: determining whether the results of a game are influenced by sacking the manager. There will be instances when you won’t be able to due to multiple assignments or will find yourself stuck while writing, at such times, it is best to get help with your Math IB IA paper. Mersenne prime: primes which are written as 2n-1. Here’s How You Can Ace Writing Your Math Internal Assessment, 20 Math Internal Assessment Topic Ideas for SL Students, How to Create an Essay Title: 7 Best Practices, 9 Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay (+ 10 Topic Ideas), Checklist: What to Pack for College Freshman Year, How to Make an Essay Longer Than It Really Is: 9 Hacks that Work, Clearly highlight the objective and significance of the topic, Briefly mention the area of mathematics that will be explored. Whilst I won't be able to share with you the actual document for private reasons, I hope what I say next helps you a little. Please use the subsections Works Cited, Image Sources, and This received full marks (20/20) from my teacher, who also remarked it was "without a doubt a "7" if marked by IB". So ex I tried using regression lines but it didnt work out so i used ... That's interesting, I thought that you had to insert a relatively good difficulty of maths to get a good mark, so that's nice! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Picking an IA topic Assignment – You can find ideas for picking a topic by going to the IB Website above and clicking on the link that says Planning. It was awarded 16/20. Regression notes that are useful for the BMI maths portfolio, dealing with how to use the calculator, BMI data required for the BMI maths portfolio, Share files and get VIP access (with access to all our 3000+ files). ( Log Out /  This was the Math SL IA for 2010-2011. It is a written work that requires students to investigate an area of mathematics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but apart from standard deviation, binomial distribution and regression, the only ones off the top of my head are mean, median mode, range, but I don't think those ones are complex enough to get a high score. French Math IA Example on Cryptocurrency. I could perhaps go on about general tips and tricks on how to write a good IA, but I'm not sure how much that's going to help you to actually get 100%. That's why we never really knew our IA marks since our school wanted to avoid possible disappointments. Picking an IA topic Assignment – You can find ideas for picking a topic by going to the IB Website above and clicking on the link that says Planning. As per the International Baccalaureate Organization , this assignment “encourages students to take a considered approach to various mathematical activities and to explore different mathematical ideas.” Modelling Zombies: Investigating how zombies survive. We at Writers Per Hour can help you deliver a professionally written and well-articulated math IA paper as per IB standards within your stipulated deadline. Well brace yourself because it is considered to be one of the toughest subjects in the curriculum. Have you tried asking your teacher for some samples? Body/Mathematical Exploration/Mathematical Processes. I personally believe that the real trick with internal assessment is to know your teacher well. Analyze the findings and form conjectures, Summarize the findings and relate it to the objective of exploration, Make real life connections and possible extensions in relation to personal experience, Reflect on what you have gained from this exploration. How much maths would you say was in your IA when writing about that regression line then? This is the flow you can adhere to while writing your math IA. You pretty much have to solve the Riemann Hypothesis or smthn to get full marks, it's insane. This is the unofficial subreddit for all things concerning the International Baccalaureate, an academic credential accorded to secondary students from around the world after two vigorous years of study, culminating in challenging exams. 5. I have a 19/20 IA if you're interested, pm me :). Posted by 2 years ago. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. it is an internal assessment about food energy - to find which type of cereal (Sweet Or Savoury) contains the most energy in kilocalories. This is why I don't believe in online exemplars, but it's a different story if the exemplar has been provided by the teachers themselves. 16 … It was awarded a 7. This is never a good idea and only results in a waste of time. The same applies to your math IA. I got 17/20, prolly not what you’re looking for but we got quite a few samples of 7s when we were writing ours. Along the way, the teacher clarified on their own interpretation of certain vague points. Plotting planetary patterns: using log graphs to plot the patterns of planets. I decided to find out what it means for a medical test to be “97% accurate” or “99% accurate”. Example IAs graded based on current guidelines: IB Example 1 - New IA IB Example 2 - New IA IB Example 3 - New IA IB Example 4 - New IA IB Example 5 - New IA IB Example 6 - New IA IB Example 7 - New IA IB Example 8 - New IA… * That the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes only. Many students make the mistake of complicating matters by using complex mathematical concepts that are out of syllabus. W-L IA Sample 2  Virus Mortality   This paper earned a 10 from IB. Hey guys, would any of you be able to share with me your SL maths IA if you achieved a grade of 7 or at least have any tips for doing well as my final is due soon? Are you an IB student taking Mathematics Standard Level (SL)? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Alumni [43] | HL: Bio, Chem, Psych | SL: EngL&L, French B, Maths, Year 1 | HL: Business, Bio, EngLangA & Chem| SL: Maths, & French. The intro research assignment is due by 11:59 on Wednesday April 5th. Depending on how well your teacher marks, your score may get moderated up or down after sampling review by official IBO examiners (the school must send randomly selected IAs of different score ranges in your class and get them verified). Yes, we understand this can all be very overwhelming. Here are 4 key tips to help you write an impressive math IA. Share results using graphs, lists, tables, diagrams, etc. 3. It was awarded 19/20. Hey guys, would any of you be able to share with me your SL maths IA if you achieved a grade of 7 or at least have any tips for doing well as my final is due soon? Title: Using statistics, GDP per capita, income to know the affordability of immigration of Iranians IB MATHEMATICS SL IA Cookies help us deliver our Services. Correlation: investigating whether mathematics ability is influenced by finger length. That would actually be an accurate reflection of your teacher's "criteria" so I would suggest for you to ask directly (but very nicely!) Perfect numbers: the reasons behind a number being a perfect number. It was awarded 17/20. Why is this topic of interest to you? This math portfolio is on continued fractions. However, the teachers will appreciate if you show that you were attentive to what they said, and if you demonstrate that you've tried your best - you should do well. List Examples of IA: File Size: 111 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. 10. ( Log Out /  I received a 20/20 for my SL Maths IA. It should be a topic that excites you and no, this does not just mean mathematical topics such as algebra or statistics, it can also be related to basketball or any other field that can be explained using mathematical techniques. View Math_IA_sample1.pdf from MATH ENG 111 at ESSEC. So, when you are brainstorming topics, select one wherein you can put your mathematical skills to use to pose a solution. This type I math portfolio is on infinite surds. Type II: Modeling the Amount of a Drug in the Bloodstream, 2017 - Forms and Cover Sheets - English.pdf, 2017 - Forms and Cover Sheets - French.pdf, 2017 - Forms and Cover Sheets - Spanish.pdf. Change ), Available after school until 4 pm in room 703, Polar Diagrams Florence Nightingale – Graded. The harmonic series: investigations of the relationship between fractions and music. It was awarded 18/20. There's this notion that regression lines are studies level most of my class ended up doing staistics. It was awarded 18/20. Archived. Designing a parachute: physics behind the designing of a parachute. :), got 12/20 moderated to 16/20 and I was a happy camper lmao. 6. By the end of it, you will be surprised to know how you would have broadened your horizons in this subject area. It is Population trends in China. Non-Euclidean geometries: Angles in a triangle do not add up to 180 degrees. Also you can come in and look at the HL math textbook that has a section on the IA and includes a list of 200 possible topics – many of which would also be appropriate for an SL math student. This subreddit encourages questions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among IB students, alumni, and teachers. Medical Test Accuracy and Statistics IB Mathematics SL . Also you can come in and look at the HL math textbook that has a section on the IA and includes a list of 200 possible topics – many of which would also be appropriate for an SL math student. Hey! 18. or obtain one from your school's alumni or previous students. How well you structure your writing is what makes up the ‘Communication’ and ‘Mathematical Presentation’ criteria so work on a logical structure before you get down to drafting. This policy provides equal access to courses and programs, counseling services, physical education and athletics, vocational education, instructional materials and extra-curricular activities. Area optimization: optimization of areas of various polygons. W-L IA Sample 1  Scuba Diving   This paper earned a 17 from IB. ( Log Out /  Given the stimulus word, Health, I started thinking of the ways one can use probability (my favorite branch of Mathematics) in looking at medical topics. Thanks heaps! - To appreciate the moral, social, and ethical implications of Mathematics - To appreciate the international dimensions & universality of Mathematics - Appreciate the contribution of Mathematics to other disciples Specifics: • 6-12 pages • All sources must be cited in a bibliography. Research Report - Specimen Paper A . 16. This subreddit encourages questions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among IB students, alumni, and teachers. Advice on IAs are difficult since the marking can vary depending on the teacher, and hence quite subjective. 15. Magic squares and cubes: the reason behind the working of magic squares. Hey I did my IA on regression line last year documenting global capacity and population. Pascal’s triangle patterns: Fibonacci sequence. 17. Topics include Algebra and Number (proof), Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Physics, and links with other subjects. As such, I made sure to take note of EVERYTHING (and I literally mean everything) of what the teacher said said a 20/20 should have. This type II math portfolio is about modeling stopping distances.

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