When I said that, Gotou-san’s cheeks turned a little red, and then she looked away from me. For a while, we felt uncomfortable with each other, and to break the ice, we took the meat that was on our plates and ate it in silence, along with several shots of beer. “I like to take time to grill the meat so that it’ll taste delicious.”, “But if you overcook it, it’ll spoil the taste.”, “But if you eat it when it’s soft just because it tastes more delicious, it’ll upset your stomach.”, “After a few times, you’ll start developing an eye for when it’s cooked just right.”. Gotou-san is the type of person who would do all sorts of things to get other people to say what she wants to hear. When I told her what was on mind all along, it was evident that the weight on my chest was lightened. “Um, I don’t know. u/ainzooalg0wn. That trick won’t work on me anymore. Soshite Joshikosei Wo Hirou. A woman as attractive as her remaining inexperienced up until the age of 28 seemed like a joke to me. I sighed and took the tongs. Created Sep 12, 2018. That’s why I got mad!”, “I’m tired of you leaving me all flustered every time we interact.”, “Gotou-san, if you really like me then it should be fair that you’d be flustered by me as well.”. To avoid the uncomfortable silence, I took a glass of beer and drank it. Enter your email address to follow us and receive notifications of new releases by email. 6, (Announcement) HigeHiro Volume 3 Hidden For Now. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. I answered that and Gotou-san laughed out loud. Hige wo Soru. See? I looked up when I heard Gotou-san’s question. Finally, I said it. “That’s right. At my words, Gotou-san looked away and seemed to be worried. Online. So we like each other? (I Shaved. Synopsis Office worker Yoshida has been crushing on his coworker, Airi Gotou, for five years. To my question, Gotou-san turned her head a little to the side. I was confident that I could answer the question of whether or not I had a woman. Hearing her voice, I looked at Gotou-san again, and at that moment no one would think she was a girl who seemed to have self-confidence. 4 thoughts on “ (Release) Hige wo Soru. Then, I lifted it slowly, looked at Gotou-san, and saw her red cheeks as she was facing the table. “I see. I was puzzled by the sudden shift of her behavior as she was so casual back then. Hige Wo Soru. However, I also regretted that I had troubled Gotou-san too much. Drunk and disappointed, he … u/Zxphyre . Under these circumstances, did you really think I’d be tempted by anyone else?”. “No, no… In the first place, I find it hard to imagine that you’re like that.”, “No, I mean… that thing you said about being a virgin.”. Drunk and disappointed, he stumbles home, only to find a high school girl sitting on the side of the road. And she seemed to be quite concerned about that. When I heard those words, my thoughts froze. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. Her usual friendly, smiling demeanor disappeared and she was now looking directly at me with a serious face. At my response, Gotou-san seemed strangely convinced and nodded several times. That being the case, I thought I should also answer her question truthfully. “Well then, how can I make you believe me?”. “…So you don’t like the fact that I’m a virgin after all? She was about to say something but stopped. Depending on the answer to this question, the phrase “living with me” will change greatly. Hige Hiro - HigeHiro - Hige Hirou - HigeHirou, Press J to jump to the feed. Even without saying it, I knew she implied that I was the next to answer. (Release) Hige wo Soru. I like her. I didn’t know whether I will be relieved or not. Vol. I was speechless at that simple question from Gotou-san. I received the plate quietly and placed the pieces of meat one by one on the grill. Perhaps you might just go with the flow and something might…”. u/CapnPoot. Gotou-san, with a bitter smile, shook her head and said: I suddenly felt weak and leaned my back on the chair. “No, I’m really very sorry. To test her, I played my best card. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. I asked Gotou-san a direct question and for a moment she seemed to hesitate. Gotou-san happily took the chopsticks then grabbed a piece of meat. After saying that, Gotou-san stared at the grill. I thought. About I gathered my courage. Without a doubt, I like her as a member of the opposite sex. Đọc truyện tranh Hige Wo Soru. Genjitsu de Rabukome Dekinai to Dare ga Kimeta? get a rush out of it if hentai starts to bore you, and the protagonist is a perfect blank canvas for any decent person to identify with. Even though she said she likes me, didn’t she reject my confession? After taking a sip of the beer, Gotou-san stared at the glass, seeming to reflect on something. Well, next time I’ll be the one to confess.”, “Although I don’t know when I’ll be ready… but will you wait for me?”. While I’m alone at home, you’ll be together with that girl. A woman I’ve like for five years just told me she likes me. Chapter 22 Discussion. Is it the light novel or the manga that's furthest in the story? I didn’t know that Gotou-san knew that characteristic of mine. However, by the time Gotou-san asked this question, she had already realized many things, and so did I. The expression on her face froze and she immediately shook her head, then putting aside the chopsticks from her hand. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “All that talk about you liking me. “Of course not. Randy says: October 11, 2020 at 12:41 pm Thanks for the chapter! It’s different! Gotou-san’s gaze looked confused and then she tilted her head to the side. I answered clearly and Gotou-san looked into my eyes for a few seconds and then closed it before sighing deeply. Vol. I remembered Asami saying it and said it in a low voice, but I didn’t dare to say it one more time. “It’s a bold question to ask, but, you’re not doing anything inappropriate with her, are you? I looked away from her and laughed ironically. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. She made a slight nervous movement and gave me a look. “When you invited me over to your house, I was very happy. You see… I have a pretty good intuition.”. 5 ” ambi says: October 11, 2020 at 6:57 am Thanks for the chapter aLy! I’m sorry.”. Click to join us and receive notifications of new releases through Discord. Gotou-san suddenly looked away and pouted. She then looked away from me saying: Gotou-san’s gaze then wandered across the surface of the table as she shook her head. Hige Wo Soru. “Do I like the type of woman who seems to have a lot of dating experience?”, “Well, look at how much sex appeal you’re giving out right now.”. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. Would you seriously reject her? Everything, from the fact that I liked this person to the fact that I was under a lot of stress. Gotou-san frowned, looked at me once, and then withdrew her gaze. Also, any English translations? I really do! Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. - I Shave My Beard. If so, then why is this person living with you now?”, “Ran away from home and couldn’t find anyone else to rely on…”.

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