Long-term, there are still some risks about him. After what seems like forever, I can now finally log back into Supercoach and start planning all over again. For fantasy sports/tipping tips, as well as all the latest sports news and discussions, join our mailing list. Peter O'Grady And to replace round 2 Captain Cleary (refer below) I’ve brought in Dylan Brown. Rory Mead Simon Blair Yeo will be an option if he can nail down an 80 minute role at the Panthers. Scott Howlett Trade talk is full. Toot toot! Isaah Yeo 2020 Player Profile on nrlsupercoachstats.com NRL Supercoach Stats, scores, averages, minutes and PPMs. Josh Mansour, 3. Seeing as you did a write up on staggs do you see him as a more preferrable trade in? With only 15% ownership currently, Matterson is the best option. Plus, cash-cow issues aplenty to fix up. However, with Kurt Capewell and Liam Martin in the squad, it’s hard to see Yeo playing any more than 60-65 MPG, thus making him far less appealing. Brian To’o has fully recovered from severe dehydration and concussion suffered in pre-season training. Get him in. Yeo was born in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Anthony Wesley The only thing that may save Blake’s job is the availability of names like Will Kennedy for round 3. Wilfred Zee Given the increase in trades we have at our disposable, these sort of cash drops need to be avoided like an anti-vaxxer on a football field. 1. Yeo got an early rest at around the half-hour mark before coming back onto the field with 25 to go. Their one and only bye is in round 16. In hindsight, my decision to swap him for Leilua baffles me. Api Koroisau. Now yes, I know it was the Titans and I know that he’s also capable of a lower score as his 35 against the Dogs shows. © 2019 by Worldwide Fantasy Club. Josh Griffiths The Sauce is back! Api Koroisau ($338,800| HOK) – I love Api, but he’ll probably be in a time share with Mitch Kenny this season. You give in to the temptation despite knowing the cost, it’s fun but there’s no happy ending and then you leave only to see her swoop on the next degenerate only to offer him the VIP room for free (or the equivalent of scoring 150 points against the Broncos). Editors note: We’ve tried to not discuss all the main guys and have included them below to avoid the awkward comments sure to follow….. “but Wenin, wut about Api, mate? Speaking of which, if you don’t have the megabucks required to upgrade him to the likes of Taumalolo, Bateman or even Matterson, you could trade him to…Luciano Leilua (refer above). Then 2 money makers – Flegler and Isakoo, with the second a… Read more ». For me I am losing Cleary, Murray and DFaf from players I was expecting to av around at least 65 for the start of the season. While he has failed to average more than 55 PPG since 2016, injuries have severely impacted his output over this time, missing 40% of regular-season games since that year.

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