Hello Zalbarath! Consider the advice by meditation master and author Orgyen Chowang who explains in Our Pristine Mind: A Practical Guide to Unconditional Happiness: “Most people’s problems spring from their own thoughts.

3. Even spiritual ones may change over time so no worries, there are always new relationships ahead and each of them is different, unique.

Probably some doctors would box them somewhere but the realm of mind is just too complex and even in madness, people may be reaching to different layers of reality because spiritual realms are mental, all we are are mental focused egos and nothing outside mental exists for us really.

I speak from experience, having undertaken the process years ago. What do you think about goetia? I was instructed to perform this ritual on myself tonight, but I am scared of what might happen. They may have male or female dominating energy but they can present to yourself in opposite form. Once you take first steps (you won’t know it if you won’t take action) and it makes you excited and want more so you go further and further.

And I just looked at a phrase in while signing up for Web profile and the first thing I seen out of the phrase was all demon okay. Dedication ritual is not so much different from marriage… It’s just a pact and how it will work out depends on you. Such simple request aren’t the good method to attract people to spend time with you.

( Log Out /  Interesting topic in here. Expectations are tied to convictions, that are often tied to your beliefs (even former beliefs) or social biases. I believe that we are all part of the same divine energy but we carry focus on some specific energies like Satan (adversarial pull) and that’s what drives us in life. In order to learn how to communicate with divine beings like Satan we must learn it anew, but this time on a conscious level. I think about their names without me even wanting to, even during my meditation and I thought that maybe one of them is trying to communicate with me. For it’ll mean instant death afterwards. Satan is not a money machine and satanism is not about money. Some of you sound just as delusional as Christians saying they have actually verbally heard God speak. Also, when i got like spacing out, suddenly thoughts come to my mind giving me points of view, and so many things. Through awareness and understanding, you become aware of your unconscious actions, so as not to become a victim to the programmed patterns which accompany them. It was like midnight and after performing meditation and in attemp to talk to demons i felt like something is staring me i felt scared and hid myself in my blanket..i slept after a few time… Bt to my suprise i dont know why but i woke up again and again, my body was feeling as light as paper like there is no weight in me and my dark room was glowing with white light which can be compared with moonlight. Going to doctor and taking pills is not an active method. I’m still scared of going out in the back room trying to grab the box and write my wish down and put it in or even go there at night.

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Above I was telling about strong, negative subconscious programs. Because there is no simple ways to force those mind sets, ritualistic magick was born as a way to impact the mind with the physical tools and actions.

Was xtian ,but turned satanist ,so my question is I’ve done the dedication ritual well I’ve felt some bit of changes in me but not much ,but I want to know ,how do I know that I’m satanist and is there any changes that are supposed to ocur or form to see,and what is the right time for me to invoke the demons since I’ve only been in satanism for only 3months ?is it possible that I can go to a satanism church to seek more help or also how do I get to know were the church is in my area ?please help you.

I’m a newbie at this communication steps I read your blog and I’m a little uneasy of what is gonna be expected I’ve been wanting to talk to a demon named Ipos I don’t think he/she is gonna get a liking to me for all I know he knows past and future so help me out. You dont get anything for free…. There is no direct and easy prof but the point of such experiences is inner change, then the world around you changes with you too. However doing it in public shows some suppressed urges and emotions and also problems with social behavior. You start to realize that you don’t have be bound by beliefs of your family, that you can have mind on your own and no longer feel guilty or ashamed. It was very complicated process but in all this we believed that we make it and my sister believed it too.

About getting some kinds of answers, most of them were like images. From what I can tell nothing.

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