Greg Bahnsen came from this ancient period of American history where not every pastor was tasked with becoming a celebrity. I think to advocate irrationality is a bad thing to do, that’s not the way to go. Dr. Bahnsen: Yea. Maybe it did come from non-life—that irrational possibility exists. Atheism is again not a worldview, and that’s the basic confusion here.

Bahnsen: No, I’m not. By the way, if I can mention a book called The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins, which I think is one of the best books I’ve seen, directly addressing his creationist argument, and I think it’s a very plausible book for people who might be skeptical about evolution. Often, and I think you’ll see this if you read George’s book, you have people who present something of a Thomistic approach to faith and reason where faith fills in the gaps where reason lets us down or is inadequate. This is going to be a repeat of what George has heard earlier.

It was the debate of the century: Does God Exist? A donation of $1 can go a long way toward keeping us online. I confess I was not fully convinced that Bahnsen’s “transcendental argument” was as different from the arguments of Aquinas as he claimed.

We have truths of mathematics. Dr. Greg Bahnsen versus Dr. Gordon Stein At the University of California, Irvine, 1985 SEGMENT ONE I. . Either you do this or you don’t. [3] He published numerous articles and has over 1700 audio tapes, videos, articles, and books to his name. . Bahnsen: That’s the question I’m going to ask you. . . )��.� Dr. Bahnsen: Are they sociological laws or laws of thought? �y�8M��,��t�W#U:�P� Л����b4'��:6s.�we�B�Z4E'PR2��H p�ߍ0����8�%�|m�H��ݓ�~=�r�͑�,&�`A� ��:�\�g\�p!م�0��A��a(ŕ��p(��E���@[$n�|�1e�E��&ޭ���P���((���� LJ�P�q(��A��I�`����@�9 \A�z�H You can’t move from a description of the world that we live in and our experience to the way things ought to be. In that sense, the student at the university who first hears lectures about U.S. history or about logic, or what have you, begins to learn about these fields because he or she has faith in the instructors that they’re giving them the straight scoop, and that sort of thing. 8 Lectures by Bahnsen. In this blog I look at the Greg Bahnsen vs RC Sproul debate. Now that we've spent a considerable amount of time discussing Van Til's analogical reasoning, we can turn to discussing Aquinas. Before we go back to the phones, George, you wanted to give more or less your definition of atheism. . from the University of Southern California, and he has degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary. Smith: Well, I was raised on Air Forces bases. . [4] In addition, he was known for his public debates on apologetics, theonomy, religion (such as Roman Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism), and a variety of socio-political issues (such as abortion, gun control, and homosexuality).

So, he argued that even with original sin it was still possible for human beings through the use of reason to discern certain natural laws. That is, that future cases will be like past cases or in popular [unintelligible] the uniformity of nature. Tina: Yes, well that’s part of the question. If you simply plug in the word “Blark,” or in your case the word “God,” whenever you encounter a problem, it doesn’t solve the problem. Dr. Stein: I know what the debate is about.

So, I would make that the foundation for reason. . It is that in their heart of hearts they do know God, and they are rebelling against that knowledge by their outward profession and the way in which they attempt even to put together a rational worldview or appeal to reason as George very well does. I confess that I do have some reservations about that format: it almost requires the opponents to try to tear one another to shreds, rather than speaking the truth in love. It’s just that I’ve heard—I’ve been an atheist for many years now and involved myself in a lot of debates—and I think I’ve heard most of the arguments I’m going to hear, so somebody is going to have to come up with something new to convince me. Moderator: When you say you were religious, did you consider a personal relationship with Jesus Christ part of what you had? Bahnsen: Oh, it is?

In the same way that an Old Testament Jew would’ve been able to make sense out of reason and ethics and science because of the worldview provided to him by God in revelation. Hierdie is die derde artikel in ons hoe/hoekom reeks. Moderator: Atheism: The Case Against God. Bahnsen: Exactly. Stay with us. Well, Greg and George, I appreciate both of you joining us and I think it was a very interesting, lively discussion. Bahnsen’s transcendental argument was carefully put together and eloquently stated: logic, the laws of nature, and the laws of morality make no sense unless God is presupposed. It’s accounting for abstractions, which you can’t do. This debate on the "Does God Exist" was held at University of California, Irvine on February 11, 1985. .

4 Lectures . We must admit that it has been rare for a presuppositionalist to actually debate an unbeliever. As for this stuff about God’s unchanging character, let me just address the ethics thing. Die eerste artikel het gevra: “Hoekom is jy Gereformeerd?” en die tweede het gevra ... Hierdie is die tweede artikel in die Hoe?/Hoekom? When George says that happiness is a goal in itself, see I would throw the voluntarist problem back on him at that point and say, “Well, George, even assuming—and I don’t think this is correct, but just for argument’s sake—that on the basis of happiness as your telos or goal for living that you could make sense of why you don’t murder or why you try to be reasonable. But that assumes that I believe the physicist himself is not acting from faith but himself can prove what he says.

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