I will definitely make it again. Replaced the sugar with Demerara it’s all I had, Brilliant! Any ideas of where I’ve gone wrong please? What can I substitute for the milk? Hi Dorothy, Leave the temperature the same and test after 50 minutes. Will be using this as my “go-to” Fruit Cake from now on. It’s a favourite with my hubby too. Your email address will not be published. Lazy River Rag By Dan Lebowitz Hello, I don’t have jam I only marmalade ? Hi Rebecca, Glad you like the cake – so easy! x, Hi Dorothy, Glad you and your grandchildren like the cake. It’s so easy, (as long as you make sure the butter is really soft) Maybe that will help. The way to convert one tin to another is to fill the tins with water and pour it into a measuring jug to see the volume. I use a spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and coriander, but any mix you like is fine. Hi Esty, Thanks for that! Hi would it be possible to add the butter milk and fruit to a saucepan and melt first . Very very nice.

Hi Lorraine, Glad you like the cake. But dumplings don't have to be savoury; this list is for those who enjoy sugary sweet delights in dump... keep reading. Cheers – Susie. Either way it sounds good. Yes, those substitutions will be fine .

Ive made 3 now and .i will make my daughter a gluten free and dairy free one and freeze in slices. Glad you like the cake – Susie, Your email address will not be published. Can you use su flower oil instead of butter?

I’m so pleased you like the cake Cheers – Susie, Hi Susie, would it be possible to get this recipe for an 8inch round and square tin please? Try reducing the temperature by 10-20°C and testing the cake after 1hr 15 mins There, we said it. Loved it and so easy to make , Hi Kaz, How kind! This time I also added chopped almonds to the mix, keeping to the 400g ratio per cake, and whole almonds on top. The end result will be slightly denser than using white flour, but not unpleasantly so. The reward for doing good work is the opportunity to do more ????

Have used your recipe a few times now and it never fails. I added a few crushed walnuts and marmalade as had no jam just waiting on it coming out oven for tomorrow’s visitors. Sorry to hear that. Definitely is going to be my go to recipe from now on. I see that some models say to look at the cake once it’s finished cooking and see if it needs putting on again, so there’s some control there.

What size round tin would this suit, I am thinking about doubling the mixture as I need a 9inch size, do you think this will be enough? Hi Carol, I didn’t have a 2lb tin used a 1lb and just halved everything including time turned out perfect. I’ve made this several times using gluten free flour, I just add a teaspoon of baking powder and twice as much milk, as I find gluten free flour tends to absorb more moisture. Glad you like the cake. Cheers – Susie. I hadn’t realised quite what a difference that makes. Used raisins, dates, dried cranberries, dried pineapple and a hint of candied ginger – basically all the dried fruit I could find in the kitchen, including from a pack of trail mix . I have made this cake a few times now. Hi. Otherwise, put the cake in the middle of the oven. Cheers – Susie. If you don’t have any jam, you could use marmalade or honey – or even golden syrup (but not too much or the cake will be very sweet). Just one quick question; I weighed out 400gms of dried fruit which I then soaked for a couple of hours in a bit of Brandy with hot water, when I drained off the liquid the fruit weighed a bit over 500gms – I only used 400gms of the soaked fruit. It has less fruit so it cuts better. This fruit cake will keep in the fridge for at least a week.

Its a favourite in our house, even better than the shops xx, Hi Jan, So pleased your family like this cake. Hi Shelley. Hi Suzie new to recipe, will it work well icing it I wanted it for a celebration cake? Hiya, I’m wanting to use this recipe but in an 8inch square tin.. do you know how much of the ingredients would be needed?

Many thanks Gill, Hi Gillian, Use the marmalade instead of the jam in the recipe, so 1 rounded tablespoon. A third option is to wait until the cake is cooked, then make holes in the bottom with cocktail sticks and spoon some brandy over. My family absolutely love this cake and it is so easy to make. I haven’t changed the recipe at all, it’s perfect as it is. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for responding. FYI, the equivalents are: Brandy always helps I added raspberry jam and baked for 1:25. 1 tablespoon = 15 ml Cheers – Susie. I only use the 125g of butter and a loaf tin liner which is soaking wet with fat. , Absolutely my Best Attempt at Fruit cake Ever , the WHOLE family loved it, Great idea soaking Fruit in tea,I’d never done this before, Perfect Recipe and so simple. Made this cake today for first time and like some of the previous reviews, mine seems quite dry especially on the outside. Just like you would with a oiled cake. However it was a bit on the dry side for my taste. You can use any machine to mix the batter (as the professionals call the cake mix without the fruit). Hi Susie. I imagine you would need a bit more liquid as the dried fruit will absorb some of it when it’s heated, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t give you a definitive answer about how much. I’ve been baking for nigh on 50 years now, and this cake is one of the best I’ve made. It sounds as if your oven was too hot. Hi susie I have just made your fruit loaf cake I have just taken it out of the oven to cool down. Hi Tina, Glad it turned out well. Let me know how you get on with less sugar. I have baked some fruit cakes in the past, but it is always a ‘fruit overload’. Perfect with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.

It’s always a good idea to add cherries, in my opinion. Yes it is, BUT cakes can turn out dry for a number of reasons, mostly to do with the bake time and temperature. The only problem is it has come out very crumbly and is impossible to slice. Definitely need cake at committee meetings , I made this cake today with my 7 year old daughter it came out great and tastes just like my mum’s when I was a 7 year old not just a great taste but lovely memories thank you, Hi Jason, So glad this brought back happy memories.

Hi Phil, My favourite thing about this cake is changing the fruit and nut mix. So pleased you like the recipe. I had no trouble with burning or under cooking and as with a fan oven used a lower oven setting. It’s always a hit with the men in my family too Cheers – Susie. Cheers – Susie. Hi Diain – Glad you like the cake – soaking the fruit is always a good idea. Did you use margarine instead of butter? Hi, have you ever made a gluten free version?

Can’t wait for the next one, if I get my skates on, ⛸⛸should be ready by Teatime today , Hi Sandy, Sounds like you love this cake! Soaking the fruit gives an extra flavour to it as well. I buy miner from Holland and barest. The next cake I made I used a good tablespoonful of Apricot jam, that also worked very well. Hi Caroline.

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