[15] In the same year, the Langold Hotel was opened, to the north of the village, promoted by the Colliery Company as a place where engineers and visiting officials could stay. Died 27-07-1928, 28-07-1928 Died 16-08-1950, 21-08-1950 Prior to 1992, the eastern half of the main lake was in Nottinghamshire, and the western half was in Rotherham. I can only imagine the offices which had overstuffed armchairs and ornate desks. Died 05-09-1930, 08-09-1930 New Houses Both estates passed to Henry's son, also called Henry, who again planned a large mansion overlooking the lake, but although he commissioned Sir Jeffry Wyatt to draw up plans, no construction took place. Work stopped at 450 yards (410 m), when water flooded the workings, and pumps had to be installed. Worksop Courthouse Langold, 11-06-1940 If any copyright of anyone else's material is unintentionally breached, please email me. Langold, 12-12-1938 New Carlton, 04-09-1930 41, Doncaster Road Worksop, Joseph Potter Slater 8, Hardwick Crescent Worksop Courthouse The Langold estate passed to Sir Thomas Wollaston White in 1846 and to Sir Archibald Wollaston White of Wallingwells in 1907. The south lawn was gradually covered by spoil from the mine, and now towers some 265 feet (81 m) over the park. Carlton in Lindrick, 11-11-1964 The race meeting, which starts on 9 September, is the biggest event in the racecourse calendar at Doncaster, dating back to 1776. 4, Markham Road Worksop Police Station, George Hague 4, Church Street Langold, 00-05-1950 Mining had earlier started in the surrounding area around 1911 and that there may be a workable seam of coal at Langold. Powered by vBulletin - Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Construction of housing began to the west of the main road in 1924, with 128 houses completed and occupied by April 1925. Burial details of some of the men who died in pit accidents. Access to the colliery site was provided by around 5 miles (8.0 km) of temporary railway track, laid to connect to the main railway network which served Harworth Colliery. The village school was recently named 'best in Worksop' and the lively church housed in the old cinema continues to run many activities for young people, children and residents of Langold. Died 07-01-1941, 09-01-1941 High Street The councils for Nottinghamshire, Bassetlaw and Rotherham all agreed to moving the boundary, so that it followed recognisable features in the landscape. Worksop Police Station, Burnt in the Boiler Worksop, Information and photographs submitted by subscribers are posted in good faith. Worksop, Alwn Eli Thompson 34, William Street Worksop, 21-08-1941 Yeah mate very good..like you say it's trashed but lots off retaining features left. Carlton in Lindrick, 19-06-1935 Langold, 28-04-1950 Created to remember those that lost their lives at Firbeck Colliery A place to share your memories and celebrate the lives of all Firbeck Miners Langold is a village in Bassetlaw, north Nottinghamshire, England. Worksop Police Station, John Claxton Markham 63, Mellish Road Sheffield Yorkshire, Arthur Gibson Roberts Conditions improved with the opening of the pit baths in 1933, although there were some men who would not use them because there was a charge of 6d (2.5 pence) per week, deducted from the miner's pay. Langold, 20-10-1941 Each shaft was cemented for the first 390 feet (120 m) to prevent water entering it. Search The Site 29-04-1934. Transport of the coal to the surface was slow, as the shafts were unsuitable for the installation of mechanical skip winding, and by 1968, the mine was deemed to be uneconomical. No record found, John Hazelhurst Many of the shops were built on the eastern side of Doncaster Road, although there were others scattered throughout the village. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Frederick Swindell Carlton in Lindrick, 00-04-1967 The first school in the village was an iron building, originally constructed in 1906 in Forest Town near Mansfield Woodhouse and moved in 1924. Of particular note is the foundation stone of St Lukes Church on Church Street inscribed "To the glory of God. By prettyvacant71 in forum Industrial Sites. Pits 44, Mellish Road Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Fred Rogers Langold, 01-05-1934 Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, David Greaves 1, Markham Road Langold, 11-01-1957 Langold, 13-12-1934 Langold, 09-12-1925 Langold, 25-07-1941 Langold, 23-04-1943 33, Highfield Villas Mining started in 1925 on the Barnsley Bed Seam of coal. In 1975, the dam and some of the banking at the eastern end of the main lake were reconstructed. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Ernest Higginbottom Worksop Police Station, Joseph Booth Died 30-12-1934, 31-12-1934 Worksop Police Station, David Holmes Langold, 30-09-1955 34, Mellish Road Worksop Police Station, Frederick Reuben Hurrell [14] In less than five years, a village consisting of 850 houses, six shops and a school had been built to the north of the pit to house the workers, many of whom were brought from the coal mining areas of the North East of England. House, on the surface, William Balm Brewin 54, Shireoaks Row [11], The mine produced coal for the industrial markets, supplying coking coal, gas coal, manufacturing coal and steam coal. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, William Cocking 1, Markham Road Langold, 17-12-1942 55, William Street Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, James Robson McCarron Worksop Courthouse Died 27-01-1926, 29-01-1926 40, Brook Street Langold, 16-03-1937 Victoria Hospital  Worksop, George Wilkinson Worksop Courthouse 27, Markham Road Langold, 17-08-1951 Hodsock Priory and estate with its farms, and much of Carlton-in-Lindrick were bought by the Mellish family in 1765, parts of which they sold on to Ralph Knight of Langold. Knight created plantations and a series of ponds and lakes in Langold Park, and intended to build a mansion, but although he had built st… David Holmes 4, Church Street Langold. 1, Wembley Road The two shafts at Firbeck Main colliery were sunk between 1923 and 1925 as part of a joint venture between the Sheepbridge Company and the Doncaster Collieries Association. Media related to Langold at Wikimedia Commons, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Langold&oldid=957505353#Firbeck_Colliery, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 May 2020, at 05:34. [8], By 1911, mining in the area suggested that there may be a workable seam of coal at Langold. Shortly after opening, it was affected by the miners strike of 1926, but production resumed afterwards. Langold, 14-09-1935 Six boilers supplied steam for the winding engines, and a Baume washer capable of washing 160 tons of coal per hour was installed.[10]. [5] Knight made some changes to the estate, most notably the conversion of the existing ponds and lakes into two inter-connected lakes, for which the work was completed in 1818. [6] It consisted of a farm and the hall, situated close to the Worksop to Tickhill turnpike road, which had been constructed in 1767. Knight's lakes provided leisure facilities for the miners once the village had been built. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Richard Potter Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Robert Lee It closed on 31 December 1968, and many of the miners moved to other local pits at Maltby, Manton, Shireoaks and Steetley.[13]. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, John Lawrence Smith Langold, 00-06-1955 2, Knott End Hodsock Priory and estate with its farms, and much of Carlton-in-Lindrick were bought by the Mellish family in 1765, parts of which they sold on to Ralph Knight of Langold. Worksop, George Frederick Spencer Coal was moved from the coal face to the shaft in tubs, pulled along rails by ponies. Worksop Police Station, William Horace Stancil The Hill Top Club was constructed near to the shops on Doncaster Road, using the huts which were no longer required by the building contractors.[16]. Between 1935 and 2019 it had been a Labour seat. The hotel had six guest rooms, but they were not used much after the first few years. Dinnington Yorkshire, 20-11-1955 Following the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1946, the National Coal Board became responsible for the park, and made improvements to the leisure facilities. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, James Royles Gouldin Langold, 12-06-1934 Water lane 82, Church Street Manton, 05-10-1945 What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age! Langold, 28-02-1939 Sheffield Hospital, Hermitage Mill, Mansfield, Notts, April 2019. 61 MEN DIED AT FIRBECK COLLIERY, BUT THEY WERE NOT ALONE, THIS SHORT VIDEO IS IN TRIBUTE TO ALL THE MEN FROM LANGOLD, CARLTON AND COSTHORPE THAT DIED IN OTHER LOCAL MINES Firbeck Colliery Memorial Page 28, White Avenue Worksop Courthouse 52, School Road Worksop Police Station, Leonard Higginbottom 04-10-1934 Worksop Police Station. Our military, industrial and historical heritage is fast disappearing under the pressure of regeneration, the need for new housing, and often through simple neglect; Our aim is to document these places before they disappear entirely. Worksop Courthouse Langold, 11-10-1937 By 1938 the colliery was owned by Firbeck Main Collieries Ltd of Chesterfield, who employed 1,457 underground workers and 357 surface workers. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, James Smith

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