Somehow, there was a mixup on the editing side, and I regret to admit that the SSC team hadn't double checked the accuracy of the video before it was released. About Junkyard Empire. 76eldo. We've reached out to SSC for further explanation.). Some people try and find their fortune digging for gold. Andy is confident about the Hot Wheels tow truck now that Dave Jensen is on board; Bobby incredulous about Andy's plan of building a statue from car parts. And then, of course, Guinness World Records will examine the data and perhaps certify it as a valid world record. But what this video doesn't rely on is the actual telemetry—it's an analysis of a video. The SSC team received a piece of Dewetron equipment for its use in the speed run. Here’s What’s Fake On Junkyard Empire Junkyard Empire comes across as a fresh breath of air at the first sight. A firm reason for his departure was … We chose Dewetron for the sophistication of its equipment, and using that has given us confidence in the accuracy of the car's measured speed. The company says its equipment has been used to confirm four out of the five previous record runs before the Tuatara's, including for the Ultimate Aero. Bladensburg, MD. Update Two, 10/28: In response to the controversy, SSC CEO Jerod Shelby has released this additional, lengthy statement: On October 10, 2020, SSC North America realized a dream that was a decade in the making, when our Tuatara hypercar achieved an average top speed of 316.11 MPH. The cockpit video was shared with Top Gear, as well as on the SSC and Driven+ YouTube pages. Stream Junkyard Empire FREE with Your TV Subscription! I've always just assumed these shows are 100 percent accurate. We haven't independently verified the data, but this is a company with skin in the game, and professionals whose reputations are on the line. SSC intends to submit proof of what those witnesses had seen on the Dewetron equipment to Guinness for verification. Custom auto projects are completed at a junkyard and body shop in Washington D.C. Andy's 2015 Challenger R/T is a wreck because of Bobby. Driven Studios does have extensive footage of everything that transpired and is working with SSC to release the actual footage in its simplest form. Such a validation would clearly lend weight and credence to any new record. We kept the news under embargo until October 19, with hopes of releasing a video to accompany the press release. Most in our club would identify that Cadillac as a circa 1972 Flower car, and not an el Camino type Cadillac. Anybody see the current episode of the above on Velocity? 770lbs of downforce at 311mph, It is calculated that car needs 1,473 HP to achieve 311 mph (500 kph). | Very glad the show portrayed this correctly, and I like the fact that they gave Cadillacs air time, but it still points out the need to "Trust but Verify" before a purchase. there were two videos that had been released—one from the cockpit, with data of the speed run overlaid, and another video of b-roll running footage. Andy would never approve, so Bob suggests he attend a car show out of town. However, a statement released today by Dewetron indicates that while the company's equipment was used, the hardware manufacturer isn't able to guarantee "the accuracy or the correctness" of the outcome. 4) Street Outlaws New Orleans. Official Sites Andy Cohen is the boss. Andys Auto Parts -Home of the TV series Junkyard Empire-, Bladensburg, Maryland. I would rather watch a show on flowers than this one. Author Topic: Junkyard Empire (Read 1844 times) Jeff Wilk. Layed off Mechanical & Electrical Engineer turned YouTuber. While we had never intended for the video captured to play the role of legitimizing the run, we are regretful that the videos shared were not an accurate representation of what happened on October 10. Sandoval and Schwartz get ready for TomTom's first Gay Pride but things go south when they hired James as their DJ. Bobby isn't pleased when Andy decides to flip it, but Andy sees dollar signs. SSC's previous car, the Ultimate Aero, also held a top speed record for few years before Bugatti snatched it back—but despite this, SSC is still a small company, and there are doubters. Andy has gotten behind in his scrapping. I just think that the "old man" they were toying with is not all that unusual when it comes to our hobby in wanting to capitalize on something before verifying the facts. Tommy updates the big red Jeep with fuel injection, but instead of plug and play, the wiring is a monster. Tim and Andy take on a professional drifting course, while Blair tackles a 2013 Audie A8L. The good news: we did it, and the numbers are indeed on our side. The show kind of was making fun of the old man's lack of accurate knowledge and do not think anything else was going on. - New members only. J. Wilk CLC # 25630; Posts: 1320; ... All these shows are scripted and fake and full of inaccuracy. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Drag goes from 0.279 up to 0.314 at 311mph (500kph), Car is producing approx.

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