Then she swiped it again for the man four feet behind her. Jeanne is unemployed and spends most of her days sitting in a battered, pink armchair; smoking generic cigarettes; and watching TV with her half-blind Pekingese, Oreo. A former guard who helped an inmate of the Cameron prison escape is headed to prison for five years. As an officer at the Western Missouri Correctional Center, he’s not allowed to have personal interaction with offenders. Then she swiped it again for the man four feet behind her. “You, in the RV,” FBI agent Chris Cole cried on the bullhorn. Lynette decided to take a job at Crossroads because her husband and his stepfather both worked in the prison system. Lynette’s profile describes the rose tattoo, says that her blue contacts tint her green eyes, and adds a special alert to medical professionals that she might be running out of her epilepsy medicine. She kept notes logging their journey. "Come out NOW.".

On Nov. 19, 1992, Terry and Matt Myers went to Tim Eastburn’s house to rob and murder him. "He killed for drugs, for money and for her," says Kurt Lipanovich, special agent in the St. Joseph, Missouri, office of the FBI. Cole shouted back that he'd have plenty of time to talk to her later. So he must have seen them. All that was missing from her room was a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and her seizure-prevention medicine. She thought it was disgusting. If the people in the control tower had been doing their job, Terry Banks would never have walked out. Charlie says they lived in the camper and he lived in the one-bedroom apartment by himself. Jeanne pulled a pair of Levi’s over her panties and followed him outside. But he sold Lynette's truck. Her credit card statement shows that she stopped at a gas station, filled up, then drove 35 miles home and stopped to top off the tank. Investigators find that suspicious. In Charlie's version, on the Friday of the stakeout, Paul picked him up from work promising that Jeanne was going to cook dinner. The only time she had been in trouble before was when she got two days' suspension in high school for smoking cigarettes. Her sister lives there, and it was far away from Jeanne’s husband.

Having Charlie and his friends in town gave her something to do. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms of use, our cookies policy, and our privacy policy.
Most of the neighbors were gathered around watching TV and drinking beer. Standing in black dirt surrounded by an electric fence, they spotted Terry walking back and forth to the trailer. He thinks letting a convicted murderer loose demands a greater punishment. “I denied it,” says Judge Warren L. McElwin, associate circuit judge of DeKalb County. Help, Don't have an account yet?

They argued constantly, so he figured they should just go their separate ways. The blond prison guard at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., walked through the last check the way she did every day and strolled to the parking lot. He'd been awake 26 hours.

“Okay, we see the hand,” Cole said, switching to a less patient, more commanding tone. Lynette has been suspended without pay from Crossroads. She wanted them to make a blank copy of her card. Two weeks later, on Nov. 18, Charlie sold Lynette’s truck to the wife of a guy Robert built trailers with. "Put your hands way up, Terry," Cole ordered. If the weather was nice, they thought they might go fishing Saturday, maybe catch some catfish. She was supposed to gradually pay him back the $1,800, just like she was supposed to pay him $500 a month in rent. The prison’s 4:00 count came up short that day. Wearing a red flannel shirt and jeans, Lynette opened the driver’s-side door. An officer asked the fugitives if they were headed to Mexico.

From outside, Terry fired the first shot. Charlie worked the night shift baking at Daylight Donuts. She had a dresser and a full-size bed with a peach comforter and a country-blue afghan her grandmother had crocheted. Sign Up ›. Jeanne and Paul don't have a phone, so Charlie called Paul at work at Mike's Auto Body to catch up. Lynette's sisters still insist that she is absolutely innocent. They made maps of the trailer park, diagramming Terry and Lynette’s possible escape routes, trying to figure out how to block them. You think of what men do with each other in prison -- would you really want a man from there?

Right now he's being held in the Potosi Correctional Center, 70 miles south of St. Louis. Investigators assume Terry and Lynette met up with Charlie after the phone call. Lynette absolutely didn't do this on her own, her sisters insist.

The sheriff refused repeated requests to let him be interviewed. "It's time to come out now -- it's time to give it up.". Jeanne pulled a pair of Levi's over her panties and followed him outside.
Having watched the videotapes, Dave now believes that Terry Banks is what went wrong with their marriage. Investigators assume Terry and Lynette met up with Charlie after the phone call. Which Houston Texans Are Possible Trade Deadline Assets? Walking back, they drop each other's hands just before they hit the main room. “NOW.”.

She liked Charlie, even though she thought he was a chauvinistic pig -- he was always telling her that she should be fat and in the kitchen having babies. (One of the sheriff's deputies conveniently lived in the brick house up the hill, so they made it their base.).

Cole yelled, like a high school football coach. Harold bought Lynette a black 1989 Ford F-150. Terry William Banks, 26, and Lynette J. Barnett, 27, had not been seen since Oct. 29 when Banks, who was serving a life sentence for a 1992 murder, walked out of the maximum-security Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., wearing a prison guard’s uniform. Underneath Harold Lockwood’s rundown farmhouse Lynette slept in a plain utility basement with a hot water heater, a washer/dryer, a shower stall, and a Sheetrock wall. But a few minutes later, at 7:27 a.m., Terry appeared wearing a denim jacket and jeans, his empty hands in the air.

It was about the time she moved out of her husband’s house, if not sooner, that a romance between Lynette and Terry must have started, police say. They sat around the pond in peaceful silence -- none of them are big talkers. Staff, She didn't have any pictures, Lorra says, because the place was only temporary -- just until she got on her feet. "At least it ought to be the same as the person who had escaped," Relford says. The control tower guard stopped the man behind her. Lynette earned her GED and worked as a machine operator in a shoe factory in Hamilton, then as a nurse's aide at a nursing home.

Lynette was a woman who liked a set routine and wore three pairs of shoes a day -- if she were planning to run, she wouldn't have left a brand-new pair or Reeboks in a box under her bed, Lorra says. Hamilton resident Lynette Barnett helped inmate Terry … They went bowling, ate pizza and drank cans of Milwaukee's Best. Terry didn't have anything left to lose; they didn't know if he was going to kill her and himself or if he was preparing to try to take out the officers. (That's one of the many unexplained numbers on Harold's phone bill. Instead, she went shopping. South Dakota attorney general "distracted" before deadly crash, Scientists capture two murder hornet queens after destroying nest, Judge rejects attempt to block nearly 127,000 drive-thru votes in Texas, Police training used Hitler quotes, urged cadets to be "ruthless". They sat around the pond in peaceful silence — none of them are big talkers. In 1997 Terry was moved to Crossroads, a $53 million maximum-security prison opened that year, the first Missouri prison with an electric fence. The man had murdered before, Buchanek says. Lorra says all of Lynette’s stuff, her horse, and her dogs are at her father’s house in Kidder, Mo. "She wasn't the cheating kind," Lorra says.

Lynette Johnson wants the uniform her husband, Ron, ... when correctional officer Ron "R.J." Johnson was killed at the South Dakota State Penitentiary during a failed escape attempt. Lorra claims the bad times far outweigh those happy moments. Not to mention the newly reset diamond earrings Lynette had waiting at the jewelry store. Recently divorced, Buchanek doesn’t get to see his boys much. "Just smitten.". Terry and Charlie went fishing, camping, and hunting for deer, squirrel, and rabbits. “That’s just how I was raised.” She’s got five stray cats that hang around her trailer because they know she’ll feed them. Just a few blocks over from the street of ugly, unmanicured lawns stand antebellum-style white colonial mansions surrounded by wrought-iron gates. Terry's parents met in a bowling alley in Benton Harbor, Michigan. John and Heather held hands, kissed often, and slept in the same bed. Soon after they met, Jeanne left her husband to live with Paul. Life was an episode of Roseanne. America's Most Wanted contacted Fritz, of the Cameron Police Department, on Thursday around 2 p.m. Fritz called Lipanovich.

Two days before, Charlie had called Paul at work and asked if they could crash in his camper, Jeanne remembers. She says Lynette left Dave several times, but he said he loved her, and she went back. Instead, she went shopping. It was a cold, misty night on a road without streetlights. Sheriff Michael Ratcliff was in San Antonio at his brother's graduation from the police academy. Along with the sinkful of beer cans, police found Lynette’s journal. Wed the summer before her senior year, Lynette wanted to go back to school, Lorra says, but Dave was afraid she would meet someone else and made her quit. she asked the other guard working in the booth.

After driving 35 miles she'd still have plenty of gasoline; she wouldn't need more fuel unless she was planning to run. Lynette stopped making the payments on her blue-green Pontiac Grand Am. A confidential source had told them Terry and Lynette were staying with Paul and Jeanne — that was in the county, the sheriff’s domain. At 7:20 a.m. Terry yelled that they would come out, but to give them a few minutes.

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