30) Where do common loons live in the summer? state-threatened loon population since 1975 through

This can cause a lack of adequate incubation and nest failure. 42) What is the Vision of the National Loon Center? During winter on the ocean, some loons undoubtedly fall prey to tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier), which prey on many marine birds.

Source: McIntyre 1988; Evers et al. Nelson, D. H. 1983. Loons and other birds secrete oil from a gland at the base of the tail called the uropygial gland. Clearly, young loons in search of territories, focus their intrusions within a small area in the vicinity of their natural lake. Construction of the National Loon Center Building will follow. The first egg may hatch one day earlier than the second, but occasionally they will hatch on the same day.
Mager, J. N., C. Walcott, and W. H. Piper. After the first day or two of life, the loon family moves to a “nursery” area to raise their young.


Male and female common loons must acquire a breeding territory in order to reproduce, either by eviction and becoming an established territory owner, replacing a dead territory owner or founding a new territory on a vacant lake. Loons may wing row away whenever they perceive a threat, including when they are closely approached by humans or predators or when they lose a territorial battle with another loon. In particular, the head of males sometimes appears decidedly larger. Most breeding loons are found in Canada; less than six percent of the population is found in the United States.
Evers, D.C. , J.D.

monitoring, research, management, and education. But sounds are deceiving, as the tremolo is chiefly a close-range alarm call that adult loons produce when they or their chicks are threatened by eagles, large aquatic vertebrates, or humans that venture too close to them. The answers are based on the most up-to-date scientific information on loon biology which has been extracted from scientific investigations published in international journals. Most individuals only survive into their teens and 20’s. 1) The National Freshwater Institute and 2) the Scientific Loon Council. The wail clearly also serves as a low-intensity alarm call, because it is often given when eagles pass overhead or are perched nearby. Testing hypotheses of social gatherings of common loons (Gavia immer). National Loon Center Houdek, S.C., Fara L>J., Gray, B.R. Although there has been much speculation about the reason for the red eye, it is likely that the red eye, like the bright black and white plumage, is simply part of their breeding condition. As the sun sets, my favorite northern lake becomes smooth and glassy. This species is quite rare, and breeds in northern Alaska and Arctic Canada.

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124:73-80.

Although their large size makes them safe from most other animals, adult common loons are attacked and killed by bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) on occasion, especially while sitting on nests. It has a noticeable collar of white, parallel lines forming a large oval on the neck. Source: Walter Piper et al. There is the characteristic white necklace around the throat. 2014; Taylor, 2014.

The breeding range includes parts of 14 northern United States. 2012. Typically, it is located in a shallow protected bay out of the wind, with open water and small fish for food.

Jukkala, G., and W. Piper. The adult wintering feather color is much like the juvenile feather coloring. In some years, black fly infestations are so disruptive to incubating loons that they are continuously driven from their nests by the flies biting around their eyes and fleshy areas at the base of their bill. Breeding females occasionally lay three eggs; although, three-egg clutches make up less than 1% of all clutches laid. Source: Walter Piper et al. 2015, 2018; Damon McCormick, (Common Coast Research and Conservation), personal communication. 22) Loon nesting patterns: Do both sexes incubate the eggs? Since eviction is a common occurance and loons are long-lived animals, most adults are paired with two or three different mates during their lifetimes. Others are performed in response to other animals, including humans. The Loon Dance.

The young loons, both male and female stay in their winter and migratory waters and may move up the coastline elsewhere for 2-5 years before returning to the vicinity of their natal lake to then seek a mate and a territory. Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Please ask your question and get a response from a loon scientist.

3) Are there other species beside the common loon? 40) What is the Mission of the National Loon Center? Piper, W. H., K. M. Brunk, G. L. Jukkala, E. A. Andrews, S. R. Yund, and N. G. Gould. © Copyright - Loon Preservation Committee, Roll onto its side or back and pull at its breast and belly feathers with its bill, Stick one leg in the air and paddle in circles, Rub its head against its back and shoulders to disperse oil, Flap its wings hard and rise out of the water, appearing to be unable to take off, Completely roll over while thrashing in the water with partially open wings, Flail one or both of its wings in the air, Slap or beat the water’s surface with its wings, Submerge its head in the water and thrash.

In the fall many people believe all loons they see are juvenile loons, but both are still present and look much the same. At which point they return to the breeding ground. Midwest Floating Islands, midwestfloatingislands.com.

Source: Carrol Henderson, National Loon Center Board of Director. The balance of the day, 5.1% of the time, the nest was empty of adults.

Big Mantrap Lake is a 1556 acre lake that supports about 24 pairs of loons and about half of those pairs nest on platforms. Some loon behaviors are necessary for self maintenance.

Common Loons that breed on freshwater lakes of North America generally winter along the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, including the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California.

Common Loons eat mainly fish, but they also consume crustaceans, snails, salamanders leeches, aquatic insects, and frogs. 17) What is the purpose of the penguin dance? Copulation can occur 2 or 3 times before egg production. All Rights Reserved. Loons are aquatic birds adapted to both marine and fresh-water aquatic environments. Close monitoring will be necessary. The behavior requires that both parents slide gently underwater and swim to the middle of the lake to draw intruders to them, while the chicks slide underwater and swim quickly to the nearest shoreline, where they hide among emergent vegetation. Our Loon Cam is provided by the Loon Preservation Committee. Source: Kevin Kenow, U.S. Geological Survey. The Arctic Loon (Gavia arctica) is closely related to the Pacific Loon, which resembles it closely in size and appearance.

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