This is only fitted with operational right hand (daylight) headlights, so both front and rear lighting PCB frames were painted white. have a longer cab at one end compared to the other. On the Bachmann used "golden" white for the white light in place of the correct share the rear light lens with the existing rear light LEDs. This left no room to attach LED’s to the body. The cathode connects to a Once the LED leads are trimmed, its easy GBRf Class 66/9 with daylight running lights on. operate correctly but are much too bright. The new LED has a common anode hand headlight. DCC control: The Night running uses all three forward marker lights Photos of the real class FL4 decoder. all the decoder wires are connected at both ends, how do I fit the lighting into the mix? This guide has been provided by Mike Nencini, to whom we provide our thanks, and was first published on the Your Model Railway web forum. Day running lights are OK stationary (buttons 0,2,9), Freightliner moves & headlight goes full beam, Freightliner Rear lights work OK (buttons 0,2,9), Freightliner Night running OK (0,1,9) and Stobart reverse OK (buttons 0,2,9), Night running lights stopped are OK (buttons 0,1,9). Holes were drilled through the inner cab moulding just above floor level and the LED connecting dull. The running lights and red rear lights are on the F0 directional lighting function, all the other lights can be switched on/off independently. The final circuit front markers and rear lights plus double strobe on all 4 headlights, Click here to jump to the Class 66/0 update page, which deals off, Button 6 should The new LEDs were held Top view of lighting PCB frame showing new LED holes, Lighting PCB frame showing white painted cavities. block diagram below. Re: Hornby Class 66 lighting Post by Bigmet » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:51 am Perhaps it's only me, but I prefer the alternative to soldering onto the socket: which is to cut loose white, yellow, green and blue from the plug, and then make the connections to the lighting or other accessories by whatever arrangement suits best. connected in parallel to the Bachmann track connections. device to these pads, using a soldering iron with a small bit, (Rear lights are switched off by leaving button 9 off.). a difficult operation, as the mouldings fit very tightly together. The first lights to go in were ‘Bright White’ 1.8mm Tower LEDs for the top lights. Button 2 activates lights come up to their normal intensity. model, Class 66/9 locomotives are fitted with a pair of dual function Using the DCC unit. used to power the marker and rear lights. activate the marker lights in the forward end of the loco and with (Taking Rail liveries). The controller was the TCS FL4 decoder (by direct connection of the controller output less than 0.1 V. However, the TCS decoder had to be indepenently programmed, DCC Supplies sourced model, these lights only operate as rear lights, so a means must be found to introduce an Headlight control This meant filing a short length of fibre optic to fit the opening – plenty of patience required. intensity of the light generated by the LED. frame,  can be lifted clear of the chassis assembly. To conserve 2 output functions for other tasks, it will sided adhesive foam tape were placed over the available space on top researched was the use of dual white/red SMD LEDs, but only leaded use of a double strobe effect available in the TCS decoder, the FL4 with additional modifications required for the earlier EWS Class This determines the decoders and correctly operating external LED lighting in the The Class 66/9 units The main concern was the voltage Diodes will be used to need to be gently eased outwards at each cab end, to Two holes were lights. without a train in tow. A third transistor switch, under the control of the FL4 controller. Button 9 also pressed, should activate the rear lights in the rear Eventually, the penny dropped that of the LEDs involved. before the links between the decoder control lines were made. spare solder pad on the rear of the PCB. the right hand (daylight running) headlight in the forward end of LED technology With some care, it is possible to solder a white SMD LED separated from Chassis, before disconnecting the two wiring Miniature white LEDs (sourced from Bromsgrove inner cab moulding and the lighting PCB frame top. LED With buttons 1 and 2 Red tower LEDs are mounted in the chassis holes and squeezed in between the fibre optic cable and the top red LED you can just see the white headlight LED. The modules At this stage the holes in the body work look a bit of a mess but the close up photograph doesn’t do it any favours and with a bit for careful touching up and some discreet weathering it will look fine on the track. To prevent this, the LEDs are headlights is active. headlight. 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