In addition, there is a motocross ignition map in the black box. That makes it a sweet motor.We tested the 200 at four tracks (five if you count both tracks at LACR): I-5 MX at Gorman, Glen Helen Raceway, Los Angeles County Raceway and Piru MX. Buying a bike starts at Bikez Get a list of related motorbikes before you buy this KTM. Many riders in those classes love the light weight and frantic manners of 125cc bikes but race in age classes filled with ultra-fast 450cc four-strokes. All rights reserved. Let's just say this bike has a shot at a start against bigger bikes.With giant power in a 125cc size and weight package, the 200 SX isn't the ideal machine for every rider, but for those who love small, light and powerful motorcycles, this bike will install a permanent grin on your face.Motor Time, Since this bike is in most respects a bored-and-stroked KTM 125 SX, the chassis isn't new, but the motor is. Good luck pulling off a start on a 125 against a gate loaded with 250 two-strokes and 450 four-strokes. But at least those bikes all fall within the parameters for the Open class; they just aren't common, traditional, "normal" sizes. The front axle was enlarged to 26 mm and hubs increased in diameter from 36 to 52 mm front and from 48 to 64 mm rear. It's 143cc engine and light weight give the KTM 150 SX a top speed of 73MPH in stock condition. An ideal alternative for hobby crossers and competition oriented riders advancing from the 125cc class. And that was with a 200-pound rider aboard!The Rest, It should come as no surprise that the chassis the 200 shares with the 125 feels much the same on the track. There was a newly redesigned kick-starter.

As with the 125 SX, the bottoming resistance of the WP suspension is roughly equivalent to some of the KYB-equipped bikes, but the Showa bikes have an edge. Below is the information on the 2007 KTM SX 144. The 200 SX will never be the bike for everyman, but for some it will clearly be the right tool for the job.Opinions, I pretty much fell in love with this KTM.

In addition, the engine uses a lighter SX ignition flywheel, but to smooth the 200's powerful midhit, the flywheel is the same one KTM 380 SX models came with! I'm still a four-stroke guy for moto, but the 200 is a lot of fun, and it could even be my favorite two-stroke motocrosser. I have a KX125 for playing on the motocross track and a KTM 525 E/XC for off-road riding. KTM 150 SX Dirt Bike Specs incl Weight and Top Speed. The 200 attempts to combine the agility of a 125 cc class motorcycle with the power of a 250 cc. We feel the same about the 200. The gear ratios, which featured improvements and reinforcements, were carried over from the predecessor. 925 mm (36.4 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. They rev fine for off-road motors but are too flat on top for motocross-style riding. The White Power rear shock and PDS[note 1] non-linkage suspension combine to provide 300 mm of wheel travel. It isn't that 200cc dirt bikes are uncommon, but this is an SX, KTM's full-blown motocross model. In 2005, the seat height was 925 mm and the handlebars were supplied by Renthal. The fork is really plush and never bottomed harshly. The initial punch was really good. That prompted a closer look at the specs for both bikes. [2] A year later the first production KTM 200 MXC was fitted with Marzocchi 45 forks and the trademark orange plastics. The 1997 KTM Jackpiner 200 LE was a limited production run of the first 200 cc KTM. I have fun on 125s, but I struggle with the power on technical tracks. The bike retained the older spring-type clutch providing a lighter lever action than other KTMs. The 200 SX presents the ideal supplement: it combines the handling of a 125cc motorcycle with the power potential of a 250. Cameron Heisser/5'10"/150 lb/Intermediate. Cylinder . There are many riders who just play at the track and never or rarely race; the 200 is also perfect for them. The 2016 front axle was reduced from 26 mm to 22 mm to reduce weight. Where the 125 sometimes runs out of steam on the face of a jump, the 200 rarely does. With this drive-train, the KTM 65 SX is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of .

The serious torque starts later in the rpm range than with the 200 E/XC or 250 SX, but the power builds pretty rapidly with rpm. I was able to get on the gas earlier and avoid wheelspin problems.

Test Ride: 2004 KTM 200 SX - Dirt Rider. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. Tom Wolf/5'10"/175 lb/NoviceEver since I heard KTM was coming out with a 200cc two-stroke motocross model, I've wanted to try it. The new bodywork had a slimmer seat, a longer rear fender and a translucent fuel tank. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of . KTM never has been very class-conscious, and many even peg the odd-size bikes (300, 360, 380, 440, 540 and 550 two-strokes) as the factor that put the company back on the map after a financial reorganization in the early '90s. It has the SX-style power valve and motocross-oriented porting. The 2003 year model 200s were upgraded with White Power USD[note 2] 48 mm forks increasing wheel travel to 300 mm. The transmission was given a new, wider, more load-resistant 2nd gear and smoother shifting overall. It had plenty of power to handle any of the tracks. Check out the detailed rating of off-road capabilities, engine performance, maintenance cost, etc. It was built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first Penton KTM motorcycle. It was outfitted with Öhlins Forks and was the first bike with PDS no-linkage rear suspension developed by Öhlins, and was also one of the first bikes to incorporate a hydraulic clutch. As a small bore enduro bike it is equipped with a wide-ratio gear box. has been I suppose there is room for two KTMs in the family. On the other hand, amateur races have age classes for 25-, 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds. The vet and senior markets are clearly big enough to support some made-for-the-class engine sizes. The bike is a featherweight which greatly affects its handling.

The bike got another change to the frame, a new skid plate, orange anodized rear sprocket, more orange plastics and a new seat cover. We sent the 200 to the same dyno that measured our 125 SX, and it cranked out a little more than 38 horsepower.

Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive The hydraulic clutch was fitted with a flexible steel hose. This model is a championship winner. It should come as no surprise that a KTM comes in at number one, but of all the KTM 450 bikes out there, it’s the KTM 450 SX-F that steals the show. [3], The 2012 200s received a completely revamped frame, a new, lighter, cast aluminum swing arm, a new 7 mm longer PDS rear shock with adjustable rebound and compression settings, the latest WP forks with a wider adjustment range and new settings. That means the 200 SX is up as much as 5 horsepower in the middle rpm area. The wheels came with CNC-machined hubs, Excel brand rims, zinc/nickel-coated spokes and aluminum spoke nipples. In 2014, the battery and starter were improved. And it has the extra boost to make the big jumps doable.As the 200 runs so strongly, it is fortunate the brakes are as supremely strong as on the bigger KTMs.When KTM first came out with the 360, we were amazed that none of the manufacturers had made a small big-bore powerplant earlier. It cornered well also, and it seemed as if it would go exactly where I wanted it. Reliable, affordable and with many performance specs at low cost, what's not to like? The KTM 200 consists of a series of two-stroke off-road enduro motorcycles made by KTM, the European, road legal 200 EXC, and the 200 XC-W for the US market being the last versions. Of course, it suits smaller riders, with its 125-ish springs and damping settings. The added power also made clearing all of the jumps easy. We compared the horsepower graph with the one for the '04 125cc-class motocross shootout, and the 200 was equal to or better than the best of the 250cc four-strokes throughout the rpm range. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2007 KTM SX 144 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Off-Road motorcycles. The 2015 200s received KTM orange paint for the frame, Neken handlebars, black anodized rims, a new MAE speedometer and a new, lighter 3Ah battery.[6]. [1] As a small bore enduro bike it is equipped with a wide-ratio gear box. The cylinder on the KTM 250 SX has a bore of 66.4 mm and is fitted with a Twin-Valve powervalve system. I don't race much, so the fact that the KTM has no class doesn't affect me, and if I did race, it would be in the vet class, where the 200 is perfectly legal. It hit really hard but not so much as to pull my arms off.

675 mm (26.6 inches) If adjustable, highest setting. It was inspired by the 175 cc Penton Jackpiner, named for the Michigan Jack Pine Endurance Run. The gear ratios are the same as on the close-ratio M/XC, but the 200 SX engine is more closely related to the 125 SX than to the 200 off-road version. The KTM has the same light and fun feel of my 125, but gear selection and clutch control are not as critical. This isn't parts-bin engineering where KTM took an existing chassis and slipped a 200 M/XC engine in it. I've spent a lot of time on four-strokes so the bulbous pipe of the 200 bothered me on my first ride, but I never noticed it after that day. The 2000 EXC was upgraded to 43 mm inverted forks with 295 mm of wheel travel. Compare with any other bike. It came with Penton blue plastics and a sticker attached to the front fender bearing John Penton's signature.

The motor was given a new crank shaft, reconfigured transfer ports and the paper head gasket was replaced with a silicone o-ring. The 200 SX does have more torque and roll-on than a 125 SX, but the character of this power is more like a 125 than a fast 250. Rear wheel travel was also increased to 325 mm. Powering through its 5-speed transmission truly is an exhilarating experience. The 150 SX is a 192lb dirtbike manufactured by KTM. Karel Kramer/6'1"/200 lb/NoviceI had a great time on the 200 SX. The KTM 200 consists of a series of two-stroke off-road enduro motorcycles made by KTM, the European, road legal 200 EXC, and the 200 XC-W for the US market being the last versions. In 2006, the US version of the 200 EXC was rebranded the 200 XC-W. For 2007, the carburetor was changed from 38 to 36 mm and had some internal changes to the suspension. KTM rider Ryan Dungey once piloted this model into Motocross history when he won the championship on it back in 2012, and continued the feat again and again in 2015, … Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

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