Jackie Lacey vs. George Gascón: What to know about L.A County district attorney’s race. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Her work has appeared in Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, The Cut, Paste, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thrillist, and The Washington Post. GaTa: Man, I do, too. Modern crooner? And yet this wasn’t a diagnosis written into the show to make a statement—this really happened. “I was wiggling,” GaTa admitted. AD: You’re genius in that scene, because you’re both heartbreaking and hilarious. Based on Burd’s real-life experiences as an aspiring white rapper named Lil Dicky, “Dave” relies on the authenticity of its depiction, according to Burd; the show works only if it nails the finer points of the hip-hop domain into which this jester-ish outsider has so eagerly sought entrée. I chatted with GaTa about what it was like to pull back this layer about himself, in his first ever role as an actor, and what he’s learned from playing the part he was literally born to play. Russell orchestrated the ‘Junkyard Dawgs’ defenses during his stint and came up with the memorable slogan G.A.T.A (Get After Their Asses) to remind them to be tenacious and not allow opponents to cross the goal line. And indeed “Dave” unquestionably centers the journey of its title suburbanite, for whom inner-city GaTa represents a source of hard-won wisdom about race and privilege. You've gotta be tuned in with the artist you're hyping. The waterhole is a place where … He helps Dave become a complete human being.”. Definitely. So that’s why they gave me the green light because, when I shoot from the hip and shoot from honesty of my heart and go stray away from the script, I come up with better stuff than what’s already written. Gospel star Bishop Rance Allen dead at 71. Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, became a sensation with his comic rap videos. I just had all those emotions built up in that scene and the hospital scene. For sure. And while many of the show's characters are pure fiction, his hype man GaTa is 100% the real day. I'm a diehard "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fan, I love pizza and I collect vintage sunglasses. These days, you just have more of a social platform to showcase your other talents. Mikael Wood is pop music critic for the Los Angeles Times. Awards Daily: I was blown away by your performance on Dave. So it made sense that to portray his onscreen hype man — an essential figure in rap tasked with stoking a crowd’s excitement — Burd would turn to … his actual hype man: Davionte “GaTa” Ganter, who’s been playing gigs with Lil Dicky since shortly after the release of the rapper’s breakout viral track “Ex-Boyfriend” in 2013. I just help him with his day-to-day confidence and being that extra battery in his pack, because you always need people to have your energy and I think my level of energy matches his. GaTa: Oh, yeah! GaTa: Oh, yeah! There are many people around the world just like you. Himself. Can we bridge our cultural divide? “Those tears are as real as anything.”, Burd said it was strange to want one of his best friends “to dig deep into that pain for the sake of the show.” He knew GaTa “wanted to go there, but I felt …,” he trailed off. Endorsements. “That’s where GaTa was so vital. Did you do any kind of preparation for this role? This show is based upon what Dicky has been through and my scenes are based on the things that me and Dicky have really been through. Danielle Macdonald Learned About Different Kinds Of Trauma for Netflix's 'Unbelievable'. With 7.044 billion views, Pinkfong’s earworm “Baby Shark” has outpaced Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” as YouTube’s most-viewed video of all time. — for “grinding every day, getting every dollar, getting educated daily,” GaTa said — with a third friend, Schoolboy Q. GaTa went on tour as Tyga’s hype man, enjoying “a lot of wild nights” as they “went to every state more than three or five times.”, “We really been through it,” he said. We sat down with GaTa to learn about how he first became acquainted with with Lil Dicky and how he was introduced to playing himself on TV. And yet that’s just what’s happened thanks to a deeply moving performance — his first outside of music videos — drawn in part from his own real-life experience with bipolar disorder. Once they made me feel comfortable and knowing it was going to be all right, that I was keeping healthy and taking my medicine, that’s when I really wanted to share it with people. What does GATA stand for? That’s how we come up with these great scenes. I actually learned a lot from Dave, he taught me about patience. Top GATA abbreviation meanings updated October 2020 Being able to improvise in my first role, it just made me feel even more comfortable, and I love Jeff for that and I love Dicky for allowing me to do that. (Think “Green Book” or “The Legend of Bagger Vance.”). I learned anything is possible, and you can do anything if you always believe in yourself and surround yourself with great people. It makes me feel more comfortable anyway. It is all here. I just put out a project called "Locked In," it's on Apple Music and Spotify. I always keep it real with him and try my best to enhance his swag and confidence. Definitely not. GaTa has been Lil Dicky's hype man for years and he's making his on screen debut in a very unconventional … They didn’t know that I would really engage with his family like that. Added Burd of his naturally magnetic pal: “GaTa behaves as though he’s a star. “I can see myself playing a skateboarder or a scientist or an undercover cop,” he said. It really helped me through one of these hard times.’”. Lil Dicky and GaTa perform in Miami Beach in 2015. Beyoncé's Beyhive is shook after the music icon revealed in a Vogue interview she has “around 80,000" bees on her property to make honey for her family. On March 4th, a brand new comedy premieres on FXX called "Dave." My mom and sister were always in my corner, just going through the whole process. He hooks Dave up with the real-life rapper YG, and so we assume that GaTa has his life together, especially because Dave is a bumbling wannabe by comparison. Image is everything. But GaTa, who’s shown more than once taking his meds, steers the series into new emotional territory; he’s a gentle but irrepressible striver who’s unafraid to put his feelings on the line, and his empathetic presence establishes a tone that “Dave” continues to explore through the season finale scheduled for April 29. “Damn, this s— is hard as hell, bro!” GaTa exclaims as he takes in the cozy middle-class surroundings. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. AD: How much of the stuff on the show is taken from you and Dave’s real-life relationship? Have you slept in his parents’ basement? Hip-hop fans can look forward to seeing some huge names in the music industry. “Trying to impress the new people, let them know I’m a hype man. That’s what I learned. They don’t know that I’m really his hype man. His new one? California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Also: He’s hilarious, as seen in a sequence where Dave guides GaTa to the finished basement during an overnight stay at his parents’ house. AD: Have you learned something about yourself in the course of playing yourself? A look at California’s November ballot propositions. Little stuff like that, trying on a different shirt with some different type of pants. After that partnership ran its course, Tyga’s manager recommended GaTa’s services to Lil Dicky, whose career the manager also oversaw at the time. It's 100% authentic. GaTa: I learned that I don’t know it all, because I was so used to being on stage and performing and writing songs in my own backyard and just dreaming. “He started to go back to that place in his mind, and it all just came out,” Schaffer said. In the fifth episode of its first season, the comedy series gets a little serious when it focuses on Dicky’s hype man GaTa, playing a version of himself, when he reveals to his friends that he’s bipolar. 'Gata' is slang for Gator. Then I’m thinking about my past, all the hardships and the trials and tribulations that I’ve been through, how long it’s taken me to finally get a decent amount of spotlight. Beyoncé owns beehives — like, actual beehives — and the Beyhive is buzzing. It’s a stunning scene, that has so much authenticity and heart that people immediately started talking about GaTa as an Outstanding Supporting Actor Comedy Emmy hopeful. I’m not even supposed to be here, where I come from. How did the decision to reveal your bipolar diagnosis on the show come about? GaTa: Man, I do, too. I cried for like a week straight, knowing I’m going to be in this position, where this could take me, the possibilities. But it was Da Brat, who found success as one of a handful of female MCs in the mid-1990s, who inspired him to rap. I didn’t do no type of preparation. That’s the main thing that I’ve learned. You can learn something from the bum off the street. Would you recommend it to others? Oh my god. ‘Only the Young,’ a song by pop sensation Taylor Swift, is featured in a new campaign ad for former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. Now, his portrayal of a bipolar rap hype man is earning early Emmy buzz. Anyone already watching “Dave,” in which the strongest scenes have a loose, improvisational vibe that captures the intimacy of the friendships at its core, has discovered by this point that the show is more complicated than Lil Dicky’s penis-joke-filled catalog suggested it would be.

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