The Talents and the Employees will work together to regain the trust that our fans placed in us.

instead of keeping it low and letting it died down they decide to blow it up? Her video cleared all doubts in everyone' mind and couldn't have been any more perfect.

Blog personale. All the staff were friendly and attentive. You mentioned the fact that she has a much lower subscriber count than say Rushia or Korone's and I feel that also plays a big part in why her stream chat seems so well behaved. Press J to jump to the feed. To help everyone enjoy the stream more, please follow these rules: With Houshou Marine(by rurudo and Marine). Man I feel bad for Towa, goes to show the difference in culture. Instead of dying down, it could potentially spread to other vtubers with which Towa interacted, like the ones already asking Asacoco to cover it, impacting on her ability to do coolabs. The food was great and the service was excellent. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Edit : Okay I was too harsh. Mano Aloe retired. She is now in the "trial and error" process.". Also, can someone please explain to me why the fuck the reddit mods allowed the clip in question to be posted here? Visited this restaurant for the first time with friend and was very impressed. Some instances of her angel-like behavior include: Her representative emote is a Space Invader. It's her decision, and I hope we support her choice to focus on herself first. Towa almost always stream both around the same time and also rarely ever go above 3 hours. Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Towa occasionally ends up asking her viewers and even occasionally fellow Vtubers for advice on how to act more devil-like. Get top headlines from the Union-Tribune in your inbox weekday mornings, including top news, local, sports, business, entertainment and opinion. Crime rates have been high inside the camp and some of the women have tried to escape.

It's a dangerous game to even have a chance to spill real life informations by friends when these girls have tons of stalkers, especially japan where shit happens a lot :D. All in all, its a pretty shit statement from Cover. share. Hololive towa incident what happened. Many thanks! One japanese comment had also mentioned that they "can't say those that felt betrayed when they heard a guy's voice in the microphone are real fans". This happens a lot too on english translated vtuber videos too. How did Towa become so popular with Western audiences? I am not saying I like to read PR bs nor do I find Towa's decision to apologize agreeable. It is an Italian restaurant that has never lost its relaxed family friendly atmosphere. The entire situation is beyond stupid, and would be a non issue in any outside of the brainded idol fandom, but saying and doing nothing could be detrimental. I'm actually quite curious cus not only does she have a strong overseas fanbase, but they seem to also be the most respectable and least obnoxious western audience I have seen (unlike the overseas fans of for example Rushia and Korone). Now I am really confused on who did this, and what exactly is happening. Mostly because lots of people make fantasy about vtubers about how they could look, fall in love with them and such, and ofc especially white knight them 0-24h. Having a healthy sleep schedule and the tendency to do early morning streams. She is an avid FPS player, with the current FPS games she usually plays on-stream being Valorant and APEX. It all comes down to that in the end. Really hope they won't cut her next week. Despite being a Devil, Towa is a sweet, kind-hearted, down to earth girl, which has caused many of her fans to insist that she is an Angel instead, Towa herself tries to play it off as.
In the idol culture the costumer is always right,I'm not acknowledge what happened to Towa,but is how Japanese' idol industry works the image is everything if Hololive try to fight back it would be bad for them. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The punishment also seems a little harsh as she has already explained everything, so even if it happens again in the future it shouldn't matter. Towa is not fully innocent since she panicked by saying the voice is from a management staff. Despite being a devil, she is often referred to as an angel due to her behavior, much to her dismay. It's bad enough that they need an outsider to fix the monetization problem and too afraid to implement Streamlabs, they pretty much just make a non-problem into an actual scandal. Went here for our staff Christmas night out and was fantastic. You've heard of those new and awesome content creators called "Virtual Youtubers"? Although she didn't have to, Towa's explanation in her apology video was perfect. The food was exquisite, one of the nicest dishes I have ever tasted (even beats some of the restaurants I visited while in Italy !!). They make their own stories about the person in their head and if it's not meeting up the expectations they become angry and leaving. >> Anonymous 10/27/20(Tue)01:33:03 No.

Tokonoki / Tokonose / Tokonokise - A group consisting of Tokoyami Towa, Kusunoki Sio, and Ichinose Uruha. i came back and my friend told me that something happened to mano aloe, and i search it up, seeing stuff like her personal information getting leaked, and also hearing she’s retiring.

Despite being a devil, Towa is extremely kindhearted and sweet. She uses ohayappi! You do have to remember that while she may have a lot of overseas fans, in terms of numbers she doesn't have as many compared to someone like Korone due to the large subscriber difference. U.N. counterterrorism chief Vladimir Voronkov said in July that the U.N. Office of Counter-Terrorism, which he heads, is pushing the issue very strongly with countries whose citizens are detained. (ohayo and yappi) on morning streams. The incident has gone on trending on twitter and even reaching #1 trend in Japan so staying silent may not be the best option either.

Also imo her fanbase is more respectful because she hadn't a "boom in the wrong way" and both Korone and Rushia had one. With smaller numbers, the number of people who misbehave or cause problems are also smaller. Her greeting; a combination of konbanwa (good evening) or konnichiwa(good afternoon) and -yappi, her custom greeting.

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