I know, Jeffsmap is no longer active (and that Jeff himself is continuing being awesome under a new brand: Unlostify), but I was wondering if anyone has the full-sized jpg download of the original Jeffsmap Temagami map to share? Those of you that's ordered maps between Early January to Late February are either wondering where the hack they are. Registered: 05-2017: Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 9:53 am: I understand Jeff has left Jeff's maps and there are many changes going on. Algonquin Park features 3 different backpacking trails spread out across the width of the park: • The Western Uplands Trail features a number of loops from 33km to 90km in length. “Wait, so I need to buy multiple maps for my trip!?”. Click Algonquin and then "Free Download" below the map. phone: 1 888 933 3676. email: jeff@jeffsmap.com. (Plus, they're free!)

View Online; Buy in Print (Waterproof) Central sections of our map are out of stock at the moment. phone: 1 888 933 3676. email: jeff@jeffsmap.com. Thank you so much! Hap's descriptions, though dated, are much more accurate, so I'd recommend cross-referencing them. Ice cold springs for a hot summer’s day, secret unofficial routes and portages that can offer handy shortcuts and open up new lakes and rivers, fish species information for each lake. About 7 weeks of not getting out much, just not having the mental energy or fortitude to get on with the day and do my job. Broadback River (James Bay Highway to Waskaganish), 4 lake chain (Krooked, Sakwite, Crackshot, Whitewater), It is currently November 3rd, 2020, 5:47 am. Jeff's Map and Temagami - is it sufficient? It’ll probably take about 3.5 hours to drive here from both Toronto & area as well as from Ottawa – the Western, Central and Southern maps each completely cover this trail, • The Eastern Pines Trail features loops from 9km to 20km in length, suitable for trips of up to a few days. There’s no right answer – really any of the maps will give you a bunch of great trip options – but the biggest thing to think about is where you’re coming from. Just as version 5 of his Algonquin Map made exploring routes easier, this map does the same. ), Temagami is huge and is a newer project, so lots of it remains unmapped by GPS for Jeff's Maps. Jeff's Map Temagami Map for Canoeists - Central 5041-093. If you already know where you’re headed, pick the map that best covers your area of interest. We cropped 8 x 11 sections from the PDF file for our route using resolutions of 5 km along the long edge for rivers, 10 …

I tried to restore an old download and Avenza informs me the maps are no longer. I think the park map was last updated in 1992. Thanks for all the offers.

Thanks again! Very happy with details such as location of portages (even river L or R is indicated), campsites, and interesting minutiae. Thanks tho! Oh yeah, I’m well aware of that. Jeff's Temagami Map - accurate, beautiful, and a free download. But he’s an honest guy, good heart and a solid human being. Board index » Canadian Route Forums & Resources » Ontario » Ontario Discussion & Resources, View unanswered posts | View active topics, My Backcountry Website: www.explorethebackcountry.com, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest.

Press to open modal with high resolution version of current image. It took me over 6 months to get my Temagami map after a few emails back and forth of the guy telling me they’re coming and then didn’t. When you click the "iPhone, iPad & Android" button a window will pop up with Step 1 and Step 2. Has the map been taken down and unavailable to grab in Avenza now? Depending on the time of year and day of the week you could just follow all the other paddlers! You'll be fine. If not, but you’re just looking to go on a short trip (i.e.

$32. We recently used Jeff's Temagami map for general navigation. One of the really nice things with having so much overlap between the sections is that while a given route might only be partially covered by one map, it’s probably completely covered by it’s neighbour. Killarney Temagami Topo Maps. It was only a short while ago that we shared with you that version 5 of Jeff's Map Algonquin Park had been announced... well Jeffrey McMurtrie didn't stop there. a trip involving no more than a couple of days of travelling,) you can check out my Central Algonquin map for a couple of options, all of which allow you to paddle directly from your car to your campsites. Jeff's Map - accurate, beautiful, and free downloads.

There were a couple of discrepancies in portage distances (Hap's maps were more accurate), but overall Jeff's map was perfect for our trip.

Mail: 1720 Lake Temagami Access Road Temagami, Ontario P0H 2H0 E-mail: tla[at]onlink.net Phone: 705-237-8927 $60.

In laying them out I wanted to make them as zoomed in and detailed as possible while specifically trying to make sure that you’d only need a single map for most trips, even trips that are a couple of weeks in length. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the canoecamping community. Re: Jeff's Map and Temagami - is it sufficient? FOT's adventure planning map or the maps on Ottertooth are about the best up-to-date information available. I'm going in sept and haven't found a good map yet. 3 Sections. Jeff is on Reddit even though he doesn't seem to have been active this year. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Killarney Temagami Topo Maps. What is so great about Jeff's maps?

Fucking up your shit with 2 people you considered the closest with will do that to you.

Copyright © 2007-2020 CCR Inc. All rights reserved. I have the KML file if you want it for Google Earth. I asked Jeffrey what he changed for version 2.0 of his Killarney map, and he said "Everything".

They're unfailingly accurate. Not intended to stir up drama, just a reminder that humans are complex animals.

They do great work maintaining and lobbying for the protection of the Temagami area, and I really want to play a part in supporting them" Stay connected to Jeff's Map by following him on Facebook and Twitter. Killarney Temagami Topo Maps. Very happy with details such as location of portages (even river L or R is indicated), campsites, and interesting minutiae. The small lakes that get you there are pretty as well.

2 Sections. Perfect for canoeists, kayakers and backpackers alike. Paging /u/cloudj, Usually I'm logged into /u/unlostify these days :), I was able to download it recently with an app called Avenza Maps. Jeff got screwed over by his business partner who is currently running Jeff’s maps. Jeff started his new business “Unlostify” to get back what he worked so hard for. – Mark Scarlett, Algonquin Canoeist of 52 Years.

Killarney Temagami Topo Maps. While each map has some access points that are on the busier side and others that are on the less busy side, in general the further north you go, the more remote the access points are.When in doubt you should pick: Western, Southern, or Central

© 2020 Temagami Lakes Association | Website by, Special Council Meeting – Municipality of Temagami (September 22, 2020), 2019 Fishing Ontario "Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary", Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA), MNRF Fishing Regulations 2019 (Management Zone 11). Jeff's Map Temagami Map for Canoeists - Central. mailing list: Sign Up . And as an added bonus, 5% of the proceeds from the sale of the Temagami maps will be donated to the Friends of Temagami. Permit offices and outfitters are easier to find, possible areas of noise are identified, and estimated route times were updated. Aside from driving distance, the biggest factor to consider is how remote you want to be. We recently used Jeff's Temagami map for general navigation. I followed your steps here and it crashes. I know first hand how thoroughly dedicated Jeffrey is to making his map as accurate as humanly possible, including his personal commitment to travel and chart as much of that landscape as one man can in a lifetime. Step 2 will take you directly to the Avenza store with the Algonquin pdf. Free Stuff? I have yet to see any copies for sale.

1 Section. We've sent him a bunch from our explorations and I can tell you that those are the best plotted tracks you'll find out there. I recommend also printing off the maps on Ottertooth.com. We used Hap's maps for greater detail on the rivers.

phone: 1 888 933 3676. email: jeff@jeffsmap.com. While it’s possible to go on a trip that’s only a couple of days long, that’ll mean backtracking over the same stretch of trail you walked in on. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the algonquinpark community. Algonquin Provincial Park for canoeists, kayakers & backpackers. The ports are easy, and you may have the lake to yourself. You're right DB there are a lot of errors and omissions on Jeff's but I found the same with Chrismar, which I prefer better.

Temagami is a municipality of 80 people in Northern Ontario, and a place of natural beauty. It’s not Jeff running Jeff’s map it’s his old partner Eric and he is unfortunately running it into the ground. It’s taken time due to legality’s from the old business. facebook: Jeff's Map. Be the first to write a review. I mostly navigate by hills, points, and campsites anyway and both maps should not give you a problem.

I'd take most of his portage lengths (and some locations) with a big pinch of salt. Is there a work around maybe? There are no major updates to existing section maps this season, however I’m happy to announce the release of 2 new maps. Avenza is an app in which you can load the pdf map and create tracks etc Unlostify is the new company in which Jeff works now I really appreciate it! Jeff's do have topo lines but they are too faint and is the only criticism I could give his collection of maps.

Similarly, if you’re coming from Ottawa you can spend 3-4 hours driving to the east side of the park, or upwards of 6 hours to get to the extreme western or southern sides of the park (pretty much everyone is in range of the centre). All Sections + 1 Bonus. I am a big fan of topo maps but this is a not a hard route to navigate and the portages are beginner easy except for the one that is usually under water between Laura and McConnel Bay which was already discussed. If possible, I'd like a copy too please. Jeff's Maps new 5 waterproof maps of the Temagami Region includes Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park, the Sturgeon, and Obabika Rivers and Provincial Parks, the West Montreal River system, the North Yorston & Sugar Lake Conservation Reserves, the Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest reserve and much, much more. I was able to grab the Algonquin Map on the old website, but it appears the domains for killarney and temagami have been terminated. phone: 1 888 933 3676. email: jeff@jeffsmap.com. It’ll probably take about 3 hours to drive here from the Toronto area, or just over 4 hours from Ottawa – you'll need the Western map for this trail, • The Highland Trail features loops from 18km to 35km in length, suitable for trips from a few days to just under a week. mailing list: Sign Up . facebook: Jeff's Map. They just keep stamping the current date on it but it's very innacurate at this point. I’m pretty sure it is email friendly because it’s in a zip file. The Algonquin map is still available. I will definitely bring some other maps and info from FOT, Hap and Ottertooth.

Unfortunately (fortunately!? Thanks for the advice, everyone! mailing list: Sign Up . --> $16.50. Maybe he'll see this and will know. We cropped 8 x 11 sections from the PDF file for our route using resolutions of 5 km along the long edge for rivers, 10 … Do you know how I can up load it so you can get it? Was/is the map business his full time job? For those of you that may have missed the news that Jeff's left the company. No problem.

facebook: Jeff's Map. Browse to Jeff's Maps on your phone. 3 Sections. Order More? Is he semi-retired?...can't see how that would pay the bills. mailing list: Sign Up . I’d be interested in the Killarney if you have it?

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