On a tall bookshelf to the right of a wall clock, in the locked (2) blue-checkered-wallpaper office, inside the school.
Behind or on the two corner barrels, on the upstairs balcony of the large metal tractor barn, on the southeast side of the location. In addition to this, Guitar Sword is also sold by a vendor at Pleasant Valley Station. On the top of the corner of the stone perimeter wall of the hedge maze. The Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event is once again live, giving Fallout 76 players another shot at getting shiny loot, provided they can find the spawn locations of Legendary Treasure Hunter Mole Miners. Was absolutely amazing because I’d JUST been going through my crafting list and noticed I had chest and arms, but no legs. On or under the counter with the lockers behind them, below (and near) a blue cash register, in the northwest corner window overlooking the parking lot. If you're also doing the Tea Time event quest, it's worth knowing that several rad ants may appear at The Giant Teapot in Fallout 76's Forest region.. Another place where you can find rad ants is the Thunder Mountain substation TM-02 in the Cranberry Bog region. You character level needs to be at Level 10. On the metal desk inside the orange-and-white metal caravan with the flag outside. The only armor spawns ive been hitting are the one in Harpers Ferry by spawn point, and the train by NAR Railyard in watoga. On a filing cabinet, behind the metal counter with the wire wall and locked door, in the central mine warehouse (accessed via the key), in the middle of the tunnel interior. They’re a pretty rare spawn, and they only appear in a small number of set locations. poster, in the Tinkerer's cellar, inside The Overseer’s Childhood Home on the north side of town (interior). Originally I hit these to get the marine set, but they also can drop plans for Flannel and the white shirt underarmor, BOS uniforms...and I ever got 2 Robot armor plans … In the Reactor Area, on top of some plywood, on some large green crates, on the northeast side of the main room. On the corner of the metal desk with the destroyed terminal, just left of the empty filing cabinets, on the dry part of the basement laboratory level (interior). ... Because remember: as a plan to re-take america, you don't give out all the plans at the home vault, right? On the southeast corner of the roof of the filling station; attempt to reach via the cylinders and trailers; enhanced jumping may be needed. On the oval table inside the west trailer, near the large bulldozer warehouse southeast of the gigantic bucket wheel excavator.

share. My camp is nearby and this is a reliable location. ... to choose one of these locales and server hop until a tourist spawns.
So question is does anyone know any other plan spawn locations that are always armor? Your character needs to be at Level 15.

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