$GME fiscal q4 is nov-jan anyways. My assumption is that they're going all in on this. So what day can I go up to gamestop and buy the new xbox? RT @LeBlorstOfTimes: Anyone else who preordered the PS5 bundle with Destruction AllStars from GameStop ... have you run into this problem?…. This week been trying to cancel preorders but the actions would error out when trying to cancel. Gamestop. The order received step is completely automated, and there's no one on hand to actually pack or ship anything.

Inform me please. If you aren’t in discounters, you are surely missing out. I just finished dinner finally, will be headed upstairs to check order number on my receipt through the website. I’m sure it’ll be cancelled by the morning time. Good luck to anyone who got in on it lol. @PlayStation So anyone getting a message from gamestop about upgrading your shipping DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR SHIPPING as the agent i spoke to explained this is what is causing cancellations of ps5 & Xbox pre-orders apparently its a glitch in their system. I haven't seen a receipt or email to determine if this is related to my PS5 preorder or not. @TuckerPartridge @REALpunknews Working at Gamestop was one of the main things that radicalized me against corporate greed so it's not untrue. Pick Up Your Item at the GameStop holding your purchase. @S_Kennedy_ @Warcraft @GameStopHelp @GameStop Yeah it’s still awaiting carrier pickup. - 1K T-Mobile Method @GameStop Please clarify on the email about delays sent out to PS5 pre-order customers that ordered a bundle. @PlayStation ps4 my game is not working it is showing me a MSG in front of my game im going to gamestop for u to fix it or im going to get a xbox, Is the GameStop glitch still working? This reminds of that time where people used a glitch to get “infinite” credit on GameStop. Still showing up for me now. @GameStop really just canceled my PS5 preorder because of internal issues they had and aren't letting me set up another preorder. @PS5only @GameStop @PlayStation @OBE1plays @SpawnWaveMedia does anyone know why my local GameStop only got media remote and none of the other pre orders? and emails to customer service just go unanswered . @ChiltdoggScott @GameStop @gamestopcorp I’ve done some digging. @GameStopHelp @GameStop Your Customer Service sucks. I set up poweruprewards the day I got the system so maybe that may be the reason it's not showing up, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. @segaswirl @Logmey92 And will only work to an extent. It is set to ship before 7/1 But when I look to check up on the order it says that I have not made any orders. I don't have the Xbox X pre-ordered but plan to hit Gamestop and get one from allocation.

@S_Kennedy_ @Warcraft @GameStopHelp @GameStop Yeah it’s still awaiting carrier pickup. @Mike_Haracz @GameStop @PlayStation I issue a challenge.

Great service! @Microsoft Hey Microsoft I just got back from GameStop and they said to contact u because I needed to contact u of a problem that occurred on the Xbox and hope you answer or reply because I really need this Xbox and yea so if you see this pls reply that will be amazing, @NewsdaySee @BSpresidente @GameStop @gamestopcorp @ryancohen there are always supply issues on console releases, covid or not. Don't have thousands of followers to push something like below but if ya down let's get together and support local foster homes or orphanages by donating Xbox Game Pass so they can have an amazing holiday season. @AliToTheFuture @HobbyGradeMoron huh i had zero issues grabbing on gamestop yesterday. So I get off the phone and place a second order with a different card. Which order to play the GC Resident Evil games?

Wrong email, and I can't change the email now. I want to clear this up before reporting it. I’ve been grinding 3 builds and working a lot. I checked with the gamestop i preordered from and they showed me i still have it preorder. Is anyone else having problems logging into their @GameStop account? They answered and apologized asking for my info in a DM. Got an email confirmation, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks. Anyway, nothing to get excited about, just a glitch and all will be canceled. I'm upset today, cause I don't have my confirmations yet on my ps5 and seriesX on Gamestop.

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