A good scope calls for a good scope mount, and the 3/8” dovetail on a Marlin 795 is something of a shortcoming. I have a Papoose and it has never jammed. He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. For the rest of us though, it is quite nice, and there are a number of great accessories for it to boot. Required fields are marked *, Marlin 795 with Tech Sights TSM200 Quick Review. A very nice "travel" or camping gun. After four years and what seems like a million rounds it started to jam, so I sent it to Marlin and they fixed and returned it all fee of cost and its worked great since. It is an unfortunate fact that if you have a Marlin 795, the gun parts world is not exactly beating down your door to offer you all sorts of wonderful gun specific upgrades. I've shot a papoose a number of times, although never owned one. If you are a TFL member and can access TFL, please do not use this link; instead, use the forums (like Questions, Suggestions, and Tech Support) or PM an appropriate mod or admin. I firmly believe that the latter is the case instead of the former, and one can revel in that point of view. Price as of 10/24/2020 09:38 PDT. You can fit several in a shirt pocket. The little Papoose functioned flawlessly. This fine adapter provides a secure one piece base that clamps firmly to your rifle’s dovetail, and then allows the use of most any scope with a 1” tube. Designed to mimic traditional M-16/AR-15 style sights, this are the easiest, no gunsmithing required way to add precision iron sights to your rifle without breaking the bank. My Papoose is a nice rifle. It is designed as a hiker and camper utility rifle, and appeals to the same market as the AR-7. To the point where I put them on as many of my rifles as I can. Disassembly requires loosening a barrel retention nut by hand or with a supplied tool. There *are* some hicap mags out there for it, but the standard size mags are very handy. This stainless steel, semi-auto tack driver packs down compactly in its case, making it the perfect companion for any activity where space is at a premium. Below we list the 4 best Marlin 795 accessories on the market. If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" (the mod for that portion of TFL) via Private Message for assistance. As I already mentioned, the Marlin 795 is a tough one to really accessorize because it is truly a fantastic rifle right out of the box. If you do all of the modifications that you propose you might as well get the standard Model 70 from Marlin (the non-takedown version). In six years of use I have never noticed a serious departure from zero caused by set up and tear down. This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. The rifle is notable for its portability; it is less than 21 inches (530 mm) in length when disassembled and weighs 3.25 pounds. (more info about ad) A good scope calls for a good scope mount, and the 3/8” dovetail on a Marlin 795 is something of a shortcoming. The only ammo it hasn't reliably fed was Aguila sub-sonic. And the mods do not interfere with the take-down ability wich is why the weapon is usefull. It is very accurate offhand on tincans at 40 yards with iron sights. I have only shot WW 40gr thru it. You’ll find that it is an overall well-crafted rifle that is more than capable of holding its own against other entry-level and mid-grade .22 rifles, and let’s face it, at some point unless you are shooting for groups, most any .22 will do the job. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. If you are ready to take your Marlin 795 to the next level, or simply demand top quality from your optics, look no further. Now, there are two ways of looking at this; either the market is so small as to make aftermarket support pointless, or that the gun is good enough out of the box as to make a large aftermarket needless. Why would the scope zero shift, but not the iron sights if the rear sight is receiver mounted? If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. The Marlin Model 70P, also known as the Marlin Papoose, is a.22 Long Rifle semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Marlin Firearms. Sure, it’s an inexpensive sight for an inexpensive rifle, but they give you an extraordinary edge you have to see to truly appreciate. My papoose is very reliable as long as it is reasonably clean. What we are left with then is the common sorts of Marlin 795 accessories and upgrades that one might buy for any sort of gun. It is perfect as a first rifle, or an every day rifle, and certainly is that classic American ideal of a great knockabout .22 that can do basically anything you ask it to do. After I got the cheap simmons zeroed it has stayed zeroed.I can recommend it. However, I have long favored the Marlin 795 over a Ruger or other comparable semi-auto .22 simply because the Marlin has the superior out of the box trigger. The Marlin Model 70PSS variant has a synthetic stock and stainless steel barrel. The point of impact will change every time you reassemble the rifle. But, since I've never shot a scoped papoose I can't confirm if this is correct. Its semi-automatic action originated with the Marlin Model 60. The design itself has not changed but as most of … adjustable open rear, ramp front sight with high visibility orange post; cutaway Wide-Scan hood; integral .22 tip-off scope mounting rail. The changes you propose would negate the size advantage of the takedown model. Not realy. The Model 70P is based on the earlier Marlin Model 70 (currently listed as Model 795) that has a fixed barrel and conventional stock. The 4 Best Marlin 336 Accessories – Upgrades & Mods Review 2020, The 4 Best Scopes for Marlin 795 – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Marlin 795 Bipods on the Market – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Competition Coon Hunting Lights – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Glock Reflex Sights – Red Dot Optic Reviews 2020, Leupold VX-1 2-7x33mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope, Matte Black (113863), Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount, Dovetail, for 1" Rings, Tech-SIGHT'S TSM200 Adjustable Aperture Sight for THE MARLIN 60, 795, 70P & 70PSS Rifles, Allen Marlin Scoped Rifle Case, Fits Scoped Rifles up to 42, Hoppe's Boresnake .308 - .30 Caliber Rifle, Clam E/F (colors may vary). (She's good!) The rifle has an open rear sight and ramp front sight with high visibility orange post surrounded by a cutaway hood. Your email address will not be published. The scoe problem sounds likely based on the design...but I also found the one I borrowed very unreliable...jammed a lot, magazines would get knocked out of the gun by the bolt, trigger was lousy and accuracy overall atrocious. 25-round magazines are available. After you’ve scoped your Marlin 795, you need something to put it in, so why not this high grade Marlin branded soft case? While the most common accessories are scopes, scope mounts and sights, one might also take a look at rifle slings (see some here) or pick up a.22 caliber bore snake to make cleaning that long bore easy: As a basic rule, most Marlin 795 owners choose not to accessorize beyond basic upgrades simply because there is little reason to. It features stainless steel construction, a rugged fiberglass-filled black synthetic stock and a 7-shot magazine. 2008 Marlin Model 70PSS, disassembled, with ruler for scale, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marlin_Model_70P&oldid=904609187, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This is not exactly a disadvantage, as my own personal experience with the 795 suggests that it doesn’t require as many aftermarket gimmicks and extras as it is already a highly functional rifle. It’s easily one of the best Marlin 795 accessories in my book. The rifle is notable for its portability; it is less than 21 inches (530 mm) in length when disassembled and weighs 3.25 pounds. Don't bother with a scope. If you’ve got the dough, this is one of the best Marlin Model 795 accessories you can buy. Marlin Firearms Company introduced the model 70P (Papoose) takedown semi-auto rimfire carbine in 1986 and it was noted as being the most innovative new item Marlin had produced in many years. It’s built to handle hard use and rugged circumstances while protecting your rifle. I've never had a problem with mine. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service. This page was last edited on 3 July 2019, at 08:14. Buy Marlin Model 70 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. This firearm was purchased by my mother about a year ago when she got her PAL so its a new manufacturer date not an older build. I took my new Papoose to the range today so I would have something to do while my wife practiced for her CCW. Inexpensive and the quickest way to use traditional 1” scopes on your 795, you’ll find this is a must have accessory. At the end of the day, the Marlin 795 is a real “Goldilocks” rifle in that it is “just right”, which makes it perfect for a nice afternoon at the range, plinking cans or even small game hunting. I admit I am a sucker for peep sights. Email him. Disassembly requires loosening a barrel retention nut by hand or with a supplied tool. I THINK that the reason the zero might shift when using a scope is because of incremental differences in the receiver/barrel hookup each time it is reattached. Included Marlin accessories are a 7-round metal magazine, a tool for adjusting the barrel nut, and a padded nylon carrying case designed to float in water. Swivel studs for a carrying strap are embedded in the synthetic stock. As an added bonus, the one piece design allows for a rapid return to zero should you ever need to remove the scope and base assembly. However, it lacks the sex appeal of some other rifles and is not as heavily supported in the aftermarket. It's a very accurate little rifle. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). We all know Leupold makes great scopes and this 2-7 power optic is no exception. Fortunately, there are many great adapters that allow for the use of 1” rings on a traditional rimfire dovetail. The Model 70P (Papoose) has a semi-fitted softcase that supposedly floats.

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