Melee attacks are made with disadvantage unless it is a thrusting weapon like a dagger, javelin, shortsword, etc. Alignment The … Nearly every kuo-toa was driven hopelessly mad and paranoid, and they retain their madness, even long after the mind flayers abandoned them. [13], Kuo-toan architecture was one of the few areas not heavily monitored by the ruling clergy. In a sick and maniacal desire to please this powerful, ethereal being, the kuo-toa created their own otherworldly idol or at least that was their twisted reasoning. kuo-toa humanoid slave. They also help us understand how our site is being used. Kuo-toa have a hatred in them for the civilized races of the surface: humans and their ilk. They never had a problem with it before, but in the last few weeks, the water has become sour and vinegary. After the hidden opening, a 20-feet-long curved tunnel opens into a small cavern. Any creature that starts its turn within 10 feet from the eyes of the idol must make a successful DC 12 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned. A repugnant race of slimy fish-like humanoids.Ability Score Increase. 2e Support us on Patreon and help us keep the lights on: Kuo-toa employ a cunning mix of secretions, alchemy, and group assault to take out their foes. It is keeping an eye out for possible intruders. [17] Other worshiped entities included the slimy and eldritch Ghaunadaur, tyrannical Bane, the water deity Istishia, and the mistress of darkness Shar. Male: Flip, Trent, Trajor, JolJom, Shuushar, Ploopploopeen, Glooglugogg, Female: Sally, Feminis, Sardini, Bloppblippodd. Copyright © The Pincer Staff, a long staff with a restraining claw at the end, is used by some kuo-toans to trap enemies so that the kuo-toa's allies can pummel them without retribution. Kuo-toan, Undercommon[1], Aquan,[3] They were believed to be highly traditional areas, hearkening back to their past presence in aboveground tidal pools and were occasionally covered by glass domes. In their insane state, the kuo-toa invented gods of their own to protect themselves from the threats they constantly faced. There were few freestanding buildings, as the central caverns served as market, communal area, and places of worship, with individual residences simply being carved into preexisting walls. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. In days long past, kuo-toa once dwelled on the shores and islands of the surface world. [1], Kuo-toa societies were oppressive feudal theocracies ruled by a Vi-Poolgol, which translated to "priest-king", and nine Oorg-Poolgoopan, also known as "priest-dukes". [12], Kuo-toa were an amphibious race, capable of operating with equal or greater mobility underwater as they could on land. Their hands are much more human-like, ending in the blunt nails typical of most humanoid races. [11], Kuo-toa recognized the need for trade and would conduct it with practically any race, the exception being the mind flayers and their allies, who were invariably attacked without warning. Skin color(s) Topping their bodies were bullet-shaped, piscine heads hosting a mouthful of sharp teeth and a pair of bulging silver-black eyes capable of independently swiveling to observe a situation. Medium Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.

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