Fue un caso de posesión e infestación. Their father died recently and their mother works long hours at a bar to support the family, leaving Verónica in charge of her younger siblings: twins Lucia and Irene, and Antoñito. "[12] Dennis Harvey of Variety, wrote that the film's ideas "aren’t ultimately original enough or its scares potent enough to suggest Plaza wouldn’t benefit from trying his directorial hand at someone else’s screenplay. Verónica goes to Sister Death for advice; the nun tells of how she used to see dark spirits when she was younger, and intentionally blinded herself in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the visions. 24 2 3 4 >> log in. Der Film basiert auf einem der mysteriösesten Todesfälle in der spanischen Kriminalgeschichte. Der Film spielt im Jahr 1991 und dreht sich um das Leben der 15-jährigen Verónica. Sie war ohnmächtig geworden, und man sagt ihr, dass sie wahrscheinlich wegen eines Eisenmangels ihr Bewusstsein verloren hat. Die Nonne beschimpft sie, weil sie etwas so Gefährliches getan hat, ohne sich der Folgen bewusst zu sein, und erklärt, dass ihr nach der Séance ein dunkler Geist anhaftet. ¡Comprueba tus direcciones de correo electrónico! Cambiar ). [3] It is loosely based on true events from the 1991 Vallecas case where Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro died mysteriously after she used a ouija board.[4]. where can I fond the documentary? Estefanía's family didn't reach out until after the girl's passing in 1991. Hasta allí se desplazaron dos coches patrulla de la Policía Nacional y el Inspector Jefe José Negri. Los Fantasmas Del Cementerio Bachelor’s Grove En Chicago, EEUU. Carbon monoxide poisioning also affects people differently depending on their body chemistry. In addition, the film was released in eight other countries between the months of December 2017 up until February 2018. She reportedly didn't have a mental problem, but it was obvious to professionals that Estefanía wasn't well. Her family members could have followed the same path. Das Board reagiert sofort, aber Rosa und Diana ziehen ihre Hände in dem Moment zurück, als das Glas zu heiß zum Anfassen wird. They sent samples of internal organs to be analyzed, but they found nothing. A few nights later she would die, amidst screams and convulsions with her parents watching. While the police arrive after a crazed 911 call in the film, it took over a year before the actual police became involved in the real case. Was the rest of the family affected by hallucinations and weird behaviors? Apes Lower Classifications, I definitively could see some kind of contamination (ie: mold/gas leak) being a source - but it’s harder to believe if it only seriously effected only one person out of the whole family. However, until it does exit your system you will also feel bad and hallucinate. Today i bring you a story from Spain. Sie kann mit den Zwillingsschwestern aus der Wohnung flüchten, als sich der Geist Antoñito schnappt. Carbon Monoxide poisoning doesn't make any sense because why would she die and have visions and nausea and everything and no one else in the family? Upon commentary of the sick policeman, I noticed no one ever mentioned the fact that some people are very superstitious and susceptible to becoming ill through radical belief and delusion. I don't know if they ended up moving. Read on to find out about the true events that inspired the movie that horror fans are calling one of the scariest movies on Netflix. Were these details just added for the film or does anybody have a source for an article where they mention it? Her husband then picked it up, only to see a flame burning the face of Estefania. The nun was too late, however, to stop the possession that allegedly occurred right after. She returns to find her brother hiding in a closet and calling her name. Sie lebt gemeinsam mit ihrer Mutter und ihren drei Geschwistern, dem Zwillingspärchen Lucia und Irene und dem Jüngsten, Antoñito, in einer Wohnung im Arbeiterviertel von Vallecas in Madrid. She tries to help Lucia when the spirit chokes her, but Lucia says it was Verónica who was choking her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Un saludo y gracias por pasarte y comentar!! Exclusive Offers, Special Sales Events, and so Much More! Als sie beginnt, ihre Matratze zu säubern, findet sie mysteriöse Brandflecken auf der Unterseite der Matratze. The daughter of Máximo and Concepcion Gutierrez, her story begins with her taking care of her three siblings, twin girls Lucía and Irene and the youngest Antoñito after the death of her father. The board responds right away but Rosa and Diana pull their hands back when the glass cup becomes too hot to touch. Als sie dem Geist sagt, dass er sich verabschieden soll, weigert der sich. Port Douglas Accommodation Map, [7], In Spain the film grossed $4,212,203, and $1,910,886 in other territories, for a worldwide total of $6,123,089. Looking for answers, she goes back to the school basement and finds the school's elderly blind nun whom the students call "Sister Death." So I watched the documentary and the movie Veronica that just came out and I saw a striking resemblance to that carbon monoxide poisoning story on reddit a few years ago. Verónica betrachtet sich im Badezimmerspiegel und erkennt den Dämon in sich selbst. Sie ruft ihn zu sich, aber er hört nicht auf sie. Veronica, a 2017 Spanish film about a girl who uses an Ouija board and becomes possessed, captured the attention of horror fans everywhere. The next night the family would hear a sound that moved along the corridor towards the bedroom, a sound that would later turn into a laugh, a cackling laugh that chilled the blood of the whole family… they said the voice belonged to “an old woman”. Then the teen began to have seizures. The only accurate thing in that movie was the opening scene showing just how insanely large her mansion actually was in her lifetime, before the 1906 earthquake took half of it out and that she did feel immense guilt over the many lives lost due to Winchester rifles. August 2020 um 01:30 Uhr bearbeitet. © Copyright 2020 UsedFursOnline.com - all rights reserved. Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro death theory (Veronica) So I watched the documentary and the movie Veronica that just came out and I saw a striking resemblance to that carbon monoxide poisoning story on reddit a few years ago. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt beginnt Verónica, paranormale Vorkommnisse zu erleben. [1] It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. [6], Verónica originally released on 25 August 2017 in Spain. Als er ein gerahmtes Foto von Verónica aufliest, brennt plötzlich eine Flamme ein Loch in das abgebildete Gesicht. Her exact cause of death is a mystery. Para mi sin duda un caso de los más interesantes de la fenomenología paranormal en nuestro país. Klauen- und Bissspuren erscheinen auf ihrem Körper, und sie hört seltsame Geräusche. Verónica becomes unresponsive, whispering something repeatedly that Rosa leans in to hear, and suddenly lets out a demonic scream. The medics carry her and Antoñito out while a shaken detective observes the scene. Carbon monoxide poisioning is only definitvely lethal above 0.08% in the air. 1 länger als 4 Zeichen, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Verónica_–_Spiel_mit_dem_Teufel&oldid=202931318, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Verónica – Spiel mit dem Teufel (Originaltitel: Verónica) ist ein spanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr 2017 unter der Regie von Paco Plaza. Over the following six months, Estefania started suffering from seizures and hallucinations. Leather Boxing Gloves, As she scrubs her mattress, she finds burn marks on the underside. Es entonces cuando a tenor de este fenómeno, cuatro de los seis policías deciden irse y quedarse en el portal del inmueble.

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