I couldn't have dreamt of a better group to live with. Ben. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying. I can still hear you saying “ Niiiii-naaa” the way you did with your Bromley accent, I hope I never forget that. I'm sure you would have known how much you would be missed, and I can only imagine how much everyone is missing you now. says: says:

I’ll never forget her strong hug and infectious smile. As the years went on she became so much more qualified, informed, well-read than me through her sheer drive and conscientious spirit. They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer. Lila Alweather You were one of the first very friendly faces for me when I joined, always happy to explain the lay of the land and help in whatever way.

Inside the mind of Eraserhead – David Lynch’s Most Surreal Moments, Peter Dinklage's 5 Favorite Films Dealing With Memory, 'Their Finest' Director Lone Scherfig: Five Beloved Movies About Movies, A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story, One for the Road/The Music Box/Two to One/Damsel/The Horn. I’ll never forget how we just clicked. Sadly, Laura, we never did get to have our catch-up this past August due to Covid and now there will be no more! [Hugs Marie], [amazed] You did it, Marie! I just hadn't realised it until now. I know she would have disagreed and said "Lu, do you remember X haircut!" It was intense, as it would be after so many years or friendship, so many things unspoken and unknown. I loved everything about uni, except the course. As was your smile. I will miss you x x x. Laura, our paths crossed all too briefly back in the day when we were blessed with your presence at the Climate Group. She's growin'. [Breathes out], Marie

I wondered why I had not looked for Laura. Warren Alweather Harrington has also appeared in television series including Quantum Leap. — last activity May 04, 2020 09:44PM, Turning the Pages has amazing support from readers, reviewers, publishers, blog tour host, authors, and more. [Seeing Marie at the party] Wow! She would say to me "Lu, you're my politics buddy!" I was jealous of your expeditions to South America and proud of you for following your dreams, and after you left TCG it was always such a delight to see you whenever you dropped in to reunions or leaving drinks. Laura was a funny, loving little girl who grew up to be a wonderful young woman with a beautiful, kind, caring and generous soul. This memorial page has not been published yet. Laura, rest in peace xxx. I’m remembering Laura with fond memories and sending love to her friends and family xxx, Dearest Laura,

says: This is a user's profile. Loz you will always be in my heart, we will never forget you, I feel you will always be there when we meet up and put the world to rights, I just wish we could have grown old together...bought that mansion together in retirement and had fun having with wheelchair races down the halls...love you, Nina xxx, A lovely weekend in ilfracombe for Jody’s wedding camping celebration, love this expression this is how I will remember you x, When I think of Laura I think of her making a joke and then smiling widely. She was one of the first people I met with when I turned up as a naive teenager to start university. Her energy and bubbly nature put you at ease and pretty soon you had a fun, loyal, caring friend. The world has lost a very wonderful and unforgettable human being.

Her drive to do something good was clear and had evidently persisted. Laura was my very first full-time colleague at the Freedom Fund. I didn't get to join often as I was based remotely in the Brussels office at the time, but even from far it was clear who was getting the office moving and bringing people together as more than just colleagues. 90% We’d love your help. She was non-judgemental and never a bore - she was the first to howl in laughter and give us all banter.

It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. Can you remember when us uni girls went to visit Nic in the Netherlands, had a great weekend full of bike riding and that amazing drink was it a cider? And she did all of this with good humour, a booming laugh and a powerful sense of purpose. Lila Alweather This video is unavailable. [Relaxes], Marie Sending love and strength to all her lovely family and friends. Her impact was not only on my love life (the match maker, as she called herself) but because of her I went to Rome, Spain, various fun weekends away, danced away at Basement Jaxx.

I'm interested in what your "take away" is. We enjoyed some great times together, and, although we went our separate ways several years ago, I am so sad to think she has gone. Holly x. I remember Laura in my days at the climate group as full of energy and confidence. I miss your laugh, your big smile, you calling me “chick”, you remembering every little detail of everything we’d ever talked about, your loyalty and kindness, your big heart and dedication. My fond memories of lovely Laura are our chats in Ardgroom PO after Sunday Mass.

says: I'm so so incredibly heartbroken by your passing. [To Marie during the party for Warren] Why don't you two go outside and play until Daddy gets here? says: Louisa's utterly winning voice propels us at breakneck speed. You now have auntie Catherine and Uncle Jim by your side, I can imagine the conversations !!!

Lovely Laura, you were handed a tough road to tread, your pain must have been excruciating, the darkness interminable and insurmountable. [takes a deep breath], Paulie Be at peace. They don't teach you how to love somebody. So what it takes to make anything more than mediocre is such an act of will...”, “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. And some how managed to find time to do an MBA in her spare time. You, along with Done and Margaret, were so welcoming and made me feel so at home - something I was so grateful for with the stress of moving to a new city and new job with no friends. Please share your memories and your photos with us. What regular YA book would you like to read for November? Loz was so insightful and caring. It is beyond comprehension you are gone. Within a few minutes of chatting I was blown away by your vibrant energy and your warmth, and I was so impressed by what you’d already achieved at such a young age. You were there throughout the years, helped me immensely in difficult times and made sure I wouldn’t miss out on a good night out in first year- I’ll always remember your booming voice calling out my name as soon as I’d walk into the club so that I knew where you were. Brett The world will be a quieter and a poorer place without your beautiful soul in it. You were always so kind and fun! I love you so much Laura and you will always be in our thoughts xxxx It is so challenging to add something to the WWII canon, and yet Stephen Kiernan has done just that. Loz seemed bubbly and happy that day - she was in her element, fussing over the kids, laughing with us and of course, attentively asking about our lives and what was going on, without wanting to "burden" us with her worries. Lila Alweather

Box Office, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The Wilmington Factor - Hollywood East meets the King of Horror. She's 5 years old. Come on. See if your friends have read any of Laura Harrington's books, https://www.goodreads.com/lauraharrington.

And we grew close, enjoying 3 years together. Sending huge amounts of love and strength to all of Laura's friends and family xxx. Maybe your help will come through some different channel—you might help one person, but receive help from another. You always hated being told you were the organiser of our group, but you really were, and I'm sure you loved that secretly! Rest in peace, Laura. I remember being in boarding school when Laura was out on her travels and I would get so excited to check my emails every week to see her updates and boast to the girls in the school about how cool my cousin was ! Another compelling, dynamic read from Catherine McKenzie.

Do you think that greater civility and respect in our culture could lead to less violence against women and children? You were always so positive and your amazing smile and laugh kept us all motivated.

Laura, I was so proud to be your cousin. We'll miss her awfully and hope she's found peace. Laura Harrington-Criger is truly a walking, talking miracle. Or for loving and being a cheerleader for what you saw was something good in my life. I realised it was because in my mind she was certainly out there ripping it up, doing good, doing it loudly and doing it with an immense amount of care for those around her. This picture really sums up my experience of you, Laura, as right at the heart and soul of the Climate Group. You will always be in our hearts. We put the world to right before the madness of the day began. So many nights out in Bath, Eastwood 43 and the lovely Victoria Terrace our first uni house. We spent the whole day with them in front of bemused locals, singing your mexican anthum "Lady Laura" (I still have no idea if that is a real song or if it was just a mexican taxi driver serenading you. ) says: But the news of her passing this week came as such a horrendous shock. You knew you were loved, you knew you were special, but that wasn’t enough.

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